Descendants of Native American Families of Delaware
and surrounding areas on the  
Delmarva Peninsula,
New Jersey and Pennsylvania



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The Cheswold Tigers baseball team
about 1960


ID of folks in old Millsboro SDA Church picture requested


Durham-Winkleman Reunion
1934 Durham family reunion in Michigan
Descendants of the Durham & Miller families
of Delaware

Immanuel Union "Manship" Church Choir
Cheswold, Delaware
late 1940's - early 1950's

Celebration of Native American Awareness Sunday
Immanuel Union "Manship" Church, Cheswold, Delaware
about 1993

Photographic Survey of Indian River Community
Millsboro, Delaware vicinity

Old Residents of Gouldtown, N.J.

Some taken from the book
by Theodore Gould Steward

Counsellor-Gray Reunion 2003

Mitsawokett Research Group members
Meeting with Delaware Government officials at Ned Heite's home
Camden, Delaware, 20 Aug 2001

The Davis Family: Celebration of the Life of

William Henry Davis Jr. 
Indianapolis, Indiana Oct 2000

Reunion: Descendants of Nehemiah & Anna E. (Carter) Durham 

June 29, 1996, Ramada Inn, New Castle, Delaware

"Bloomsbury" meeting at Cheswold Firehouse, May 9, 1998

Report on archaeolgical excavations in Duck Creek Hundred

Cheswold School
1 unknown date, possibly late 1800's 
1 about 1916
1 taken prior to 1924, 2 story building
1 about 1931
1 about 1944 upper grades
1 about 1944 grades 1 - 4

Holleyville School
about 1900 

Manship Harvest Home Festival

Immanuel Union United Methodist Church (Manship Church)
Bishop's Corner near Cheswold

Nanticoke Indian Association 1921




Parentheses = married surnames

After clicking on a name, look thru the page linked to. The photo you seek may be part of a family page.
For instance, Mila Trent Carpenter is a member of the family of Napoleon Bonaparte & Henrietta (Durham) Morgan


Helen Street Alexander
Mitzie Alexander  
Karen Bessellieu Andrews
Sarah Archer  (Seeney
Gloria Carney Attix
Louise Johnson Bard
Pauline Custis Bard    2
Glenn W. Barrentine Jr.
Lorraine Smith Bass
Lillian M. Sterrett Batty
John Herman Beckett Sr..
Mary Jane Carter Beckett
Waldon Kenneth Beckett

Elsie Greenage Bedell
John Bedell

Ada Rebecca Wright Benon
Archie Benon

Betty Benon

Leroy Benon
Mildred Benon
Betty Benon
Charles E. Benson
Sabrina T. Berkley  (Davis)

Yvonne Raymond Bernadina

Charles H. Bessellieu Sr.
Charles H. Bessellieu Jr.

Constance Mosley Bessellieu
Thomas Thurston Bessellieu
Karen Bessellieu (Andrews)

Sami Bhatty
Katus R. Blakey
Joan Yvette Johnson Blanchfield
Faye Harmon Blanks
Stacey Renee Bliss (Ricketts)
Susie Blunt  (Harmon)
Maybelle Durham Bordley
Sandra Bordley

Arnold Boswell
Bill Boswell
Grant Boswell
Harold Boswell
Jarold Boswell
Jean Boswell
Sarah (Sadie) Handsor Boswell
Minnie Durham Bowen
Edgar Bowles Sr. 1      Edgar 2
Edgar Bowles Jr.
Brooke Ashley Boyd
Jacqueline Durham Briggs
Beth Durham Burrell

Esther Thorpe Brown
Lorita Turner Brown
Ralph Bumbray Jr
Deborah Saunders Burnside
Bertha Burton
Courtland Burton
Effie Burton
Ella Mosley Burton
Evelyn Burton
Harry C. Burton Sr.
Harry C. Burton Jr.
Helen Burton
Inez Davis Burton
Jack Burton
Nicey Burton
Sarah J. Johnson Burton
Thomas Burton
Edward B. & Margaret R. Bush
Thomas & Inez Burton
Bertha M. Carey (Jackson)

Charles Edward Carey
Charles H. Carey
Della Mae Ridgeway Carey
Grace Carey (Sammons)

Henrietta Carey 1   (Johnson)     Henrietta 2
Howard Carey
Nellie V. Ridgeway Carey
Wilmore Carey

Agnes Carney
Anita Carney
Anthalinda Carney (Loatman)
Barbara Lee Carney
Blanche Carney (Sammons)

Caroline Sammons Carney
Catharine Morgan Dean Carney
Clem Carney
Cordelia Mosley Carney
Dawson Carney

Donald Carney
Doris Victoria Mosley Carney
Dorothy Wynona Durham Carney
Edward Carney

Effilinda Reed Carney
Elsie Green Carney (Stewart)
Emma Carney
Ethel Carney   (Mayland)

Frances Carney
Garland & Eleanor Carney
George & Lucy Carney
Gloria Carney  (Attix)
Glendon Carney

Harriett Carney
Harriett N. Durham Carney
Helen Carney  (Durham)
Herbert Carney
Isaac Carney
Isaiah "Zed" Carney
Jack Carney
James R. Carney
Janet Carney
John Carney 1861-1953
Joseph Carney 1904-1966
Larry Carney (
Shaykh 'Abd al-Hakeem)
Laura Carney  (Wright) 
Lawrence William Carney Sr.
Lawrence William Carney Jr.
Leroy Carney
Leroy Glendon Carney

Lillian Durham Carney
Loretta Carney
Lucy Carney Carney
Mae Carney
Margaret A. Carney   (Mosley)

Margaret A. Carney   (Coker, Carney) Margaret 2  
Mary A. Carney
Millie Durham Carney
Norma Carney  (Greenage)
Nolan Carney
Norace Carney

Orville A. Carney
Patricia Hughes Carney
Phoebe A. Carney (Miller)

Ray Frazier Carney
Regina Carney
Robert James Carney Sr.
Robert James Carney Jr.
Sara J. M. H. Carney
Sallie Belle Carney (Carter)
Sallie Sammons Carney
Sallie Mosley Carney
Seth Abdul Hakim Carney
Shadrach "Shade" Carney

Shadrach "Shary" Carney  b 1825
Tallman Clement Carney
Wanda Lorraine Carney
Wanda Lorraine Carney Carney
William Dawson Carney
William Morris "Mike" Carney
Wilhelmina Durham Carney
Winter Carney
Mila Trent Carpenter
Brandon Carter
Dora Carter (Kalb)
Edith Carter (Coleman)
Eloise Hughes Carter & dau. Katherine
Elizabeth A. Carter

George E. "Dick" Carter
George Washington Carter 1873-1954
Hopewell Carter 1908-1967     Hopewell 2

Hopewell Umphrey Carter 1857-1933   Hopewell 2

Howard Seville Carter  
Ida Carter (Webster)  
James Carter
James H "Shimmy" Carter  1928-1995
John Cyrus Carter 1     John  2
John Clayton Carter
Katherine Carter 
Lilliam Mae Wilson Carter (Collins)
Leona Carter  (Muntz)
Lethia Coker Carter 1912-1986
Lynn Maria Carter
Mary Augusta Carter  (Wilson) 1842-1932
Rheba Dean Mosley Carter  1904-1938
Sarah Catherine Ridgeway Carter

Mary Jane Carter (Beckett)

William James Carter   1889-1961
Henrietta Carty  (Morgan, Hansley, Concilor)
Mary Jane Carty   (Carney)
Joan E. Davis Casey
Alva Durham Chambers 
Doris Chambers
Hazel Chambers  (Wilson, Williams)
Madeline Chambers
Edith Pearl Mosley Chappelle  1895-1973
Mary E. Hughes Ciscero
Minnie Cisco
Corrine Priscilla Sammons Christiansen
Agnes Clark

Anna Clark  (Johnson)
Arzie Morris Clark 1      Arzie 2
Carolyn Durham Clark (Loatman Parrish Mann)
Cora E. Clark   (Durham)
Fanny Corinne Clark
Heldia Speed Clark
John Clark
Lillie Clark (Harmon)
Louise Wright Clark
Mable Clark
Mary Elizabeth Clark  (Sammons)

Norman Clark
Sally Miller Clark
Walter Clark
William Clark
William Russell Clark
Adam Coker
Alonzo Coker III
Anna Loatman Coker
Anna Mariah Mosley Coker  (Cooper)

Carlton Coker Sr.
Charles Coker III
Christi Coker
Donald Coker
Elaine Coker (Muntz)

Franklin Eugene Coker
Harriet Morgan Coker       Harriet 2
James H. "Ted" Coker
John Clayton Coker
LeRoy Coker
Lethia Coker (Carter) 1912-1986
Marian A. Parrish Coker
Mary E. Durham Coker
Mary Ann Dean Coker  1854-1923
Myrtle Morgan Coker
Nathan Coker
Nellie Coker
Saundra Coker
Walter Coker
Rev. Roland "Tip" Coker
Tiffany Coker
Alma Faulkner Collins
Lillian Mae Wilson Collins
Henrietta Carty Concilor  (Morgan, Hansley)
Annie Concealor
Alice Morgan Pritchett Conley
Prudence Sammons Concealler Prudence2
Anna Mariah Mosley Coker Cooper
Mary Coombs

Charles Edward Cooper
Harriet Cork

Hester Annie Cork  (Munce) 1841-1904
Thomas Counsellor Jr. 1828-1871

Alberta Coursey

Amos Coursey
Butch Coursey
Cecilia Sterrett Coursey
Charles Marshall Coursey
John Coursey
Marshall Coursey
Melvin Coursey

Rhonda Coursey
Louise Coombs Coward
William H. Coward
Alma "Mickie" Cuff
Arterexerses Cuff
Carol Cuff
Casey Elizabeth Cuff
Charlotte Cuff
Deano Cuff
Elmer Cuff
Essie Cuff
Esther Pierce Cuff
Gene Cuff
Judy Cuff
LaRae Cuff
Leonard Cuff
Margaret M. Cuff
Martha Ann Durham Cuff
Sadie Cuff
Tamson Cuff
Theodore G. Cuff
Carol Custis
Doris Ridgeway Custis 
Hazel Pierce CustisLorraine Custis  (Johnson)

Pauline Custis  (Bard)

Peter Parker Custis   Peter 2 
Marian Durham Cuyjet 1    Marian 2
Mary Agnes Morris Cuyjet




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Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
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