James H. & Hester Ann (Cork) Munce/Muncey Family

Records of Life


Photo and documents courtesy of Harry Muncey

Left Angelica Munce Miller (1848-1919), wife of George E. Miller
Middle James Muncey, husband of Hester Cork Munce,


Hester A. Cork Muncey


Hannah Councilor Cork
Mother of Hester Annie Cork Muncey, wife of Peregrine Cork

Photo from Harvey Theberge via Harry Muncey


The 1946 Wedding of Robert Hand and Sarah Livingston, great-granddaughter of James H. & Hester Muncey



James & Hester Annie (Cork) Munce's marriage record, Kent County, Delaware


Death certificate of James H. Muncey
This is the sole document found to date which names 'Margaret' as James Muncey's mother

Death certificate of Hester A. (Cork) Muncey


Marriage certificate of son James Purnell Muncey

Death certificate of son James Purnell Muncey

Death certificate of daughter Bessie May Muncey Law
wife of Millard Clark and George Law


Death certificate of grandson George Clarence Muncey

Death certificate of granddaughter Hester Clark Becht

Indian stone axehead

Harry Muncey says: "This Indian stone axehead was given me by J. A. Higdon of Wyoming, DE, in 1988, the farmer who originally
plowed it up on or very near to Muncy Mount in Murderkill Hundred, Kent County, Delaware. I believe this was Lenape land."

Corn mortar owned by Hester Cork Muncey's grandfather, Peregrine Cork



Hester A. Cork Muncey's grave,


The family of Robert & Jemima (Handsor) Munce, parents of James H. Muncey

Isaiah Muntz was described in his Civil War Pension file
by Lydia Ann Munce as "my first cousin and my mother raised him."


The family of Peregrine & Hannah (Concealler) Cork, parents of Hester Annie Cork


Ancestry of James P. Muncey, son of James H. & Hester (Cork) Muncey





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