Leroy & Millie (Durham) Carney


Millie & Roy

Photo courtesy of Matthew W. Sammons Sr.

Millie gave birth to stillborn triplets in 1918. She died a week later.



Identification by Matt Sammons:

1 Jennie Morgan Dean daughter of James H. & Hester (Sammons) Morgan
2 Roy Carney son of Robert & Cordelia (Mosley) Carney
3 Roy's wife Millie Durham daughter of John Durham & Elmirah (Morgan) Durham
4 Jim Mosley son of Jacob & Emma (Johnson) Mosley
5 Jim's sister Ethel daughter of Jacob & Emma (Johnson) Mosley
6 Gertrude Pierce  

Photo courtesy of Matthew W. Sammons Sr.


Millie Durham & Charles Pritchett



Millie Durham

Courtesy of Amy Reed Moore

Ancestry of Leroy & Mildred Carney






"The History and Genealogy of the Mixed-blood
Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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