William Mabins & Carolyn (Durham) Parrish


William Mabins Parrish Sr.

Courtesy of Lisa (Parrish-Kurecz) Fredricks and Dolly Wright-Morris


Carolyn Durham Parrish, son William Mabins Parrish Jr. and William's daughter Marian.
Carolyn married 1st Samuel James Loatman, 2nd William Mabins Parrish Sr.,
3rd Jeremiah Clark and 4th H. Stewart Mann

Courtesy of Lisa (Parrish-Kurecz) Fredricks via Dolly Morris

William M. Parrish & 2nd wife, Lucy A. Butler

William Mabins 'Buzzie' Parrish Jr & wife Marion Louise Pritchett

Carolyn Durham Parrish, son William Mabins Parrish Jr.
and William's daughter Marian.


Marion Louise Pritchett, wife of William Mabins Parrish Jr.





My Grandfather William Mabins Parrish

by Lisa Fredericks

My grandfather's family has always been our family's mystery. I've heard that he was of Indian (Cherokee/Iroquois/Mohawk nation) background as well as maybe Irish, Scottish, French, Spanish & Negro. All along I have been told he was everything except Negro. I have reason to believe he was as well. I still believe however, that he had Indian in his background. He is pictured below.

We never knew his relatives at all. They were never spoken about or visited. (Although, I did hear that his brothers visited my grandparents when they were first married and they were very dark. My grandfather isn't dark. I do also understand that he had 13 brothers and sisters; what the breakdown of siblings was, I don't know. He had one brother named Eugene and at least one sister. His parent's names were either Edward and Laura (Lara) or David and Laura (Lara) or Edward David/David Edward.).

So, in my searching here's what I have learned (taken it with a "grain of salt" too.). His name was William Mabins/Mabi(u)ns Parrish (William Mabins Parrish); born January 27, 1894 in Rougemont, NC. Lived in Baltimore, MD for a period of time and was married to "Carrie" who was from NJ; they lived in MD, and he worked for the B & O RR. They lived on Poppleton Street in Maryland -I've got them on the census.

William was in WW I; Ind 10/27/17 Pvt.; Pvt. 1class 12/14/17; corp 1/24/18, Btry A 351 FA, Hon disch 3/5/19, Overseas 6/19/18 to 2/16/19, Marbache Sector.

We believe he deserted "Carrie". Then shortly afterwards, started a life with my grandmother Lucy Ann Butler of Bridgeton, NJ. We also believe that the "Mabins" stood for his mother's maiden name. There is a "road block" there as well.

While working for the B & O RR, my grandfather was witness to his best friend's murder. His friend was playing cards on the train while my grandpop worked as a porter. His friend was accused of cheating and was shot dead on the spot in front of my grandfather and other card players. I would love to find out the name of his friend.

William M. Parrish also lived in Bridgeton, NJ just prior to marrying Lucy Ann Butler. (That's where they met. The story goes that he was walking down the street and spotted my grandmother sitting on the porch and fell in love instantly!) They moved for a short time just outside of Philia, PA near the Philia. Butlers. Then moved to Dunellun/Piscataway, NJ where they resided the remainder of their lives.

Some other jobs held by my grandfather were - mortician's helper, foundry worker, and a security guard at a Muhlenberg hospital in NJ. If this sounds like someone in your family or someone your family knew of, please contact me as I'm slowly finding out bit & pieces of my grandfathers' mysterious past and have hit a MAJOR "brick wall". Any input at all would be greatly appreciated.

Anyone having family history about William Parrish, please contact






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