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Descendants of Native American Families of Delaware
and surrounding areas on the
Delmarva Peninsula, New Jersey and Pennsylvania





Parentheses = married surnames

After clicking on a name, look thru the page linked to. The photo you seek may be part of another family's page.
For instance, Mila Trent Carpenter is a member of the family of Napoleon Bonaparte & Henrietta (Durham) Morgan


Aaron Sammons
Anita Ridgeway Sammons   Anita 2
Amanda Sammons  (Hansley)
Armwell "Doc" Sammons

Bertha Dean Sammons
Bertha C. Morris Sammons
Blanche Carney Sammons
Blonnie Sammons
Brenda Sammons
Carmella Sammons
Charles E. Sammons 
Charles Clark Sammons
Clarence Sammons
Corrine Priscilla Sammons
Mrs. Edith Sammons
Daisey Sammons
Ella Durham Sammons    Ella 2
Esther Glendora Hughes Sammons
Ethel L. Sammons  (Carney)
Eunice Sammons
George Sammons
George (Sammons) Simons
Grace Carey Sammons
Hazella Sammons  (Coker) 
Helen Virginia Sammons
Ida Wright Sammons
Isaac L. Sammons Sr.
Isaac L. Sammons Jr.
James Sammons
Janet D. Carney Sammons
Kyle Sammons
Lorenzo Sammons
Luther Sammons Sr.
Luther Sammons Jr.   Luther 2
Mary Sammons (Richardson)
Mary Elizabeth Clark Sammons
Mary Elizabeth Munce Sammons
Matthew W. Sammons Sr. & Jr.
Michelle Sammons
Mary Virginia Sammons
Myrtle Sammons  (Harmon)
Oscar Sammons
Oscar Baker Sammons
Perry Thomas Sammons    Perry 2
Prudence Sammons  Prudence2   (Concealler)
Robert Sammons
Sadie Ridgeway Sammons  (Morris)
Sarah Sammons (Handsor)
Sarah Elizabeth Mosley
Harmon Sammons

Sarah Eunice Ridgeway Sammons
Sheila Sammons
Stanley Sammons
Ulysses Emery Sammons Sr.
Ulysses Emery Sammons Jr.
Ulysses Grant Sammons
Virginia Street Sammons
Wanda Sammons
Winfred Sammons
Will Sammons
Mamie Sockum Searles
Ann Seeney
Charles Earl 'Chuck' Seeney
Clifford Seeney
Delores Seeney  (Sammons)
Forest Lester Seeney
Frederick Harold Seeney
Harold Seeney
Hester Dean Seeney

Ina Rickman Seeney
James Seeney
Lola Mae Ridgeway Seeney
Mavis Seeney
Rhoda Seeney (Durham)
Richard L. Seeney
Sarah Archer Seeney

Sophia Seeney  (Luckett)
Heather Sessomes
Beulah Mosley Smith
Mim Smith
Eunice Ridgeway Sockum
Levin Sockum  or Sockume/Soccum
Mamie Sockum  (Searles)
Sarah Sockum (Harmon)
Stephen Sockum
Heldia Speed   (Clark)
Rose Blair Spivey
Cecelia Sterrett
Hope Smith Sterrett
Jack Sterrett
John Sterrett
John Albert Sterrett
Lillian Sterrett
Lillian Mae Sterrett   (Batty)
Linda Mosley Sterrett
Paris V. Sterrett Sr.  1        Paris 2
Paris V. Sterrett Jr.
Susan Sterrett
Willis Sterrett
Sandra Thorpe Stevenson
James Steward
Anna N. Harmon Stewart
Elsie Green Carney Stewart
Sam Stewart
Agnes Hansley Street
Almeda Street
Lisa Stinson  (Ridgeway)
Amelia Street
Anna Harmon Street
Arzelia Street  (Harmon)
Beatrice Street
Benjamin A. Street
Bud Street
Burton Street 1         Burton 2
Butch Street
Clarence Street
David P. Street
David R. Street
Elmer R. Street
Etta Street
Gardiner Street Sr.
Gardiner Street Jr.
Harold C. Street
Harry Street
Hattie Street 1        Hattie 2
Isabella Street (Morris)
James Street 1         James 2
Janie Harmon Street
Lawrence Street
Levi Street
Lucy Street
Madgie Street  (Harman)
Mary Thompson Street
Matilda Street
Melvin Street
Mildred Street
Richard C. Street
Robert Street
Sarah Street
Sophia Isabella Street (Morris)
Vincent Street
Virginia Street  (Sammons)
Wildon A. Street
William Edward Street
William Thomas Street
Willis L. Street
Wingate Street
Anna J. Wilson Strickland
Betty Davis Terry
David Joseph Terry
Elizabeth Geneva Terry    Elizabeth 2
Ellen Margaretha Terry (Holder)    Ellen 2
Frances M. Terry   (Phillips)
William Wilson Terry
Anna Mae Hutchinson Theberge
George Washington Theberge
Harvey Lightcap Theberge
Mary Elizabeth Grinage Theberge
Cynthia Davis Thomas
Elijah DeSoto Thomas
Ralph Carter Thomas
Addie Thompson
John Asbury Thompson
Snowden Asher Thompson
Bartholomew Thompson
John Thompson
May Thompson   (Hitchens)
Sarah Thompson
Esther Thorpe (Brown)
Orietta Durham Thorpe
Mila Trent
Dallas Turner  (Jackson)
Elizabeth Pritchett Turner
Janice Atkins Turner
Lorita Turner  (Brown)
Deborah Pierce Unger
Ethel Gould Valentine
Ronald H. Vance Jr.
Mitzie Alexander Ward
Denise Woodall Waters
Alice Jackson Webb
Bertha E. "Libby" Webster (Pierce)
Charles Milton Webster
Elwood Phillip Webster
Estella M. "Stella" Webster (Adkins)
Ida Rheba Carter Webster
Joel Clayton Webster
Rheba E. "Susie" Webster (Pierce)
Annie E. Price Whaley
C. Marie Whaley
George Whaley
Edward & Colette Carney Wheatley
Ellen Gould Harmon White
Edith Pearl Mosley Whiteman  (Chappelle)
Dorothea Whittingham
Joseph Whittingham
Mary A. Carney Whittingham
Dorothy Williams (Gould)
Hazel Chambers Wilson Williams
Almira Wilson  (Dean)
Anna Jeanette (Mosley) Wilson
Bessie A. Mosley Wilson 1       Bessie 2
Clarence Wilson 1       Clarence 2
Della Josephine Wilson
Hazel Chambers Wilson
Howard Clifton Wilson Sr.
Howard Clifton Wilson Jr.
Lillian Mae Wilson  (Carter, Collins)
Lillian Pierce Wilson
Norman E. Wilson

Mable Mosley Wilson
Marjorie Katherine Wilson
Mary A. Carter Wilson
William Russell Wilson
      William 2
Christian Wilfred Wimmer
Naomi Ruth Wimmer
Paula Renee Johnson Wimmer
Rebekah Ann Wimmer
Ada Rebecca Wright (Benon)
Ada Wright
Alberta Wright
Agnes Wright
Alden Wright
Anna Catherine Davis Wright 
Annie C. Wright
Anna H. Ridgeway Wright
Arthur Wright of Ontario
Augustus Wright
Bertha Wright
Caroline Jackson Wright 1      Caroline 2
Catherine Seever Wright
Charles Wright of Ontario
Charles (Bill) Wright
Conchita Wright
Cornelia (Consuela) Wright  (Duplessis)
Cornelius Wright of Ontario
David W. Wright

Edith Wright  (Hitchens)
Edward Wright of Ontario
Elizabeth Patience Wright (Harman)
Elwood Wright
Emily C. Johnson Wright     Emily 2
Ephraim Wright of Ontario
Fredrick Wright of Ontario
Gertrude Wright
Harry Wright
Howard J. Wright
Ida Wright
Ida Wright  (Sammons)
Ida Patience Johnson Wright
Jennie Wright
John Wright of Ontario
June Wright
Kathleen M. Wright (Jackson)
Laura Carney Wright
Lillian Draine Wright
Lillie Wright
Lillie Wright
Lottie Wright
Lottie Wright  (Johnson)
Louise Wright   (Clark)
Lydia Ann Wright  (Jackson)  
Marie Wright
Marshall Wright
Nancy Wright
Nicholas Wright of Ontario
Oscar Wright
Oscar Whittington Wright
Patience Wright  (Johnson)
Reba Wright
Return Wright

Robert Wright of Ontario
Robert Wright
Robert Wright family of Ontario
Robert & Anita Wright
Robert C. Wright
Ronnie Wright
Roy Wright
Sarah Wright
Troy Wright
Walter B. Wright
Walter Wright of Ontario
Walter T. Wright
Warren Wright
Wesley Wright
Will Wright
William Wright
William N. Wright
William A. Wright
William E. Wright
Wynona Jamieson Wright






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"The History and Genealogy of the Mixed-blood
Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"




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