Rebecca Cott Ridgeway




Photos courtesy of John C. Carter via Linda Reed Harmon

Note from John C. Carter about the 2 photos above, 3 Aug 2001:

...both (photos) are Rebecca Cott Ridgeway. I agree that they look different, but have always attributed it to the photos having been taken at different points in her life. I have the originals of both.

My father's cousin, Pauline B. Mosley Durham Mercado, gave me the clearer one a few years ago. She labelled the back of the photo with "Rebecca Cott Ridgeway, my great-grandmother." Although Pauline was only 1 year old when Rebecca died (in 1913), she was the oldest grandchild of Sarah Catherine Ridgeway Carter, Rebecca's daughter, and therefore she would likely have knowledge of their ancestors.

The more-faded photo was given to me by a couple of years ago by Katherine E. Newlin Thomas, daughter of my great-aunt Agnes L. Carter Newlin. Both Katherine and Pauline are first cousins of my father. Anyway, the photo had belonged to Aunt Agnes, and after she passed away (in 1991) it went to Katherine. On the back is written "Rebecca Cott Ridgeway, my grandmother," and I recognize the writing as Agnes', as she and I corresponded for many years. Agnes was 12 when Rebecca passed away.

So, they both come from people who were well within the realm to be certain of the identities, even though the photos look different.

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