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Descendants of Native American Families of Delaware
and surrounding areas on the
Delmarva Peninsula, New Jersey and Pennsylvania





Parentheses = married surnames

After clicking on a name, look thru the page linked to. The photo you seek may be part of a family page.
For instance, Mila Trent Carpenter is a member of the family of Napoleon Bonaparte & Henrietta (Durham) Morgan

Harman & Harmon
listed together, alphabetically by given name


Dee Ellis
Lisa Durham-Heard Ellsworth

Adeline Farmer (Burden)
Cora Bell Wells Farmer
Jimmy Farmer
Mary Farmer
Raymond Farmer
Stephen Farmer
Warren Farmer
Alma Faulkner  (Collins)
James Durham Faulkner
Lawrence Dean Faulkner
Theresa A. Dean Faulkner
Lois Ferguson
Norman & Jeanette (Mosley) Fraim
John & Charlotte (Hughes) Gaines
Mary Harmon Games/Gaines

Lenora Gavin Durham
Martin Gavin Jr.

Richard Gilbert

Abijah Gould

Albert Gould

Cornelia Williams Read Gould
Cynthia Gould

Dorothy Williams Gould
Ernest Moore Gould
Ethel Gould Valentine
Herbert Richardson Gould
James Edward Gould
Lawrence Wheeler Gould
Luetta Ball Gould
Marie C. Durham Gould

Marie C. Durham Gould
Medora Williams Gould

Sophia Mosley Gould

Rev. T. Gould

Vernetta Gould (Murray)
William Benjamin Gould
William Benjamin Gould Jr.
Dennis Gourley
Loretta Sammons Gourley     (& Yvonne)
Alexander Green
Elsie Green (Carney, Stewart)
Margaret Annie Durham Green
Oliver Green & wife 50th
Anna Greenage
Dorothy Greenage (Downs)
Elsie Greenage (Bedell)
Ethel Greenage
Eveline Durham Greenage
George Washington Greenage
Harold Greenage
Helen Sammons Greenage
Mary Elizabeth Durham Greenage
Naomi Greenage (Davis, Pressley)
Orsen Greenage

William G. Greenage
Lorraine Johnson Gregg 1
   Lorraine 2
Harriet Virginia Grigsby  (Mosley)
Harriet Annie Grinage
Harriet Cork Grinage
James Grinage  
Ann Gross  (Lawson)
Lois Gross  (Mott)    Lois 2
Loretta Gross  (Jordan)     Loretta 2
Robert & Lottie Gross
Amos Hall
Betty Jackson Hall
Clara Jean Mosley Hall 1
 Jean 2
Everett Hall
Doris Hall (Johnson)
Edna Hall  (Harmon)
Howard Hall
Ilea Hall
Joseph Hall
Karelle Hall
Laura Hall
Radia Hall  (Morris)
Olivia Davis Hamilton
Rachel Prisby Handsor
Sarah Sammons Handsor
Agnes Hansley
  (Street) (May)
Amanda Sammons Hansley
Dorothy Hansley (Apple)
Miriam Hansley  (Smith)
George Hansley

Henrietta Carty Hansley
(Morgan, Concilor)
James H. Hansley
Maude May Mosley Hansley      Maude 2

Nehemiah Hansley
Harriett Driggett Hansor
William Hansor 1857-1936
Alec Hanzer
Cora Hanzer  (Harmon)
Harriet Hanzer
James E Hanzer (Bishop)
Marshall Hanzer
Robert Hanzer
Anna N. Harmon (Stewart)
Anna Harmon   (Street)
Anna Johnson Harman

Ardith Harmon
Arzelia Street Harmon
Beatrice Harmon
Betty Harmon
Carrie Harmon
Cecile Harmon
Charlie Harmon
Conrad Harmon
Constance Harmon
Cora Hanzer Harmon
Dorann Harmon
Dorothy Norwood Harmon
Edna Hall Harmon
Elena Harmon
Eliza Ann Harmon  (Johnson)
Eliza Jane Harmon
Elizabeth P. Wright Harmon
Ellen Gould Harmon  (White)
Elmer Harmon
Ephraim Charles "Captain" Harmon
Ephraim Lincoln Harmon 1   Ephraim 2
E. P. Harmon

Eunice Harmon   (Draine)
Exa Harmon
Faye Harmon  (Blanks)
Fedora Harmon
Ferdinand Harmon   Ferdinand 2
Frances Harmon  (Norwood)
Fred Harmon
Gerald Harmon
Gladys Harmon  (Jackson)
Gloria Harmon
Gloria Harmon

Goldie Harmon
Gregory Harmon
Harvey Harmon
Helen R. Harmon
Isaac Harmon
Isaac W. Harmon
Isaac Willie Harman
Isabelle Street Harmon
James Harman
Jan Harmon
Janie Harmon  (Norwood)
Jeanette Harmon
Joseph Harmon
Joseph W. Harmon
June Harmon
Kenneth Harmon
Kenneth Harmon
Laura Edith Harmon
Leston A. Harmon
Levin T. Harmon
Lillie Clark Harmon

Linda Reed Harmon
Lorraine Harmon
Lorraine Harmon (DiMaio)
Mable Johnson Harmon

Macklin C. Harmon
Madgie Street Harman
Mary Harmon
Mattie Rae Jackson Harmon
Marvin Harmon
Marian Harmon

Mary Games Harmon
Myrtle Sammons Harmon
Nancy B. Harmon

Neocia Pettyjohn Harmon
Neva Harmon
Noah Harmon
Oscar Harmon Jr.
Patience G. Harmon
Phyllis Harmon (Morris)
Rachael Harmon
Ralph B. Harman
Rebecca Jackson Harmon
Richard Jackson Sr.

Rosa Harmon (Duker)
Rohneer Harmon
Sacajawea Harmon
Sarah Elizabeth Mosley Harmon
Sarah Jane Harmon  (Morris)
Sarah Sockum Harmon
Shirley Harmon
Shirley "Bunny" Harmon
Susie Blunt Harmon
Sylvester Harmon
Thelma Harmon
Theodore P. Harman
Theodore Parker Harmon
Vina Harmon Harman
Wanda Harmon   (Radish)
Warren Brewster Harmon Sr.

Warren Brewster Harmon Jr.
Warren Blake Harmon
Wesley Harmon
Wilbur Harman
William & Punch Mosley Hart
Wilson Harmon
Lisa Durham-Heard (Ellsworth)
Gladys Dean Hilton
Donald Hitchens
Edith Wright Hitchens
Layton Hitchens
Madline Hitchens
May Thompson Hitchens
Mildred Hitchens  (Norwood)
Reginald Hitchens
Sara Hitchens
Susie Hitchens
Thelma Hitchens
Agnas Loatman Hobson
Elizabeth Reed Holman
Ellen M. Terry Holder  Ellen 2
Ronald Holman
Delores Hooper
Rosa G. Hansley Hope
Eloise Hughes  (Carter)
Esther Glendora Hughes
Freda Hughes (Bhatty)
Margaret Hughes
Mary E. Hughes (Ciscero)
Patricia Hughes (Carney) (Overstreet)   
Perry Hughes 1   Perry Hughes article 2
Sally Jackson Hughes
Beatrice Mildred Davis Hunter
Anna Mae Hutchinson  
Eliza Jane Price Ingram
Alice Jackson  (Webb)
Araminta Morgan Jackson
Arthur Jackson
Bertha Carey Jackson1
    Bertha 2 
Betty Jackson  
Blaine Jackson
Caroline Jackson 1  (Wright)  Caroline 2    Caroline 3
Charlotte Delores Ingram Jackson
Clarence Jackson 1878-1941
Clifford T. Jackson
Dallas Turner Jackson
Daniel Jackson
Deborah Jackson (Ortiz)
Delilah Jackson
Delilah Jackson  
Ellen Perkins Jackson
Francis L. Jackson
Gary Jackson
Geri Jackson
Gladys Harmon Jackson
James M. Jackson
Gladys Jackson  
 (Muntz) 1906-1964
Janie Jackson
Harry Jackson Jr.
Laura Durham Jackson
Layman Jackson
Layton Jackson
Lena Jackson
Levin Jackson 1    Levin 2
Louise Jackson

Lydia Ann Wright Jackson

Jennie P. Jackson   (Muntz)
Mary Jackson
Mary Elizabeth Jackson   (Davis)
Mary Jackson   (Morris)
Mattie Jackson  (Johnson)
Mattie Rae Jackson   (Harmon)
Maude Jackson 
Meredith Jackson
Mildred Jackson
Nora Jackson  (Morgan)
Orville Jackson
Phillip Harrison Jackson

Preston Jackson
Rebecca Jackson
Rebecca Jackson  (Reed)
Sally Jackson (Hughes)
William Earl Jackson
Samuel B. Jackson

Doris Newlin Jacobs
Wynona Jamieson  (Wright)
Anna Clark Johnson
Anna Clark Johnson
Anna Johnson  
Barnard Johnson
Clarence Gilbert Johnson
Clifford Johnson
Doris Hall Johnson
Clinton Johnson
Custis Johnson

Dorothy E. Durham Johnson
Dorsey E. Johnson
Eldridge Johnson
Eliza A. Harmon Johnson
Ella Johnson

Emily C. Johnson  
(Wright)    Emily 2
Esther Johnson

Florence Johnson
Harley E. Johnson
Helen Johnson
Franklin Johnson

Henrietta Carey Johnson
Ida P. Johnson  (Wright)
Lacey Johnson

Laura Johnson
Leon Johnson
Lillie May Johnson (Davis) 
Lorraine Custis Johnson

Lorraine Johnson 1  (Gregg)    Lorraine 2
Lottie Wright Johnson
Linda Johnson
Lucille Johnson  (Mosley)
Lucy Johnson
Mable Johnson 1         Mable 2
Mable Johnson  
Mary Virginia Johnson  
 (Morgan )
Megan Johnson
Nelson Johnson
Patience Wright Johnson
Return Johnson
Sarah Johnson 
William Arthur Johnson
William Howard Johnson
Willis Johnson    Willis 2   Willis 'Bill' 3
Orietta A. Johnston
Loretta Gross Jordan 1   Loretta2   Loretta 3
Dora Carter Kalb
Charles Joseph Kalb

Joseph Kimmey
Sara Jane Davis Kirby
Ann Gross Lawson
Anthony M. Lawson
Margaret Durham Leitenberger 1     Margaret 2
John Leitenberger
Sarah Livingston
Mr. & Mrs. Loatman 50th
Harriet Annie Grinage Lightcap  
Agnas Loatman  
Annie Concealor
Buddy Loatman
Carolyn Durham Loatman
(Clark Parrish Mann)
Edith Durham Loatman
Eli Loatman
Helen "Dolly" Durham Loatman
John & Anthalinda Loatman
Maude Loatman
Oscar Loatman
Orietta A. Loatman  
Perry Loatman
Robert Loatman
Richard Loatman
Sadie May Lockman
Samuel Loatman
Sarah M. Loatman






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"The History and Genealogy of the Mixed-blood
Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"


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