Winifred & Viola (Reed) Ridgeway Family
Custis Family


All photos courtesy of Paul Thomas Johnson


Winfield Ridgeway Sr.
(1901 - 1976)
Son of Greensbury Ridgeway, Sr & Sarah V. Durham
Married to Ola Reed.

Lorraine Custis & Ola Reed Ridgeway

Lorraine Custis - Daughter Of Peter Custis, 4th & Doris Ridgeway.
Married to Garry Johnson (Son of Paul Johnson & Anna Carney)

Ola (Reed) Ridgeway - Daughter Of John Reed & Mamie Morgan.
Married to Winfield Ridgeway. Sr.
Date: 1966 - Gouldtown, NJ



Son-in-law Peter Parker Custis, 4th
(1920 - 1991)
Date: Cira 1940's, During World War 2

Daughter  Doris Ridgeway Custis


Mamie Morgan Reed & grandaughter Doris Ridgeway Custis

Hazel (Pierce) Custis
(1899 - 1976)
Daughter of Jonathan Pierce & Dorthey Gould
Married to Peter Parker Custis, 3rd (1902 - 1931)
Date: Cira 1950's
Note: Also Married to Joseph Ricketts & Calvin Pierce

Carol, Lorraine, & Parker "Skip" Custis

Children of Parker Custis, 4th & Doris Ridgeway.
Date: 1958

Pauline (Custis) Bard
(1928 - 1982)
Daughter of Peter Parker Custis, 3rd & Hazel Pierce.
Married to Gilbert Bard, Sr.
Date: 1945 - Bridgeton, NJ


L to R: Winfield Ridgeway, son of Greensbury Ridgeway & Sarah Durham
Floyd Reed, son of John Addison Reed & Mabel C. Ridgeway
Parker Custis, husband of Winfield's daughter, Doris Ridgeway



Ancestry of Parker A. Custis, grandson of Winfield & Ola Ridgeway







"The History and Genealogy of the Mixed-blood
Native American Communities of
and Nearby Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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