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Descendants of Native American Families of Delaware
and surrounding areas on the
Delmarva Peninsula, New Jersey and Pennsylvania





Parentheses = married surnames

After clicking on a name, look thru the page linked to. The photo you seek may be part of a family page.
For instance, Mila Trent Carpenter is a member of the family of Napoleon Bonaparte & Henrietta (Durham) Morgan


Drain and Draine listed together, alphabetically by given name


Sarah Daisey
Anna Catherine Davis 1  (Wright)
Beatrice Mildred Davis   (Hunter)
Bertha Davis  (Mosley)
Carly Davis
Carlton Davis
Carrie Davis
Clarence Davis
Cynthia Davis (Thomas)
Doris Coleen Davis  (Price)      
Elizabeth Wilson Davis
Ethel G. Clark Davis
Harry Edward Davis
Hersel Davis
Hester Morris Davis
Jean Morris Davis
James Edward Davis   James 2
Lillian Davis 1     Lillian 2
Inez Davis 1      Inez 2
Lillie May Johnson Davis
Mary Elizabeth Jackson Davis
Michael Davis
Olivia Davis (Hamilton)
Orda Arbana Durham Davis
Pearl Davis 1  (May)  Pearl 2
Reginald Davis 2
Robert Howard Davis
Robert Nehemiah Davis   Robert 2
Robert H. Davis
Rock Anthony Davis
Sabrina Berkley Davis
Sylvia Davis  (Pinkett)
Walter Davis
William Henry Davis Jr.      William 2
William Henry Davis Sr.
William H. Davis
Wilson Seville Davis       Wilson 2
Almira Wilson Dean  
Helen Johnson Day

Angelina Munce Dean
Anna E. Dean  (Mosley)
Bertha Dean     Bertha 2
Calvin Dean
Catherine Morgan Dean
Dorcas Ann Pierce Dean
Eliza Dean
Elizabeth Driggus Dean
Elsie Mae Dean
Gladys Dean  (Hilton)
Hester Dean  (Seeney)
Jennie Morgan Dean
Robert Dean
Robert Bernard Dean
Robert Burton Dean
Theresa A. Dean (Faulkner)
William Albert Dean
William & Eliza Dean

Kathryn E. Dixon
Agnes Clark Drain

Bud Draine
Clarence Drain
Donelda Draine
Edward Draine
Eunice Harmon Draine
Exa Harmon Draine

Helen Drain  (Maull)
Hilda Draine
Jacob Drain
Jesse Drain
Joseph Drain
Lillian Draine
Lillian Draine  (Wright)
Louise Draine
Louise Maze Drain
Mary Miller Drain
Muriel Draine
Nellie Draine
Nancy Drain
Wilton Drain
Robert Draine
Cornelia (Consuela) Wright Duplessis
Harriett Driggett (Hansor) 1859-1924
Elizabeth Driggus ((Dean)
Adam D. Durham
Allen Durham
Ada Durham
Alonzo Durham
Alva Durham (Chambers)
Alvin Harry Durham
Anna E. Carter Durham
Anna Mae Durham 1   Anna Mae 2
Anthony & Janice Durham
Ardella Johnson Durham 1     Ardella2
Becky Durham
Archie Durham
Ben Durham
Benjamin R. Durham
Benjamin R . Durham Sr.
Beth Durham (Burrell)
Bonnie Durham (Rain)
Camille M. Durham
Carlton Durham
Carolyn Durham
(Loatman Parrish Clark Mann)
Catherine Durham 1   Catherine 2 

Clara Hammond Durham
Clinton Durham Sr.    Clinton2
Cora E. Clark Durham (maybe)
Cynthia Durham (Ridgeway)
Daniel M. & Joan Durham Jr.
Darlene Durham
David G. Durham

Donna M. Westmark Durham

Donald Marvin Durham
Dorothy E. Durham   (Johnson)
Edward Durham
Edward Enoch Durham
Ella Durham  (Sammons)
Elizabeth Durham (Blair)
Elmer Durham
Elsie Mae Dean Durham
Emma Eliza Durham
Emma Durham
Emma Snyder Durham
Enoch D. Durham
Enoch Miller Durham

Etta Durham  (Thorpe)
Evaline Durham  (Wilson, Williams)
Floyd Harlan Leroy Durham     Floyd 2
Frances Durham
Frances Henrietta Morgan Durham
George Durham
Geneva Mae Cuff Durham
George S. Durham
Gertrude Durham
Gertrude Ridgway Durham
Glendon & Peggy Durham
Harriett Jane Durham
Helen "Dolly" Durham
Helen Durham
 (Pierce, Stith)
Helen Carney Durham
Hilda Durham
Iona Durham

Isaiah Return Durham
Jacqueline Durham
James E.H. "Porter" Durham
Jerry Durham
Joe Durham

Joel Durham 1819-1909
John S. Durham
Joyce J. Wieczorkowski Durham
Lawrence S. Durham  (child)
Laura Durham  (Jackson)
Lawrence & Pearl (Reed) Durham
Lishia Kelly Durham
Lola Mae (Durham) Durham1
Lulu Durham  (Mosley)
Mahala Songo Durham 1822-1867
Marian Durham  (Cuyjet) Marian 2
Marian Delores Durham (child)
Margaret Durham  (Leitenberger)
Margaret A. Durham  (Green)
Marie C. Durham (Gould)
Marie McMacken Durham
Marlene J. Saul Durham
Marshall Ellis Durham
Martha Durham b 1855 2
Martha Durham
Martha Durham
b 1894
Martha (Durham) Durham
Mary Carter Durham
Marvel Durham Jr.
Mary Durham  Pierce
Mary Elizabeth Durham  (Coker)
Mary Elizabeth Durham
Mildred Mosley Durham
Millie Durham  (Carney)
Minnie Durham (Bowen)
Nehemiah Durham 1850-1915
Norris Durham
Norris & Dorothy Durham
Otis 'Duke' Durham
Orda Arbana Durham  (Davis)
Orietta Durham (Thorp)
Pam Durham  (Jackson)
Paul E. Durham
Peggy Durham (Mosley)
Priscilla Durham 1   2   3
Ralph Durham
Raymond E. Durham
Raymond H. Durham
Regina F. Durham
Rhoda Seeney Durham

Robert Elisha Durham
Robert John Durham 1    2
Robin Durham
Roland Durham
Rose Green Durham
Sadie Durham  (Pierce)
Sallie Green Durham
Samuel Horace 'Jazz' Durham
Sarah Elizabeth Mosley Durham
Sarah Beatrice Morris Durham
Sarah Virginia Durham (Pritchett)
Sarah Virginia Durham  (Ridgway)
Sonja Durham
Verna Durham

Wanda Durham
Walter Elias Durham
Wilhelmina Durham  (Carney) 1858-1900
William & Helen Durham
Wendy Durham (Niles)
William A. "Tony" Durham
William H. & Verna Durham
William McKinley Durham



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Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
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