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Descendants of Native American Families of Delaware
and surrounding areas on the
Delmarva Peninsula, New Jersey and Pennsylvania





Parentheses = married surnames

After clicking on a name, look thru the page linked to. The photo you seek may be part of a family page.
For instance, Mila Trent Carpenter is a member of the family of Napoleon Bonaparte & Henrietta (Durham) Morgan


Arbana Birdella Ridgway Newhard
Ned Porter Newhard
Agnes Letitia Carter Newlin   
Aubrey R. Newlin Jr.  
Doris Newlin   (Jacobs)
Bess Newman (Powell)
Wendy Durham Niles

Carrie Munson Northern
Agnes Norwood
Arthur Hill Norwood
Clarence Norwood
Cora Norwood
Delores Norwood
Delilah Jackson   (Norwood)
Dorothy Norwood   (Harmon)
Francis Harmon Norwood
Frederick Luther Norwood
Hilda Norwood
Janie Harmon Norwood
Luther Barnes Norwood
Lydia Norwood
Mildred Hitchens Norwood
Richard Luther Norwood
Robert Norwood
Robert Sylvester Norwood
Sarah Norwood
Sarah Norwood
Thomas Norwood
Vincent Norwood
Eleanor Carney Olin
Francis E. Price Oney
Deborah Jackson Ortiz
Kimberly Sammons Ortiz Family
Ronald Ortiz
Carolyn Durham Parrish (Clark Loatman Mann)
Elizabeth Miller Parrish
Lucy A. Butler Parrish
Marian A. Parrish (Coker)
Marion Louise Pritchett Parrish
William Mabins Parrish Jr.
William Mabins Parrish Sr.

Harold Paxton
Pearce Family of Bridgeton
Ann Perkins
Ellen Perkins   (Jackson)
Theodore Roosevelt Perkins
Mary C. Price Pettyjohn
Frances M. Terry Phillips (Meyerson)
William Pickrem
Alvin Pierce
Calvin "Butch" Pierce
Catherine Durham Pierce 1   Catherine 2
Deborah Pierce  
Dorcas Ann Pierce   (Dean)
Enos Pierce Jr.
Enos Walter Pierce
Eleanor Pierce
Esther Pierce   (Cuff)
Gertie Lovey Pierce
Gladys Pierce
Hazel Pierce   (Custis)
Gertrude Pierce

Helen Durham Pierce
Herbert H. Pierce
Lewis Pierce Jr.
Lillian Pierce  (Wilson)
Mary Durham Pierce
Nathaniel M. Pierce Sr.
Sadie Durham Pierce
Sarah Pierce
Terrence Pierce
Wilhelmina Johnson Pierce
William Lamar Pierce

Silvia Davis Pinkett
Jody Pophan  (Ridgeway)
Thelma Powell (Leedom)
Naomi Greenage Pressley
James Prettyman
Doris Coleen Davis Price  
Maymie Prettyman
Mrs. Priscilla Prettyman
Annie E. Price (Whaley)
Olga Jane Price
Francis E. Price (Oney)
Eliza Jane Price (Ingram)
Mary C. Price (Pettyjohn)
Alice Morgan Pritchett   (Conley)
Charles Pritchett
Elizabeth Pritchett
Marion Louise Pritchett  (Parrish)
Roxanne Radcliffe

Wanda Harmon Radish
Bonnie Durham Rain

Fannie Johnson Raymond
Amy Corinne Reed   (Moore)
Allen Thomas Reed
Charles W. "Buck" Reed   Charles 2
Charlotte Pierce Reed
Donald Winston Reed
Dorcas Ann Ridgway Reed
Floyd Jerome Reed 1    Floyd 2
Effilinda Reed  (Carney)
Harry Reed
Helen Reed  (Dean)
Homer Addison Reed
John Allen Reed
John Addison Reed

Joseph Luther Reed
Justine Lamont-Hill Reed
Mable Ridgeway Reed  (Sammons)
Mamie Morgan Reed

Marie-Lynn Reed (Dagostino)
Mary Mosley Reed   Mary 2
Mary Virginia Sammons Reed     Mary 2
Nina Reed (O'Bryan)
Ola Reed Ridgeway
Pearl Reed  (Durham)     Pearl 2
Rebecca Jackson Reed 
Thelma Reed  (Coward) (Lupico)
Walter Allen Reed Jr.
Walter Allen Reed III

William H. Reed
William Thomas Reed
Abigail August Reichard Abigail 2
David Quinn Reichard
Lauren Elizabeth Reichard    Lauren 2
Mary Sammons Richardson
William Richardson
Stacey Renee Bliss Ricketts

Ina Rickman   (Seeney)
Eunice Ridgeway (Sockume)
Aliya Rose Ridgeway
Anita Ridgeway
Anna H. Ridgeway  (Wright)
Arbana Ridgeway (Seeney)
Benjamin Ridgeway

Benjamin Ridgeway III
Christopher Alan Ridgeway
Christopher James Ridgeway

Cynthia Durham Ridgeway
Della Mae Ridgeway  (Carey)
Elsie Ridgeway
Doris Ridgeway
Emma Ridgeway
Forrest Ridgeway

Georgianna Mosley Ridgeway
Gordon Ridgeway
Greensbury Ridgeway
Hilda Ridgeway (Durham)
Jennifer Michelle Ridgeway
Jeremiah Ridgeway
Jody Pophan Ridgeway
John Henry Ridgeway
Kala Ridgeway

Kenneth Ridgeway
Lewis N. Ridgeway
Lisa Stinson Ridgeway

Lola Ridgeway (Seeney)
Lorraine Ridgeway  (Custis)
Margaret Ridgway
Marietta Baker Ridgeway

Mary E. Mosley Ridgeway
Nathan Ridgeway
Nathaniel Ridgeway
Nellie V. Ridgeway  (Carey)
Ola Reed Ridgeway
Paul Ridgeway Jr. or Sr.
Raymond Ridgeway
Rebecca Cott Ridgeway

Rhoda Ridgeway

Robert Ridgeway
Sadie Ridgeway (Sammons) (Morris)
Sarah Catherine Ridgeway (Carter)
Sarah Eunice Ridgeway (Sammons)
Sarah Virginia Durham Ridgeway 1  Sarah 2
Shawn Ridgeway
William "Billy" Ridgway

William Edgar Ridgeway Sr.
Winfield Allen Ridgeway
Harriet Robinson (Chambers)
Isabella H. Driggus Robinson
Freida Russell (Durham)







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"The History and Genealogy of the Mixed-blood
Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"




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