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Descendants of Native American Families of Delaware
and surrounding areas on the
Delmarva Peninsula, New Jersey and Pennsylvania





Parentheses = married surnames

After clicking on a name, look thru the page linked to. The photo you seek may be part of a family page.
For instance, Mila Trent Carpenter is a member of the family of Napoleon Bonaparte & Henrietta (Durham) Morgan



Carolyn Durham Mann (Clark) (Loatman) (Parrish)
Brett Massari
Diane Massari
Steven Massari
Helen Drain Maull
Pearl Davis May 1    Pearl 2
Ethel Carney Mayland
Agnes Hansley Street May

Blonnie Sammons McCall
Samuel B. Meredith
Jeremy & Heather Mosley McHenry Family
Dorothy Meyers
Alberta Wright Miller
Angelica Munce Miller
Elizabeth Miller (Parrish) Elizabeth2
Enoch Miller

Phoebe Carney Miller
Jon Lloyd & Beatrix Miller
Mary Miller  (Drain)
Phoebe A. Carney Miller
Rosie Miller
Sarah M. Loatman Miller
Walter Francis Miller
Will Miller

Sylvia Beatrice Morris   (Mitchell)
Cheryl Mosley Monts
Jay Reed Moore
Alice Morgan   (Pritchett, Conley)
Araminta Morgan  (Jackson)
Catharine Morgan (Dean, Carney)
Cora Lela Morgan  (Mosley Morris)
Creed & Dot Morgan
Doris Morgan  (Durham)

Frances Morgan   (Paxton)
Frances Durham Morgan

Frances Henrietta Morgan (Durham)

Harriet Morgan  (Coker)
Harry Napoleon Morgan
Harry Napoleon "Buddy" Morgan Jr.
Henrietta Carty Morgan  (Hansley, Concilor)
Henrietta F. Durham Morgan
Homer Anthony Morgan
John H. Morgan
Kenneth Morgan
Kenneth Morgan
Lavinia Mosley Morgan
Mamie Morgan Reed 1
      Mamie 2
Mary Morgan
Mary Elva C. Morgan
Mary Virginia Johnson Morgan
Napoleon Bonaparte Morgan
Nelson Morgan
Nora Jackson Morgan
Raymond Leroy Morgan
William Henry Morgan
Anita Morris

Archie C. Morris

Arzie Morris 1  (Clark)    Arzie 2
Bessie Morris
Cora Lela Morgan Mosley Morris
Billy Morris
Charles & Isabella Morris
Charlie Morris
David Morris
David Morris
Dorothy Johnson Morris
Earl Morris
Edgar Morris
Elena Morris
Emma Caroline Morris
Hester Morris   (Davis)
Hattie Morris
Helen Morris
Jackie Morris
Janice Morris
Jean Morris   (Davis)
Leola Reed Morris

Linda Morris
Janice Morris (Durham)
Mark Mosley
Martin Morris Sr.
Mary Agnes Morris (Cuyjet)
Mary Jackson Morris
Peggy Morris
Phyllis Harmon Morris
Radia Hall Morris
Rhonda Morris
Roy Morris
Sadie Ridgeway Sammons Morris
Sarah Beatrice Morris   (Durham)
Sarah Adeline Morris
Sarah Jane Harmon Morris
Sylvia Beatrice Morris Mitchell
William K. Morris Sr.
William K. Morris Jr.

Addie Mosley
Adeline S. Mosley
Albert Purnell Mosley
Alberta C. Mosley
Andanya Mosley
Andrew Donald Mosley
Anna Mae "Aunt Babe" Mosley
Anna Mariah Mosley  (Coker) (Cooper)
Annie E. Dean Mosley  1870-1963  Annie 2
Benjamin Clifford Mosley Sr.
Benjamin Mosley Jr.
Bessie Mosley
Beulah Mosley  1     2 (Smith) 1896-1987
Calvin L. Mosley
Carlton Mosley
Charles Mosley
Charles Henry Mosley  1861-1906 
Charles Milton Mosley
Cheryl Mosley  (Monts)
Clara Jean Mosley 1 (Hall)    Jean 2
Cora Lela Morgan Mosley  (Morris)
Cordelia Mosley  (Carney)
Donald Mosley
Dorothy B. Morris Mosley
Doris Mosley  (Brown, Spencer)
DuPont Mosley  (William DuPont Mosley)
Edith Pearl Mosley (Whiteman) (Chappelle)
Ellen Mosley (Scarborough)
Elsie Mosley (Springs) (Davis)
Elva Perry Mosley
Ephraim Mosley
Ethel Mosley
Ethel Mosley

Felix Mosley   
Florence Darlene Mosley  (Gould)
Floyd "Proud Pony" Mosley 
Gail Frances Mosley
Gail Antoinette Mosley
Geoffrey (Garfield) A. Mosley  1885-1953
George Mosley
Gloria " Punch" Mosley  (Hart)
Grace Mosley  (Kemp)
Grace Simmons Mosley
Harriet Virginia Grigsby Mosley
Hazel Mosley
James Mosley
James Edward Mosley

James E. Mosley

James Paris Mosley
Jaunita Mosley
Jean Mosley (Hall)
Jean Lynn Mosley
Jeannette Mosley (Fleming)
Jeanette Mosley  (Wilson) (Fraim)
Jim Mosley

Jimi Mosley
Joyce Mosley  (Gould)
Kenneth Mosley
Kermit Mosley
Kimberly Ann Mosley
Laura Gardner Mosley
Lavenia Mosley  (Morgan)
Levi Mosley
Lillian B. Mosley
Lillie Mosley
Linda Mosley  (Sterrett)
Lucille Johnson Mosley
Lulu Durham Mosley
Karen E. Hughes
Kyongsuk Han Mosley

Mamie Mosley
Marcelina (West) Mosley
Margaret A. Carney Mosley
Mark Mosley
Mary E. Mosley   (Reed)   Mary 2
Mary Elizabeth Mosley (Ridgeway)
Mary E. Mosley  (Ridgeway)
Maude May Mosley
(Hansley) Maude 2
Maurice Mosley
Mici Mosley
Millard Mosley Sr.
Myrtle Mosley
Mildred Mosley (Durham) 
Nelson Mosley
Nora Mosley
Paris Mosley
Pearl Mosley
Pearl Mosley
Peggy Durham Mosley

Phyllis Sharon Mosley (Hunter)
Randall Mosley
Raymond Mosley
Rheba Dean Mosley (Carter) 
Richard Mosley
Richard L. Mosley
Roland Mosley
Rufus Mosley
Samantha Mosley
Sara Mosley (Simmons)
Sarah Elizabeth Mosley (Durham)
Sarah "Sally" E. Mosley   (Carney)
Sarah E. Pritchett Mosley
Sarah Elizabeth Mosley
(Harmon) (Sammons)
Sarah Johnson Mosley
Sophie Mosley  (Gould)

Teen Mosley
Theresa Mosley

Thomas Alvin Mosley

Virginia Grigsby Mosley
Wilbert D. Mosley
Wilbert & Elaine Mosley
Willard Mosley

Willard & Prudence Gould Mosley
Will Mosley
William DuPont Mosley
Lois Gross Mott
Paul Mott
Peter Mott
Richard Mott
Thomas Mott

Munce, Muncey by given name:

Angelica Munce  (Miller)
Angelina Munce (Dean) 
Bess Munce (Clark)
Clarence George Muncey
Grace Muncey (Robinson, Gandy)
Hester Annie Cork Munce  1841-1904 
Harry A. Muncey
Hubert George Muncey
Ida Muncey
James H. Munce / Muncey    
James P. Muncey
Marie Muncey (Robinson, Urquhart)
Mary Elizabeth Munce (Sammons)
Queenie Cass Muncey
Robert Munce

Anna Wynder Munson  
Carrie Munson   (Northern)
Charles Henry Munson 
Frank & Minnie Munson  
Francis Leslie Benjamin Munson
Hannah Munson  (Hansley)
Madeline Munson
Clarence Warren Muntz
Elaine Coker Muntz
Gladys Jackson Muntz    1906-1964
Jennie P. Jackson Muntz
Lawrence Muntz    1895-1969
Leona Carter Muntz
Lester "Tony" Muntz
Martha Muntz
Viola Muntz
Wythena Muntz (Fleming)
Vernetta Gould Murray
William Murray







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"The History and Genealogy of the Mixed-blood
Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"




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