ID of folks in old Millsboro SDA Church picture requested

Photo dated to 1948/1949

The group is meeting at a home in Milford, DE


Date: Mon, Jan 13, 2014

Bethshelba McGuire says of the date of the photo:

"I grew up in the Dover SDA church and often visited the Milford and Milsboro SDA
churches. I knew all of the people on the picture. I see the girl Wanda Brantley at about age 5 or 6 I think. We are the same age and graduated together from Pine Forge Academy
in 1961. I was born in 1943. At the time of this phot
o, it would have been at least 1948 or 1949."


SDA church meeting around Milford, Delaware.

The leader is Garfield (Geoffrey) A. Mosley, 3rd from left around the table. Garfield Mosley (#19, face lightened in the photo below) died 1953 at age 68.

Stacey Bliss, 3/13/2003, contributes the following IDs: (RED LINES)

I recognize some of the people in this picture from the Millsboro Seventh-day Adventist Church that was founded by some of the members of the Street Family. I went to that church with my great-grandmom and remember some of the people in the picture. I will try to forward this picture to one of the Norwood's who could identify quite a few from that church's branch.

Who I recognize is:

1. the man standing to the far left by the lady with the flowered dress holding his glasses in his hand is Emery C. Norwood of Millsboro.

2. the woman standing with the flowered dress on is his wife Catherine Street Norwood.

3. The man standing directly behind Catherine Norwood with the checked tie is Sylvester A. Norwood of Millsboro.

4. The man standing to the far right with a lighter colored suit on looking to the side by the door with the blinds is Carlos Street of Millsboro.

5. The man standing second over from Carlos Street looking directly at camera with salt and peppered hair is Samuel Barnes Norwood - Brother to Emery.

6. Girl standing at the top of the stairs with a lighter colored blouse on with hands folded in front of her which cannot be seen is Fedora Norwood - daughter of Samuel B. Norwood and Thelma Norwood.

7. The man looking sideways second down on stairs with black suit on is Lester Davis son of Minnie and Charles Davis of Millsboro. I will try to get more folks here identified by folks from home.


Theo Braunskill, Jan 2, 2010, contributes the following IDs: (BLUE LINES)

I sat down with Mrs Blanche (Hughes) Hickerson who was my first grade teacher at Booker T in Dover. She is #9 in this photo. She said

1. is a daughter of a Street
2. is her very own father Thomas Hughes
3. not sure of her name but believes she is a Street
4. young man – not sure
5. Anna (Handsley) Cooper
6. little baby – not sure
7. Nolan Cooper
8. not sure
9. Mrs. Blanche (Hughes) Hickerson, daughter of Thomas
10.Emma Wilson wife of Melvin Wilson
11.Wife of Elder Brantley
12.Wanda Brantley, daughter of Elder Brantley
13.Little girl –not sure
14.Nolan Sudler
15.Elder Brantely
16.Little girl – not sure
17.Powell Sudler
18. Little Girl
19.Rena Sudler (Brice’s wife)
20. Son of Powell Sudler
21. Brice Sudler
22. Little Boy son of Sylvester
23. Zelva Hughes (Thomas’ wife and mother of Blanche)
24. Helen Sudler (wife of Powell Sudler)
25. Lula Mosley (wife of Garfield)

She said the man in the center that we have as Samuel Norwood is Melvin Wilson husband of Emma Wilson (10).

I forgot to ask her what year this was. I will find out.







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