Meeting at Ned Heite's home
Camden, Delaware
August 20, 2001

Concerning a long-awaited DelDot report:


"Archæology and history of an unrecognized
indigenous community in central Delaware"

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Nena Todd & Ned Heite



Back: Dick Gilbert
Front L to R: Del. Gov. Minner's staff, Debbie Allen & Crystal Webb.
DelDot staff Terry Gorlich & Ray Harbeson


L to R: Debbie Pierce Unger, John C. Carter, David & Betty Davis Terry, Sweetsie Ridgeway


L to R: Anna Coker, Minnie Durham Bowen


L to R: Dennis Coker, Richard Gilbert, Ned Heite


Cara Blume & Richard Gilbert


Charles & Lorraine (Johnson) Gregg







"The History and Genealogy of the Mixed-blood
Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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