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Marriage Records 1872 - 1972

(1936 - 1942 missing)


by George Caley, Historian of Asbury Methodist Church

"A History of Asbury United Methodist Church, Smyrna, Delaware"
Smyrna, Del., Shane Quality Press, 1972
Dover Public Library, Call No. 287.67514 C128h


George Caley says: "The following marriages and baptisms have been compiled from actual church records. We have faithfully tried to copy them exactly as recorded. Some ministers used last names first, while others used last names past."

The researcher should be aware that this presentation is a 4th-hand recording of the parties' names, all of which could introduce error, to wit:

1. The mostly oral recitation of names to the person recording the information at the time of the wedding. Many of the names in the list appear to have been phonetically spelled.

2. George Caley's interpretation of the ministers' handwriting.

3. The process of translating writen notes to the final printed version.

4. Our scanning of the printed version and perhaps faulty proofreading.

Note: Mr. Caley, in a phone conversation, October, 1999, told us he has no objection to the publication his work on this site. We thank him for his work with the difficult-to-interpret handwriting in the old church records and for making it available to us for internet publication.

The book, which is primarily a history of Asbury Church (baptisms and marriages are appended in tiny print), is available through the public library, Dover, Delaware. It can be consulted should questions arise about the accuracy of this scanned version.





1872       J. F. Clymer, minister

Jan 11      Rash, Jno. B.                      Kent Co.,  Del. 
            Carty, Mary L.                     Kent Co.,  Md.     

Mar. 12     Hayden, Jno. W.                    Kent Co.,  Del.
            Stinson, Elizabeth M.              Kent Co.,  Del.
Mar. 13     Riggs, Able S.                     Kent Co.,  Del.
            Scout, Eva                         Kent Co.,  Del.    

Mar. 14     Goldsborough, Jeramiah R.          Kent Co.,  Del.
            Walker, Frances E.                 Kent Co.,  Del.    

Mar. 19     Donoho, Joseph F.                  Kent Co.,  Del.
            Staats, Miriam                     Kent Co.,  Del.    

Feb. 1      Dorrell, James                     Kent Co.,  Del.
            Dorathy, Mary E.                   Kent Co.,  Del.    

Feb. 8      McClyment, Jos. H.                 Kent Co.,  Md. 
            Wallace, Annie M.                  Kent Co.,  Del.    

Feb. 15     Brister, Terancy                   Kent Co.,  Del.
            Jones, Delz Ann                    Kent Co.,  Del.    

Feb. 15     Pennington,  F. R.                 Kent Co.,  Del. 
            Kimmey, Mary C.                    Kent Co.,  Del.    

Apr. 11     Savin, Joseph                      Kent Co.,  Del. 
            Bryan, Hannah                      Kent Co.,  Del.    

Apr. 18     Cooper, Adison                     Kent Co.,  Del. 
            Farrell, Sally                     Kent Co.,  Del.    

June 5      Davis, Daniel                      Newark,  Del. 
            Sanders, Mary E.                   Smyrna,  Del.      

May 12      Redman, John W.                    Kent Co.,  Del.
            Carrow, Susanna                    Kent Co.,  Del.    

May 8       Carty, Robert R.                   Smyrna,  Del.
            White,  Margaret                   Smyrna,  Del.      

June 26     McQuay, James T.                   Talbot Co., Md.
            Startt, Sarah J.                   Kent Co.,  Del.    


1872       Geo. A. Phoebus,  minister

Oct. 10     Wright, William H.                 New Castle Co.,Del.
            Green, Catharine                   New Castle Co.,Del.               

Nov. 12     Waters, William E.                 Smyrna,  Del.
            Price, Mary J.                     Smyrna,  Del.

1873       Geo. A. Phoebus, minister

Jan. 1      Stevens, William A.                Kent Co.,  Del.
            Crawford, Mary E.                  Kent Co.,  Del.              

Jan. 2      Sinix, Isaac                       Kent Co.,  Del. 
            Smith, Mattie A.                   Kent Co.,  Del.              

Jan. 16     Gibson, John H.                    Kent Co., Md. 
            Foster, Annie M.                   Kent Co.,  Md.               

Jan 21      Bishop, William T.                 Queen Anne's Co. Md.
            Elliott, Virginia                  Smyrna, Del.                 

Jan 23      Clow, John Thos.                   New Castle Co., Del. 
            Delsaver, Susan                    New Castle Co., Del.          

Feb 19      Stephenson, John W.                New Castle Co., Del. 
            Cosden, Amanda                     Smyrna, Del.                 

Feb. 27     Harwood, Thomas                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Daniels, Lydia                     New Castle Co., Del.          

Feb. 27     Armitage, Thomas J.                Kent Co., Del. (Smyrna)
            Jones, Rachel E.                   Kent Co., Del. (Smyrna)       

Mar. 21     Golt, John W.                      Kent Co., Md. 
            Clifton, Mary E.                   Kent Co., Md.               

Apr. 10     Jones, J. Wesley                   Smyrna, Del.
            Roberts, Annie S.                  Smyrna, Del.                 

Apr. 10     Hazell, William B.                 Kent Co.,  Del.
            Coppage, Emma                      Kent Co.,  Del.              

May 7       Sherwood, James W.                 Wilmington, Del. 
            Harrington, Sarah A.               Caroline Co., Md.            

Jul. 17     Hayes, Thomas R.                   Cecil Co.,  Md.   
            Davis,Sarah                        Kent Co., Md.                

Sept. 11    Reed, Millard F.                   Kent Co.,  Del.
            Lurty, Sophia                      Kent Co.,  Del.
Sept. 18    Dolson, Lewis                      New Castle Co., Del.           
            Green, Harriet E.                  New Castle Co., Del. 
Sept. 25    Thompson, Levi Clark               New Castle Co., Del.           
            Farrell, Mary E.                   Kent Co.,  Del. 
Oct. 2      Messick, James B.                  Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Taylor, Annie                      Kent Co.,  Del. 
Oct. 9      Reighm, George C.                  Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Pryor, Jennie                      New Castle Co., Del.  
Oct. 14     Hudson, Joseph H.                  Kent Co., Md.                
            Dickson, Martha F.                 Kent Co., Md. 
Oct. 15     Gray, William,T.                   New Castle Co., Del.           
            Alfree, Mary A.                    New Castle Co., Del. 
Oct. 16     Wright, Kurtisoff                  New Castle Co., Del.           
            Green, Sarah E.                    New Castle Co., Del. 
Oct. 23     Hollet, Benjamin                   New Castle Co., Del.           
            Wright, Susan C.                   New Castle Co., Del. 
Nov. 6      Hevern, John B.                    Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Moore, Hester (widow)              Kent Co.,  Del.
Dec. 2      Lamb, Thomas H.                    Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Harris, Mollie W.                  New Castle, Del. 
Dec. 4      Moore, Samuel H.                   Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Robinson, Lydia                    Kent Co.,  Del.               


Jan. 6      Vineyard, Philip J.                Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Evans, Elizabeth A.                Smyrna, Del.   
Jan. 22     Griffin, Eben C.                   Wilmington, Del.               
            Scout, Anna A.                     Smyrna, Del.    
Feb.        Rambo, Thomas F.                   Kent Co., Del.                 
            Rodman, Mary M.                    New Castle, Del.   
May 20      Wells, Harry H.                    New Castle Co., Del.           
            Collins, Kate F.                   New Castle Co., Del. 
Aug. 4      Megee, Capt. Wm.                   Milton, Del.                  
            Young, Luella                      New Castle Co., Del.  
Aug. 10     Lane, William S.                   Baltimore, Md.                
            Senn, Emma                         Smyrna, Del.    
Aug. 18     Walls, Samuel                      Kent Co., Del.                 
            Barney, Mary                       New Castle Co., Del.
Nov. 3      Mustard, John                      Smyrna, Del.                   
            Eaton, Mrs. Sarah Ann              Smyrna, Del. 
Nov. 12     Meredith, John W.                  Smyrna, Del.                   
            Shelton, Rebecca                   Smyrna, Del.   
Nov. 16     Mitchell, Lemuel J.                Sussex Co., Del.               
            Messick, Sarah L.                  Sussex Co., Del.  
Nov. 5      Jones, Charles                     Kent Co., Del.                 
            Hoffecker, Mary E.                 Kent Co., Del.  
Dec. 3      Redman, Garrett                    Kent Co., Del.                 
            Conaway, Caroline                  Sussex Co., Del.   
Dec. 9      McNatt, Thomas H.                  New Castle Co., Del.           
            Alexander, Margaret                New Castle Co., Del.   
Dec. 10     Davis, Harry H.                    New Castle Co., Del.           
            Fourakers, Annie                   New Castle Co., Del.  
Dec. 16     Stevens, William                   Kent Co., Del.                 
            Davis, Mary A.                     Smyrna, Del.   
Dec. 17     Tucker, John J.                    Smyrna, Landing, Del.         
            Dickerson, Mrs. Amanda             Smyrna, Landing, Del.  
Dec. 8      Wallace, Joseph B.                 Kent Co., Del.                 
            David, Susan B.                    Kent Co., Del. 
Dec. 23     Maguire, John                      Kent Co., Del.                 
            Budd, Susan                        Kent Co., Del.  
Dec. 23     Pleasanton, Stephen G.             Kent Co., Del.                 
            David, Annie                       Kent Co., Del.   
Dec. 23     Anthony, Joshua M.                 Caroline Co., Md.             
            Lowe, M. Ella                      Caroline Co., Md.



Jan. 7      Parry, Harry, F.                   E. St. Louis, Ill.            
            Stockwell, Mattie A.               Kent Co., Del.   
Jan. 19     Crow, Eugene                       New Castle Co., Del.           
            Wilds, Margaret R.                 Smyrna, Del.   
Jan. 21     Livingston, Wm.                    Kent Co., Del.                 
            Wright, Martha A.                  Kent Co., Del.  
Jan. 21     Stevenson, Geo. M.                 Smyrna, Del.                  
            Cosden, Alice P.                   Smyrna, Del.  
Jan. 28     Morris, George W.                  Kent Co., Md.                 
            Foster, Sarah T.                   Kent Co., Md.  
Feb. 24     Cael, Frank A.                     New Castle Co., Del.           
            Collins, Joe Ellen                 New Castle Co., Del.

1875       Enoch Stubbs, Minister                                           

Apr. 6      Macey, Peter Q.                    New Castle Co., Del.         
            Burrows, Annie E.                  Kent Co.,  Del.   
Apr. 13     Joseph, Samuel                     Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Donoho, Jane O.                    Kent Co.,  Del. 
May 20      Register, Charles H.               Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Baynard, Mary A.                   Kent Co.,  Del.
Sept. 5     Jester, John                       New Castle Co., Del.           
            Barton, Catherine                  New Castle Co., Del. 
Sept. 9     Greenman, Geo.                     Wilmington,  Del.             
            Goodley, Emma                      Chester Co., Pa.  
Sept. 7     Boyle, Christopher                 Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Jones, Josephine                   Kent Co.,  Del.  
Sept. 19    Simmons, Samuel                    New Castle Co., Del.           
            Peeky, Charlotte                   New Castle Co., Del. 
Sept. 30    Foreaker, Robt. C.                 Kent Co.,  Del.               
            McGuire, Mary A.                   Kent Co.,  Del.
Oct. 3      Richardson, John                   Smyrna, Del.                  
            Purnell, Sarah                     Smyrna, Del.
Nov. 21     Hill, Wm. H.                       Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Jewell, Sallie                     Kent Co.,  Del.   
Dec. 16     Foreaker, John A.                  New Castle Co., Del.           
            Simpler, Rebecca                   New Castle Co., Del.  
Dec. 23     Golt, Andrew J.                    New Castle Co., Del.           
            Meridith, Mary A.                  New Castle Co., Del.


Jan. 5      Carrow, John H.                    Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Maloney, Susan E.                  Kent Co.,  Del.
Jan. 11     Gunning, Richard W.                Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Short, Mary I.                     Kent Co.,  Del.
Jan. 20     Jackson, Thos. G.                  Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Hayes, Rachel V.                   Kent Co.,  Del.
Feb. 10     Alfree, John T.                    Kent Co.,  Del.               
            North, Mary J.                     Kent Co.,  Del.
Feb. 22     Munson, Chas.                      Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Durham, Rebecca                    Kent Co.,  Del.
Feb. 24     Jackson, Andrew F.                 Kent Co.,  Del.               
            (blank)                            Kent Co.,  Del.
Mar. 10     Powell, Hiram C.                   Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Jackson, Marth                     Kent Co.,  Del. 
Mar. 29     Price, Marcellus                   Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Glover, E. Belle                   Kent Co.,  Del.
Mar. 29     Hazel, Herman P.                   Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Faries, Addie P.                   Kent Co.,  Del. 
May 18      Jarvis, W. Nelson                  Bucks Co., Pa.                
            Collins, Flora E.                  Green Spring, Del.
May 21      Horn, Edward                       Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Fisher, Clementina                 Kent Co.,  Del.
May 29      Downing, Peter                     Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Wallace, Mary E.                   Kent Co.,  Del. 
Jul. 3      Baker, William T.                  Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Lingo, Mary F.                     Kent Co.,  Del.
Jul. 20     Tucker, William G.                 Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Davis, Elizabeth                   Kent Co.,  Del. 
Aug. 26     Jewell, William T.                 Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Pole, Mary E.                      Kent Co.,  Del. 
Aug. 31     Golt, Lewis                        New Castle Co., Del.           
            Boyles, Margaret                   New Castle Co., Del.    
Sept. 7     Severson, Nathaniel G.             Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Blizzard, Mary J.                  Kent Co.,  Del.   
Sept. 7     Russ, Charles                      Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Patton, Sarah                      Kent Co.,  Del.  
Sept. 13    Gessfford, William T.              Kent Co.,  Del.               
            Downs, Emma E.                     Kent Co.,  Del.             
Oct 31      Jackson, Wm. T.                    Smyrna Landing, Del.
            Jacobs, Kate                       Smyrna Landing, Del.             

Nov. 1      Fowler, Marriott                   Smyrna, Del.     
            Baynard, Maria L.                  Smyrna, Del.   

Nov. 9      Peeker, John                       Kent Co., Del.
            Burk, Melvina                      Kent Co., Del.           

Nov. 16     Davis, Geo.                        Kent Co., Md. 
            Dickson, Annie E.                  Kent Co., Md.            

Nov. 23     Leathram, Wm.                      Kent Co., Del.
            Robinson, Lydia Ann                Kent Co., Del.           

Nov. 30     Russel, George W.                  Kent Co., Del.  
            Stout, Mary                        Kent Co., Del.           

Dec. 7      Redding, Solomon                   New Castle, Del. 
            Jones, Georgeanna                  New Castle, Del.         

Dec. 10     Pratt, Nathaniel S.                Smyrna, Del. 
            Brooks, Jane                       Smyrna, Del.             

Dec. 14     Berry, James                       Kent Co., Del. 
            Dodson, Rachel                     Kent Co., Del.           

Dec. 26     Gafford, Ludlow                    Smyrna, Del. 
            Phifer, Caroline                   Smyrna, Del.


Jan. 4      Wells, Daniel                      New Castle Co., Del. 
            Collins, Willamina                 New Castle Co., Del.     

Jan. 18     Foreakers, Geo.                    Kent Co., Del. 
            Jacobs, Anna                       Kent Co., Del.       

Jan. 25     Young, Isaac                       Kent Co., Del. 
            Laws, Anna                         Kent Co., Del.           

Jan. 25     Farrow, James S.                   Kent Co., Del. 
            Beck, Lizzie                       Kent Co., Del.  

Jan. 25     Collins, Harry L.                  Kent Co., Del.  
            Price, Maggie E.                   Kent Co., Del.           

Jan. 25     Simmons, John                      New Castle Co., Del.
            Thomas, Anna                       New Castle Co., Del.                                                                          

Feb. 20     Mann, John W.                      Maryland 
            Burris, Mary Lizzie                Maryland                 

Feb. 22     Perkins, John T.                   New Castle Co., Del. 
            Wright, Ella                       Kent Co., Del.           

Feb. 28     Cole, Geo. H.                      Kent Co., Del.  
            Torman, Mary G.                    Queen Anne's Co., Md. 

Mar. 1      Faries, Charles B.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Turner, Susanna                    Kent Co., Del.           

Apt. 17     Jones, Geo. W.                     Kent Co., Del.
            Wilcox, Effa C.                    Kent Co., Del.           

May 10      Wilkinson, Geo. W.                 Kent Co., Del.
            White, Louvina                     Kent Co., Del.           

May 10      Wood, John W.                      Kent Co., Md.
            Baily, Sarah A.                    New Castle, Del.         

June 7      Williams, Henry                    (blank)  
            Rounds, Charlotte                  (blank)                  

June 20     Borst, Geo. C.                     Kent Co., Del.  
            Rothwell, Henrietta                New Castle Co., Del.     

June 21     Johnson, William                   Kent Co., Del.  
            Sackum, Amanda                     Sussex Co., Del.         

Jul 21      Willey, Frances E.                 Kent Co., Del. 
            Minner, Mary                       Kent Co., Del.           

Sept. 6     Wells, Chas.                       New Castle Co., Del.
            Schwatka, Mary Charlotte           New Castle Co., Del.     

Sept. 17    Jess. Joseph                       Kent Co., Del.
            Tucker, Ella                       Kent Co., Del.           

Sept. 23    Foraker, Geo.                      Kent Co., Md.  
            Budd, Lizzie                       New Castle Co., Del.     

Oct. 28     Weaver, William H.                 Kent Co., Del. 
            Brooks, Rachel J.                  Kent Co., Del.           

Nov. 5      Gale, Geo. E. J.                   New Castle, Del. 
            Bennett, Virginia R.               Kent Co., Del.           

Dec. 2      Cooper, Charles                    Kent Co., Del.
            Potts, Sarah                       Kent Co., Del.           

Dec. 4      Blackistone, William H.            Wilmington, Del. 
            Roberts, Mary E.                   Smyrna, Del.             

Dec. 5      Baynard, Geo. T.                   Talbot, Md. 
            Wilson, Bell                       Smyrna, Del.             

Dec. 12     Windall, Joseph S.                 Kent Co., Del. 
            Hopkins, Jane                      Kent Co., Del.           

Dec. 13     Ross, Charles H.                   Kent Co., Del. 
            Baynard, Margaret                  Kent Co., Del.           

Dec. 26     Wilds, James D.                    Smyrna, Del.
            Cloak, Lizzie C.                   Smyrna. Del.


Jan. 2      Ennis, John W.                     New Castle, Del. 
            Maloney, Mary E.                   Kent Co., Del.                                                                                 

Jan. 2      Jacobs, James H.                   Kent Co., Del.  
            Burrow, Angia                      Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Jan. 30     Moore, Isaac J.                    Kent Co., Del. 
            Boyer, Amanda                      Kent Co., Del.                                                                               

Feb. 6      Myers, Thos. F.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Jackson, Irene B.                  Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Feb.17      Boyer, Chas. E.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Whartenbury, Sallie A.             Kent Co., Del.                                                                               

Feb. 26     Bramble, James                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Reed, Addie                        New Castle Co., Del.                                                                               

Feb. 26     Roberts, Ewen                      New Castle Co., Del.
            Lockerman, Georgeanna              New Castle Co., Del.                                                                              

Feb. 28     Allen, John H.                     New Castle, Del. 
            Wood, Anna                         New Castle, Del.                                                                               

Mar. 6      Tygert, John E.                    Smyrna, Del. 
            Doughton, Mary                     Smyrna, Del.                                                                               

Mar. 7      Carter, Samuel H.                  New Castle Co., Del.
            Murphy, Sarah E.                   New Castle Co., Del.                                                                              

Mar. 28     Rittenhouse, John                  Kent Co., Md.
            McNatt, Margaret                   Kent Co., Md.

            F. H. Haynes, Minister 

Apr. 7      Lattomus, Francis H.               New Castle Co., Del.
            Bramble, Mary A.                   New Castle Co., Del.                                                                              

May  8      Eliason, Robert H.                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Dunn, Sallie T.                    Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

May 29      Davis, Henry                       New Castle Co., Del.
            Van Horn, Rachel                   New Castle Co., Del.                                                                              

Jul. 24     Rickards, Frank                    Sussex Co., Del.
            Davis, Racie E.                    Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Jul. 25     Hoffecker, Joseph H.               Kent Co., Del.
            Jerman, Charlotte R.               Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Oct.  2     Whartenbury. Alex.                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Baynard, Mary E.                   Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Nor.  5     Carrow, Wm. S.                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Powell, Margaret                   New Castle Co., Del.                                                                              

Nov. 10     Knott, Charles                     Kent Co., Del.
            Hobson, Martha G.                  Kent Co., Del.

Nov. 13     Walker, Geo. D.                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Darrell, Clara R.                  New Castle Co., Del.                                                                              

Nov. 17     Kenton, Joseph M.                  Kent Co., Del.
            Jackson, Rachel J.                 Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Nov. 20     Robinson, Joseph C.                Kent Co., Del.
            Starling, Syvia                    Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Nov. 26     Fareakey, John                     Kent Co., Del.
            Killen, Amanda                     Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Dec. 18     Woodkeeper, William H.             Kent Co., Del.
            Maherry, Martha                    Kent Co., Del.                                                                              

Dec. 24     Collins, Peter S.                  Kent Co., Del.
            Jester, Rebecca J.                 (blank)                                                                             

Dec. 25     Cooper, Samuel H.                  Buck's Co., Pa.
            Flowers, Sarah P.                  Buck's Co., Pa.                                                                              

Dec. 26     Moore, John W.                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Sparks, Lizzie                     New Castle Co., Del.

Jan. 14     Powell, Robert                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Carpenter, Marseylena      	       New Castle Co., Del.                                                                   

Jan. 16     Holland, Joseph E.                 Sussex Co., Del.
            Prettyman, Sallie P.               Sussex Co., Del.            

Jan. 28     Ford, Walter                       New Castle, Del.
            Jarrell, Rachel A.        	       New Castle, Del.            

Jan. 30     Dolson, Charles A.        	       New Castle, Del.
            Jarrell, Mollie E.        	       New Castle, Del.            

Feb. 2      Roe, William C.           	       Kent Co., Del.
            Jackson, Lida J.          	       Kent Co., Del.              

Feb. 4      Grant, Edmond              	       New Castle, Del.
            Bice, Maria                        New Castle, Del.            

Feb. 12     Gardner, George W.        	       New Castle, Del.
            Stevens, Emma                      New Castle, Del.            

Feb. 20     Beckett, Perry           	       Kent Co., Del.
            Loatman, Sarah E.        	       Kent Co., Del.              

Apr. 6      Mannon, James L.                   Kent Co, Del.
            Dickson, Susan                     Kent Co., Del.              

May 15      Perry, John W.                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Davis, Rebecca A.                  New Castle Co., Del.        

May 13      Postle, Jacob                      New Castle Co., Del.
            Clayton, Hettie J.                 New Castle Co., Del.        

Aug. 7      Jones, William                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Evans, Elizabeth                   New Castle Co., Del.        

Aug. 14     Walls, George H.                   New Castle Co., Del.
            Poore, Rebecca                     New Castle Co., Del.        

Sept 28     Reed, Grandon                      New Castle Co., Del.
            Myers, Mollie C.                   New Castle Co., Del.        

Oct. 1      O'Neal, William                    Frankford, Pa.
            Peeker, Emily                      Kent Co., Del.              

Oct 9       Hill, Charles                      Kent Co., Del.
            Berry, Rosie                       Kent Co., Del.              

Oct. 21     Hammond, Thos. C.                  Kent Co., Del.
            Weaver, Rachel A.                  Kent Co., Del.              

Oct. 21     Bailey, Richard                    Kent Co., Del.
            Ivey, Sydie                        Kent Co., Del.              

Oct. 23     Jackson, Alexander                 Kent Co., Del.
            Richardson, Rachel                 Kent Co., Del.              

Oct. 26     Faylor, Jessee                     Kent Co., Del.
            Jones, Castella                    Kent Co., Del.              

Oct. 30     Golt, John                         Queen Anne's Co., Md.
            Pearson, Mary F.                   Queen Anne's Co., Md.       

Oct. 30     Ford, Samuel H.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Huselton, Nancy                    Kent Co., Del.              

Oct. 30     Allen, Abraham                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Wood, Sallie                       New Castle Co., Del.        

Nov. 11     Timmons, Belitna                   Queen Anne's Co., Md.
            Cain, Mary Eliza                   Queen Anne's Co., Md.       

Nov. 20     Foreakey, Robert                   Kent Co., Del.
            Ivery, Sarah C.                    Kent Co., Del.              

Dec.  4     Dill, Charles W.                   New Castle Co., Del.
            Webster, Susan E.                  New Castle Co., Del.        

Dec. 11     Webb, Solomon                      Kent Co., Del.
            Downes, Laura                      Kent Co., Del.              

Dec. 11     Phillips, Wm. J.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Barcus, Mollie E.                  Kent Co., Del.              

Dec. 13     Davis, Moses                       Kent Co., Del.
            Singler, Phebe                     Kent Co., Del.              

Dec. 18     Briggs, Wm.                        Kent Co., Del.
            Bennett, Rachel Amanda             Kent Co., Del.              

Dec. 18     Fulman, John                       Kent Co., Del.
            Davis, Josephine                   Kent Co., Del.              

Dec. 20     Simpson, John P.                   Kent Co., Md.
            Lofland, Mary Ann                  Kent Co., Md.               

Dec. 23     Hallman, Samuel F.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Davis, Anna E.                     Kent Co., Del.


Jan. 4      Benton, Benj. E.                   Kent Co., Md.
            Wilmer, Gerssee                    Kent Co., Md.               

Jan. 4      Marril, Otho                       Kent Co., Del.
            Clendaniel, Fannie                 Kent Co., Del.              

Feb. 19     Oakley, Thomas C                   Kent Co., Del.
            Hoffecker, Helen                   New Castle, Del.            

Mar.  2     Ennis, George R.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Dulin, Mary A.                     Kent Co., Del.              

Mar.  31    Spear, Andrew                      Kent Co., Del.
            Hill, Ettie                        Kent Co., Del.              

Apr.  4     Farrell, Thomas H.                 Kent Co., Md.
            Moffitt, Martha Ann                Kent Co., Md.               

Apr. 6      Sweetman, Alfred T.                New Castle Co., Del.
            Brown, Rachel A.                   New Castle Co., Del.

Apr. 20     Brown, Benj. K.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Hilton, Martha A.                  Chester Co., Penn.   

May 20      Carter, Frederick J.               Kent Co., Del.
            Phillips, Susan                    Kent Co., Del.

May 20      Richardson, Charles                Kent Co., Del.
            Clark, Rebecca                     Kent Co., Del.       

June  2     Lloyd, Benjamin                    Camden, New Jersey
            Conner, M. Florence                Kent Co., Md.        

June 13     Allen, David                       Kent Co., Del.
            Timms, Martha A.                   Kent Co., Del.       

Aug. 12     Price, Clarence                    Kent Co., Md.
            Holliday, Jennie                   Kent Co., Md.       

Aug. 22     Collins, Henry                     Kent Co., Del.
            Anderson, Alice                    Kent Co., Del.       

Aug. 22     Conner, Wm. E.                     Kent Co., Del.
            Voss, Cinthia E.                   Kent Co., Del.     

Sept. 2     Archer, Benj. B.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Tucker, Lizzie                     Kent Co., Del.       

Oct. 3      Timmons, William T.                New Castle Co., Del.
            Boone, Fanny                       New Castle Co., Del.

Oct. 7      Campbell, Jefferson                Kent Co., Del.
            Hardy, Mary                        Kent Co., Del.

Oct. 7      Jones, James E.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Hull, Catharine                    Kent Co., Del.

Oct. 20     Faries, George                     Kent Co., Del.
            Wallace, Mary J.                   Kent Co., Del.       

Dec. 27     Bedwell, William T.                Kent Co., Del.
            Boyle, Nancy                       New Castle Co., Del.


Jan. 11     Murry, Samuel                      Kent Co., Del.
            Davis, Julia                       Kent Co., Del.

Jan. 13     Culley, John                       New Castle Co. Del.
            Tibbett, Wilhimina                 New Castle Co. Del.  

Jan. 26     Hamilton, Thomas                   Cecil Co., Md.          
            Webb, Mary                         Cecil Co., Md.      

Feb. 17     Turner, Benj. W.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Pearson, Mary                      Kent Co., Del.

Feb. 28     Cuff, William                      Kent Co., Del.
            Jenkins, Maggie                    Kent Co., Del.

          Jonothan D. Rigg, Minister

Apr. 21     Roberts, John                      New Castle Co., Del.
            Tibbitt, Sarah E.                  New Castle Co., Del.  

Apr. 21     Green, Charles E.                  Kent Co., Del.
            Turner, Martha                     Kent Co., Del.        

May 19      Thomas, Edwin F.                   Cecil Co., Md.
            Reynolds, Lucy P.                  New Castle Co., Del.

Jul. 7      Earle, Philip                      Kent Co., Del.
            Broadway, Sallie                   Kent Co., Del.        

Nov. 16     Faries, John W.                    Kent Co., Del.          
            Purse, Marietta                    Kent Co., Del.

Nov. 24     Scout, W. Henry                    Kent Co., Del.
            Wilson, Georgie A.                 Kent Co., Del.        

Nov. 27     Young, Isaac                       Kent Co., Del.
            Redden, Amanda                     Kent Co., Del.        

Dec. 26     Burris, Thomas                     Kent Co., Del.
            Young, Sallie                      Kent Co., Del.        

Dec. 26     Farson, Jas. G.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Scout, Alice                       Kent Co., Del.        

Dec. 26     Miller, James K.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Cathcart. Ella A.                  Kent Co., Del.        

Dec. 29     Rothwell, Wm.                      New Castle Co., Del.
            Hudson, Mary E.                    Kent Co., Del.


Jan. 4      Hendrickson, Augustine             Kent Co., Md.
            Riley, Sarah E.                    Kent Co., Del.        

Jan. 4      Little, William                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Summs, Eva                         New Castle Co., Del.  

Feb. 22     Eaton, Jno. D.                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Knotts, Mary E.                    Kent Co., Del.        

Feb. 22     Webb, Jno. H.                      Kent Co., Del.
            Stevenson, Maggie A.               Kent Co., Del.        

Mar. 2      Loatman, Samuel                    Kent Co., Del.
            Durham, Mary                       Kent Co., Del.        

Mar. 22     Revis, Leonard                     Kent Co., Del.
            Glanding, Ella R.                  Kent Co., Del.        

May 7       Foracre, Robert C.                 Kent Co., Md.
            Rash, Amanda M.                    Kent Co., Md.         

June 2      Sweetman, William                  Kent Co., Md.
            Kirkley, Sarah A.                  Kent Co., Md.         

June 7      Carter, Geo. A.                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Timmons, Annie                     New Castle Co., Del.  

Jul. 19     Loats, Wm. H.                      Kent Co., Del.
            Sanders, Lavinia                   Kent Co., Del.                 

Oct. 31     Timmons, Belisha                   Queen Anne's Co., Md.
            Jewell, Rebecca A.                 Queen Anne's Co., Md.         

May  13     Bailey, John H.                    Smyrna, Del.
            Bassett, Francis A.                Smyrna, Del.                 

Dec. 31     Robinson, Daniel                   Kent Co., Del.
            Neill, Hennie                      Kent Co., Del.                                                                               


Jan.  4     Durham, Robert                     Kent Co., Del.
            Sammons, Eliza                     Kent Co., Del.                

Jan. 10     Viney, John                        Kent Co., Del.
            Spearman, Nancy E.                 Kent Co., Del.                 

Feb.  7     Hoffecker, James P.                Smyrna, Del.
            Hough, Mary L.                     Smyrna, Del.                 

Feb. 20     Hewitt, Solomon B.                 Sassafras, Md.
            Vansant, Tempie A.                 Sassafras, Md.              

Feb. 27     Walker, Denney                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Jewell, Clara Belle                New Castle Co., Del.       

Apr. 18     Hoffecker, John A.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Waters, Annie B.                   Smyrna, Del.                 

Apr. 18     Still, William                     Smyrna, Del.
            Benner, Annie                      Smyrna, Del.                  

Jul. 18     Skaggs, Wm.                        Kent Co., Del.
            Jackson, Mary E.                   Kent Co., Del.                  

Jul. 18     Gibbs, Wm. D.                      New Castle Co., Del.
            Williams, Ella                     New Castle Co., Del.

Sept.  3    Darrell, Henry                     Kent Co., Del.
            Reed, Wilhilmina                   New Castle Co., Del.                   

Sept.  5    Wells, Garrison                    Kent Co., Del.
            Pepper, Annie E.                   Kent Co., Del.                         

Sept. 28    Griffin, Robert A.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Boyer, Mary Ella                   Kent Co., Del.                         

Oct.   4    Abbott, Jno. C.                    Kent Co., Md.
            Fausett, Sallie                    Kent Co., Md.                          

Oct.  18    Reed, Jno. W.                      New Castle Co., Del.
            Beck, Belle                        New Castle Co., Del.                   

Nov.  18    Redden, Samuel I.                  Kent Co., Del.
            Prior, Mary E.                     Kent Co., Del.                         

Nov.  20    Barber, B. Frank                   New Castle Co., Del.
            Ball, Anna                         New Castle Co., Del.                   

Nov.  22    Foreakers, Noah                    Kent Co., Del.
            Ivery, Josephine                   Kent Co., Del.                         

Nov.  29    Turner, Geo. W.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Hirons, Annie V.                   Kent Co., Del.                         

Dec.   5    Coppage, Jno. T.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Wallen, Annie                      Kent Co., Del.                         

Dec.   5    Moore, Wm. L                       Queen Anne's Co., Md.
            Harwood, Mary E.                   Kent Co., Del.                         

Dec.  10    Robinson, Esaiah                   Kent Co., Del.
            Embert, Mollie                     Kent Co., Del.                         

Dcc.  13    Allen, Jacob                       New Castle, Del.
            Carr, Vena                         New Castle, Del.                       

Dec.  31    Warner, Chas.                      Kent Co., Md.
            Harrison, Amelia                   Kent Co., Md.


Jan.   8    Webb, Jno. L.                      Cecil Co., Md.
            Bell, Emma                         Cecil Co., Md.                         

Jan.   9    Voss, Emory C.                     Kent Co., Del.
            Cook, Ida                          Kent Co., Del.                         

Jan.  20    Reed, Geo. W.                      Kent Co., Del.
            Reynolds, Eva C.                   New Castle Co., Del.                   

Jan.  29    Emerson, Geo. H.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Lewis, Sallie                      New Castle Co., Del.                   

Jan.  31    Darrell, Frank                     Kent Co., Del.
            Reed, Rachel                       Kent Co., Del.                         

Feb.  12    Ennis, Jos. H.                     Kent Co., Del.
            Heinholt, Eva                      Kent Co., Del.                         

Feb.  13    Johnson, Willard                   Kent Co., Del.
            Parker, Belle                      Kent Co., Del.                         

Feb.  14    Hudson, Molton                     Kent Co., Del.
            Surgeon, Hannah E.                 Kent Co., Del.                         

Feb.  20    Glandln, Wilbur A.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Hawkins, Mollie                    Kent Co., Del.                         

Mar.  13    Jackson, Samuel                    Kent Co., Del.
            Rue, Emma E.                       Kent Co., Del.                         

Mar.  19    Pratt, Wm. H.                      Kent Co., Md.
            Hawkins, Beulah                    Kent Co., Del.

            John B. Quigg, Minister

Apr.  13    Truitt, John                       Raymonds Neck, Md.
            Anderson, Rebecca                  Raymonds Neck, Md.                     

Jul.  22    Bridgman, Luther R.                New Castle Co., Md.
            Jackson, Sarah C.                  New Castle Co., Md.                    

Aug.   6    North, Benjamin F.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Pratt, Fannie                      Kent Co., Md.                          

Sept.  3    Knott, Lewis                       Millington, Md.
            Darrell, Rachel                    Near Galena, Md.                       

Sept. 16    Bostick, Stephen                   Kent Co., Md.
            Moffitt, Annie                     Kent Co., Md.                          

Sept. 24    Green, Henry M.                    Kenton, Kent Co., Del.
            Jewell, Emma                       Kenton, Kent Co., Del.                 

Oct.   9    Reese, Henry                       Duck Creek Hund., Del.
            Sadler, Charlotte                  Duck Creek Hund., Del.                 

Oct.  30    Weller, Charles                    Kent Co., Del.
            Gooding, Emma                      Kent Co., Del.                         

Oct.  30    Sanders, James H.                  Kent Co., Del.
            Till, Mary E.                      Kent Co., Del.


Jan.   1    Ruth, J. Frank                     Wilmington, Del.
            Hammill, Ida M.                    Smyrna, Del.                           

Jan.   8    Price, Lewis Moses                 Smyrna, Del.
            Smithers, Jennie Cairl.            Smyrna, Del.                           

Jan.  14    Fisher, Clayton W.                 Dover, Del.
            Hough, Florence H.                 Smyrna, Del.                           

Jan.  18    Price, John                        Delaware City, Del.
            Goldsborough, Mary E.              Smyrna, Del.                           

Feb.   5    Franie, Benjamin George            Church Hill, Md.
            Barnes, Sallie                     Near Green Spring, Del.                

Feb.  11    Morris, Daniel                     Kent Co., Del.
            Griffin, Rebecca J.                Kent Co., Del.                         

Feb.  18    Collins, Samuel A.                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Burrows, Rebecca                   Kent Co., Del.                         

Mar.  24    Burns, George E.                   New Castle Co., Del.
            Shapley, Anna M.                   New Castle Co., Del.                   

Mar.  31    Wilson, John E.                    Near Clayton, Del.
            Armstrong, Lina                    Black Bird H., New Castle Co., Del.    

Apr.   9    Wood, William T.                   Galena Kent Co., Md.
            Camp, Levinia                      Galena Kent Co., Md.                   

Apr.   9    Ruhl, Lews                         Appoquinimink Hd., Del.
            Moore, Mary                        Black Bird Hd., Del.                   

June  17    Ginn, George H.                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Goldsborough, Rosa V.              Cecil Co., Md.                         

Jul.   9    Taylor, John R.                    Near Moorton, Del.
            Ford, Lida                         Near Moorton, Del.                     

Jul.  23    Logan, John                        Kent Co., Del.
            Swigget, Lizzie                    Kent Co., Del.                         

Sept. 9     Hill, William C.                   Smyrna, Del.
            Moore, Anna                        Smyrna, Del.                           

Sept. 30    Jonnan, Joshua                     Smyrna, Del.
            Hazell, Emma                       Smyrna, Del.                           

Sept. 30    Quillen, Armwell L                 Duck Creek, Del.
            Finley, Susan A.                   Townsend, Del.                         

Oct. 4      Townsend,James                     Queen Anne's, Md.
            Say, Levinia                       Black Bird Hd., N.C., Del.             

Oct.  28    Morris, John L.                    West Dover Hd. Del.
            Hurd, Unity                        West Dover Hd. Del.              

Oct.  29    Durham, John                       Kent Co., Del.
            Durham, Ruth J                     New Castle Co., Del.             

Nov.   8    Gorman, John W                     Cecil Co., Md.
            Wood, Hannah E.                    Kent Co., Md.                    

Dec.  22    King, Wilbain H.                   New Castle Co., Del.
            Hurley, Sarah A.                   Kent Co., Md.                    

Dec.  23    Jacobs, Charles A.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Hill, Matilda                      New Castle Co., Del.             

Dec.  30    Clayton, Samuel                    Kent Co., Md.
            Shelton, Mary                      Kent Co., Md.                    

Dec.  30    West, Benjamin                     New Castle Co., Del.
            Weldon, Susan T.                   New Castle Co., Del.

            John France, Minister 

Dec.  30    Dodd, William H.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Powell, Mollie                     Kent Co., Del.

1886       John B. Quigg, Minister

Jan.  21    Davis, Dolpheiss                   Kent Co., Del.
            Lewis, Addie                       Kent Co., Del.                   

Feb.  23    Armstrong, William H.              Black Bird Hd., Del.
            Gonng, Mazy D.                     Black Bird Hd., Del.

            John France, Minister

Mar.   2    Richardson, Saniel (sic) S.        New Castle Co., Del.
            Collins, Mary A.                   Kent Co., Del. 

            John B. Quigg, Minister

Mar.  10    McNatt, Robert G.                  Kent Co., Del.
            Cruson, Lillie                     Kent Co., Del.                   

Mar.  24    Gibbons, Jacob C.                  New Castle Co., Del.
            Barnett, Anna W.                   New Castle Co., Del.

Mar.  30    Hobson, John R.                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Biggons, Sarah                     New Castle Co., Del.            

Apr.   4    Pleasanton, Samuel                 Kent Co., Del.
            McNatt, Anna L                     Kent Co., Del.                   

Apr.  26    Cole, Edmund J.                    Kent Co., Md.
            Reed, Kate T.                      Kent Co., Del.                   

Apr.  27    McNatt, William C.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Donoway, Mollie                    New Castle Co., Del.            

June   9    Taylor, Gilbert B. B.              Smyrna, Del.
            Mallalieu, Mary E.                 Smyrna, Del.                      

June  17    Wood, Marion N.                    Smyrna, Del.
            Weldon, Sallie E.                  Smyrna, Del.                      

Jul.  18    Luff, Harry T.                     Black Bird H., Del.
            Kelly, Dora                        Magnolia, Del.                   

Jul.  29    Francis, Charles                   Kent Co., Md.
            Theardon, Annie E.                 Kent Co., Md.                    

Jul.  29    Moore, Samuel H.                   New Castle Co., Del.
            Hurd, Jane A.                      New Castle Co., Del.            

Sept. 27    Allston, Jacob                     Smyrna, Del.
            Benson, Ella                       New Castle Co., Del.            

Oct.  20    Husilton, Samuel                   New Castle Co., Del.
            Carrow, Mary E.                    New Castle Co., Md.

            John France, Minister 

Nov.  10    Collins, Daniel C.                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Dolson, Mollie R.                  New Castle Co., Del.            

Nov.  17    Haddock, William D.                Cecil Co., Md.
            France, Sarah T.                   Kent Co., Del.

            John B. Quigg, Minister

Dec.   9    Hall, Edwin L                      Smyrna, Del.
            Hazell, Laura N.                   Smyrna, Del.                      

Dec.  29    Conard, John R.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Crusen, Anna                       Kent Co., Del.


Jan.  27    Clifton, John H.                   Talbot Co., Md.
            Schafer, Anna                      Kent Co., Md.                    

Mar.   1    Damier, Victor F.                  Dover, Del.
            Griffith, Jennie                   Dover, Del.                       

Mar.   8    Lurty, William H., Jr.             Kent Co., Del.
            Griffin, Laura C.                  Kent Co., Del.                   

Mar.   9    Short, William C.                  Kent Co., Del.
            Foraker, Anna                      Townsend, Del.

            T.H. Haynes assisted by W. S. Robinson, Ministers 

Apr.  19    Cununlns, Alfred Lee               Smyrna, Del.
            Caulk, Elva Culberth               Smyrna, Del.

            W.S. Robinson, Minister

May    3    Shelton, Daniel                    Smyrna, Del.
            Bidwell, Catherine                 Smyrna, Del.                      

May   26    Rawley, J. Walter                  New Castle Co., Del.
            McLain, Lillie                     New Castle Co., Del.              

Jul.  21    Long, John                         New Castle Co., Del.
            Ickman, Rachel                     New Castle Co., Del.

            John France, Minister 

Sept. 25    Turner, William                    Kent Co., Del.
            Broadway, Rachel H.                New Castle Co., Del.

            W. S. Robinson, Minister

Sept. 26    Dietrich, Wm. F.                   Pennsylvania
            Smith, Elsie Jennie                New Castle Co., Del.

            John France, Minister

Oct.   5    Turner, Frann B.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Hoffecker, Ida                     New Castle Co., Del.

            W. S. Robinson, Minister

Oct.  13    Farrell, Thomas                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Lofland, Kate                      New Castle Co., Del.

            John France, Minister

Dec.   6    Bennett, A. Hailly                 Kent Co., Del.
            Momie, Louisa                      Kent Co., Del.

            W. S. Robinson, Minister 

Dec.   8    Trimble, Phillip A.                Queen Anne's Co., Md.
            Sherwood, Georgie A.               Queen Anne's Co., Md.            

Dec.  30    Alexander, George                  New Castle Co., Del.
            Simpler, Mollie                    New Castle Co., Del.              

June  12    Salyne, John A.                    Salisbury, Md.
            Murphy, Clara                      Smyrna, Del.


Jan.   2    Carey, Wesley B.                   Sussex Co., Del.
            Wells, Mary Francis                Smyrna, Del.

Jan.   4    Mosley, Charles H.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Dean, Annie E.                     Kent Co., Del.                  

Jan.  10    Thomas, Samuel J.                  Queen Anne's Co., Md.
            Brawn, Georgianna                  Queen Anne's Co., Md.           

Jan.  18    Jacob, Benjamin C.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Wright, Victoria W.                Smyrna, Del.

            John France, Minister 

Feb.   2    Rench, William K                   Kent Co., Del.
            Davis, Mary E                      Kent Co., Del.

            W. S. Robinson, Minister

Feb.   8    Hoffecker, John E                  Kent Co., Del.
            Bradley, Mary                      Kent Co., Del.                  

Feb.  22    Thomas, Frederick                  Near Smyrna, Del.
            Green, Mary                        Near Clayton, Del.              

Apr.  29    Moore, Thomas Clayton              Smyrna, Del.
            Wilson, Alice Moore                Smyrna, Del.

            John France, Minister 

May   2     Barny, Charly A.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Paregay, Ella S.                   Kent Co., Del.

            W. S. Robinson, Minister 

June 3      McNatt, James B.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Bennett, Jane                      Kent Co., Del.

            John France, Minister         

June  5     Berry, Isaac D.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Ennis, Emma F.                     Kent Co., Del.

            W. S. Robinson, Minister

June  19    Sinex, Isaac                       Kent Co., Del.
            Hurlock, Ella                      Kent Co., Del.                  

Aug.  30    Aeroman, Charles F.                Kent Co., Del.
            Inmon, Sallie                      Kent Co., Del.                  

Sept. 11    Ross, William H.                   Black Bird, Del.
            Suthell, Mary E.                   New Castle Co., Del.            

Sept. 13    Johnson, George D.                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Burrows, Annie E.                  Smyrna, Del.                    

Sept. 25    Walls, Edward G.                   Smyrna, Del.
            Beck, Elizabeth Foster             Smyrna, Del.                    

Oct.   2    Postles, Francis Edward            Smyrna, Del.
            Van Gaskin, Hannah Evaul           Smyrna, Del.                    

Oct.  17    Scout, Clement J.                  Brenford, Del.
            Thompson, Fannie E                 Brenford, Del.                  

Nov.   8    Allen, Joseph                      Kent Co., Md.
            Garrett, Jane E                    Kent Co., Nd.                   

Nov.   8    Blair, Wm. W.                      Kent Co., Del.
            Powell, Katie                      New Castle Co., Del.            

Nov.  22    Allen, Charles Jones               Smyrna, Del.
            Reedy, Florence Layton             Smyrna, Del.                    

Dec.  11    Hudson, Alfred L., Jr.             Smyrna, Del.
            Hill, Fannie S.                    Smyrna, Del.                    

Dec.   4    Newcome, George T                  Kent Co., Md.
            Kemp, Ella                         Kent Co., Md.                   

Dec.  18    Reynolds, Frank Lincoln            Clayton, Del.
            Faries, Laura Marie                Smyrna, Del.                    

Dec.  19    Moore, Edgar W.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Callahan, Sallie E.                Chester Co.,.Penn.              

Dec.  25    Carter, Hopewell                   Kent Co., Del.
            Ridgeway, Sallie                   Kent Co., Del.                  

Dec.  27    Gina, Walter                       New Castle Co., Md.
            Warner, Florence K.                New Castle Co., Del.

            John France, Minister 

Dec.  28    Fritts, Lee R.                     Sussex Co., Del.
            Money, Ida                         New Castle Co., Del.

1889        W. S. Robinson, Minister

Feb.   6    Gordon, John T.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Reynolds, Caddie E                 Kent Co., Del.                  

May    2    George, Lewis                      Kent Co., Md.
            Carrow, Lucy                       Kent Co., Nd.                   

Apr.   9    Wallace, Adolphus S.               Marydel, Md.
            Wallace, Annie M.                  Marydel, Md.                    

Sept. 11    Garrett, Joseph T.                 Chester, Pa.
            Webb, Lizzie B.                    Smyrna, Del.

            John France, Minister

Oct.  17    Jones, Howard S.                   New Castle Co., Del.
            Voshell, Mary E.                   Kent Co., Md.

            W. S. Robinson, Minister

Nov.  13    Schafer, James Norris              Mt. Union., Pa.
            Rothwell, Lydia R.                 New Castle Co., Del.

            John France, Minister

Nov.  26    Kemp, William P.                   Philadelphia Co., Pa
            Guild, Annie E.                    Philadelphia Co., Pa            

Dec.  26    Arnett, John H.                    Kent Co., Del.
            Collins, Florence G.               Kent Co., Del.


Jan.  29    Price, Casper D.                   Kent Co., Del.
            Lurty, Hattie                      Kent Co., Del.

            W. W. W. Wilson, Minister

Feb.  27    Nailor, William                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Bennett, Mary E.                   New Castle Co., Del.           

Mar.  16    Saxton, Harry C                    Smyrna Landing, Del.
            Saxton, Mary E.                    Smyrna Landing, Del.            

Apr.   9    Moffitt, George C                  Smyrna, Del.
            Vansant, Lillie                    Smyrna, Del.                    

May   29    Poore, George                      Kent Co., Del.
            Tucker, Mary E.                    Kent Co., Del.                  

June  16    Shearer, William J.                Carlisle, Pa.
            Lassell, Carrie M.                 Smyrna, Del.                    

June  26    Long, Frank                        Golts Station, Md.
            Alexander, Martha                  Golts Station, Md.              

Nov.   5    McCausland, James R., M.D.         Phila., Pa.
            Smith, Elva                        Smyrna, Del.                    

Nov.  13    Mannering, Joseph                  Golts Station, Md.
            McNatt, Emma                       Golts Station, Md.              

Nov.  25    Corkran, Chas. W.                  Easton, Md.
            Dyott, Lela G.                     Phila., Pa.

            John France, Minister              New Castle

Dec.   3    McClaine, John E.                  New Castle, Del.
            Collins, Marian T.                 Kent Co., Del.                  

1891        W. W. W. Wilson, Minister 

Jan. 8      Mason, Thomas L                  Smyrna, Del.
            Weldon, Mary E.                  Smyrna, Del.                      

Jan. 19     Green, Wm. D.                    Smyrna, Del.
            Green, Jennie                    Smyrna, Del.                      

Feb. 18     Dulin, Thomas C.                 Blackiston Cross Roads, Del.
            Jones, Hattie                    Blackiston Cross Roads, Del.      

Feb. 23     File, Franklin P.                Wilmington, Del.
            Jones, Mary L                    Smyrna, Del.                      

Feb. 24     Guessford, John B.               New Castle Co., Del.
            Ellingsworth, Lizzie             New Castle Co., Del.              

Feb. 25     Deakyne, John W.                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Gafford, Frances N.              Smyrna, Del.                      

Mar. 11     Fibbit, John D.                  New Castle Co., Del.
            Dixon, Mollie                    New Castle Co., Del.              

Apr. 20     Tucker, John W.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Thornley, Maggie M.              Near Sassafras, Md.               

June 10     Goldsborough, William            Midd1etown, Del.
            Walls, Martha                    Middletown, Del.                  

Oct. 14     Williams, George H.              Smyrna, Del.
            Faries, Laura                    Smyrna, Del.                      

Nov. 26     Ivory, George                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Biles, Josephine                 New Castle Co., Del.              


Feb. 4      Evans, Abram                     Smyrna, Del.
            Nicholls, Alice                  Smyrna, Del.

            John A. Roche, Minister 

Feb. 3      Magear, Wm. B. Smyrn             Smyrna, Del.
            Hall, Mary B.                    Smyrna, Del.

            W. W. W. Wilson, Minister

Apr. 14     Turner, Wm. G.                   Smyrna, Del.
            Garner, Mary C.                  Near Smyrna, Del.                 

ApL 20      McLain, Wm. T.                   Smyrna, Del.
            Jacobs, Mary E.                  Smyrna, Del.                      

Sept. 28    Wick, John M.                    Smyrna, Del.
            Evans, Mary L.                   Smyrna, Del.                      

Dec. 21     McLain, William                  Kent Co., Del.
            McNatt, Emma J.                  Kent Co., Del.


Jan. 5      Greenage, John                   Hartley, Del.
            Greenage, Rachel                 Hartley, Del.                     

Feb. I      Brown, Wm. F.                    Smyrna, Del.
            Cotton, Nora W.                  Smyrna, Del.                      

Feb. 15     Haman, Wm.S.                     Smyrna, Del.
            Beck, Carrie G,                  Smyrna, Del.                      

Feb. 14     Jones, Fletcher C.               Near Blackistons, Del.
            Sappe, Ella                      Near Blackistons, Del.

            Adam Stengle, Minister 

Mar. 28     Donovan, Thomas Henry            Townsend, Del.
            Reihm, Mary Elizabeth            Blackistons, Del.                 

Apr. 26     Sylvester, Geo. Washington       Smyrna, Del.
            Price, Maggie Estelle Veasey     Smyrna, Del.                      

June 7      Smith, John Wesley               Odessa, Del.
            Webster, Susan                   Blackbird, Del.                   

Aug. 21     Hayes, Edward                    Maryland
            Fowler, Sallie                   Delaware                          

Aug. 23     McNeal, James H.                 Easton, Md.
            Budd, Caroline K.                Smyrna, Del.                      

~c~  10     Webb, James Howard               Green Spring, Del.
            Bailey, Cora                     Green Spring, Del.                

Oct.31      Golt, Harry H.                   Kent Co.,Del.
            White, Mollie                    Smyrna, Del.                      

Nov. I      DeFord, James Edward             Smyrna, Del.
            Beck, Florence                   Smyrna, Del.                      

Nov. 21     Dickson, William Henry           Smyrna, Del.
            Bedwell, Laura Doughton          Smyrna, Del.                      


Jan. 31     Johnson, Willard                 Thoroughfare Neck, Del.
            Keiser, Agnes                    Thoroughfare Neck, Del.           

Feb.20      Nickerson, Frank P.              Crumpton, Md.
            Jackson, Anor C.                 Blackistons, Del.                 

Mar. 6      Ireland, George Washington       Smyrna, Del.
            Hackett, Lucy R.                 Smyrna, Del.                      

Mar. 21     Wright, Joseph Henry             Smyrna, Del.
            Wright, Della Virginia           Smyrna, Del.                      

Apr. 12     Davidson, Cornelius Franklin     Wilmington, Del.
            Young, Fannie Terence            Smyrna, Del.                      

Apr. 25     Hall, Harvey Polk                Smyrna, Del.
            Hoffecker, Annie Collins         Smyrna, Del.                      

May 13      Marvel, Jehu Collins             Clayton, Del.
            Burris, Maggie                   Kenton, Del.                      

JuL 25      Porter, Wilner Leslie            Smyrna, Del.
            Jester, Elva Taylor              Smyrna, Del.                      

Aug. 1      Cahall, Willard Washington       Dover, Del.
            Pleasanton, Lizzie               Little Creek, Del.
	`   (Also see 1 Aug 1895)	                

Aug. 10     Loper, Charles Heckman           Kent Co., Del.
            Daniels, Hannah May              Bayview, Del.                     

Aug. 24     Murphy, Jenkins                  Delaney, Md.
            Stewart, Jennie                  Delaney, Md.                      

Sept. 2     Graham, Charles Henry            Kenton, Del.
            Burris, Emma Della               Blackistons, Del.                 

Nov. 7      Prettyman, Clarence              Smyrna, Del.
            Cosgriff, Sarah W.               Smyrna, Del.                      

Nov. 10     Clark, John Wesley               Rothwell's Landing, Del.
            Edwards, Ida Mary                Rothwell's Landing, Del.          

Dec. 26     Rolph, William James             Kent Co., Del.
            McClain, Clara                   New Castle Co., Del.                                                                               


Feb. 26     Dann, William Francis            Smyrna, Del.
            Hoffecker, Adelaide A.           Smyrna, Del.                      

Mar. 12     Minner, Arthur Nimrod            Blackiston, Del.
            Berry, Gertrude                  Blackiston, Del.                  

Mar. 28     Hickman, Charles                 Harrington, Del.
            Hamilton, Annie                  Harrington, Del.                  

May 2       Rawley, Roscoe D.                Clayton, Del.
            Anderson, Lulu E.                Clayton, Del.                     

May    9    Anderson, Gilbert                Clayton, Del.
            Lofland, Susie                   Lincoln, Del.                   

Jul.   2    Rausch, Charles                  Smyrna, Del.
            Hobson, Lillie                   Blackbird, Del.                 

Aug.   1    Cahall, Willard Washington       Dover, Del.
            Pleasanton, Lizzie               Dover, Del.
            (Also see 1 Aug 1894)                          

Aug.   4    Blanchfield, John W.             Sassafras, Md.
            Powell, Mary                     Sassafras, Md.                  

Sept. 18    Garden, Wm. R.                   Philadelphia, Pa.
            Staats, Elva L.                  Smyrna, Del.                    

Nov.  27    Purse, Frank                     Blackbird, Del.
            Bennett, Jennie                  Blackbird, Del.                 

Dec.  12    Burris, Geo. M.                  Dulaney, Del.
            Carrow, Katie B.                 Dulaney, Del.                   


Mar.  24    Faries, Alexander                Smyrna, Del.
            Gearhart, Jennie A.              Smyrna, Del.                    

Apr.  10    Philips, John Edward             Smyrna, Del.
            Faries, Alice May                Smyrna, Del.                    

June   9    Garman, Randal B.                Clayton, Del.
            Legates, Nettie Belle            Clayton, Del.                   

June  10    Calvert, Armstrong               Attica, Indiana
            Hudson, Emma Frances             Smyrna, Del.                    

Jul.   1    Stant, George Tyler              Townsend, Del.
            Watts, Essie Edith               Townsend, Del.                  

Jul.  19    Tucker, Joseph                   Smyrna Landing. Del.
            Slaughter, Fannie                Smyrna Landing. Del.            

Nov.  11    Simpler, Philip                  Marydel, Md.
            Bedwell, Susan                   Smyrna, Del.                    

Dec.   9    Walker, William                  Smyrna Landing, Del.
            Ransom, Annie May                Smyrna Landing. Del.            

1897 1897

Mar.   3    Mattiford, Joseph Henry.~        Smyrna, Del.
            Sithens, Clara Rebecca           Smyrna, Del.                    

Mar.  16    Johnson, Harvey                  MacDonoough, Del.
            Burrows, Sarah                   Smyrna, Del.                    

Mar.  31    Starling, James Frank            Elkton, Md.
            Armstrong, Annie May             Smyrna, Del.                    

Apr.   6    Turner, Daniel, Jr.              Smyrna, Del.
            Faries, Sarah Emma               Smyrna, Del.                    

Apr.   7    Beltz, Jefferson Davis           Golts, Kent Co., Md.
            Carrow, Susan Virginia           Golts, Kent Co., Md.            

Apr.  28    Slaughter, Harry                 Leipsic, Del.
            York, Kate Carter                Leipsic, Del.                   

Apr.  14    Wilson, Thomas Hobson            Smyrna, Del.
            Price, Bertha VanBen             Smyrna, Del.                    

Sept. 16    Van Dyke, Horace Fuily           Townsend, Del.
            Price, Belle Morgan              Warwick, Md.                    

Sept. 29    Porter, Edward T.                Smyrna, Del.
            Lasseil, Laura B.                Smyrna, Del.                    

Sept. 29    Henderson, John Wesley           Smyrna, Del.
            Reihm, Mary Ellen Esther         Smyrna, Del.                    

Oct.  12    Pyle, Henry Virgil               Wilmington, Del.
            Faries, Margaret Seargeant       Smyrna, Del.                    

Oct.  26    Hurtt, James Henry               Philadelphia, Pa.
            Hall, Florence Layton            Smyrna, Del.                    

Dec.  22    Reynolds, Aaron Thomas           Smyrna, Del.
            Args,Ida May                     Smyrna, Del.                    

Dec.  26    Brown, William Cooper            Philadelphia, Pa.
            Grant, Annie Hamilton            Smyrna, Del.                    


Feb.  23    Woodall, John                    Milford, Del.
            Reynolds, Dora                   Kent Co., Del.

            Charles A. Hill,Mlnister

Apr.  20    Marvel, Josiah                   Georgetown, Del.
            Jackson, Mary B.                 Salisbury, Md.                  

Apr.  27    Fowler, Evan Marriott            Smyrna, Del.
            Lord, Mary Emma                  Smyrna, Del.                    

June  26    Perry, John C.                   Woodland Beach, Del.
            Frazier, Elva H.                 Woodland Beach, Del.            

June  30    Lattomus, William E.             Townsend, Del.
            Lofland, Mattie                  Townsend, Del.                  

Jul.   4    Montgomery, John                 Kent County, Del.
            Smith, Addie                     Kent County, Del.               

Sept. 28    Steward, George W.               Kent County, Del.
            Faries, Maggie J.                Kent County, Del.               

Dec.  14    Mullikin, Clayland               Easton, Md.
            Smith, Henrietta Charles         Williamsburg, Md.               


Jan.   8    Shahan, Frederick E.             Cheswold, Del.
            Price, Mary E. H.                Smyrna, Del.                    

Jan.  11    Gaulke, Louis C.                 Smyrna Landing, Del.
            Conner, Alice B.                 Smyrna Landing, Del.

            W. R. Mowbray, Minister  

Mar.   8    Gooden, George                   Thoroughfare Neck, Del.
            Jones,. Sallie                   Smyrna, Del.

            Charles A. Hill, Minister

Apr.  26    Stidham, Harry Virgil            Wilmington,.Del.
            Thornley, Sarah Alice            Sassafras, Md.                  

Apr.  26    George, Frank                    Golts',Kent Co., Md.
            Bramble, Ella J.                 Still Pond, Md.                 

Oct.  31    Busser, Frank S.                 Philadelphia, Pa.
            Beckett, Clara W.                Smyrna, Del.                    

Nov.   2    Barlow, Gideon E.                Townsend, Del.
            Manning, Sarah B.                Townsend, Del.                  

Dec.  21    Argo, Sidney L                   Duck Creek Hnd., Del.
            Webb, Emma                       Duck Creek Hnd., Del.           


Mar.   7    Richards, B. F.                  Kent County, Del.
            Tisco, Maggie M.                 Smyrna, Del.                    

Apr.  26    Sammons, James O.                Kenton, Del.
            Ridgeway, Amanda D.              Cheswold, Del.                  

July   1    McDowell, Wm.                    Smyrna, Del.
            Lewis, Rosa O.                   Smyrna, Del.                    

July   2    Blanchfield, John W.             New Castle Co., Del.
            Clark, Ida                       New Castle Co., Del.            

July  31    Simpler, John                    Kent County, Del.
            Bedwell, Mary                    Kent County, Del.

Aug.  8     Creadick, Byron                  Kent County, Del.
            Slaughter, Elmira                Kent County, Del.

Aug.  9     Shahan, Clarence                 Kent County, Del.
            Carrow, Ollie                    New Castle Co., Del.

Sept. 6     Boyles, Frank                    Kenton, Del.
            Brookfleld, Annie                Clayton, Del.

Oct. 15     Boyles, Wm. D.                   Smyrna, Del.
            Rose, Bessie                     Smyrna, Del.

Oct. 23     Thompson, Wm. T.                 Kent County, Del.
            Sparks, Blanch                   Kent County, Del.

Oct. 24     Reed, Alfred B.                  New Castle Co., Del.
            Richards, Sallie D.              Kent County, Del.

Dec.  5     Allen, Elmer                     Kent County, Del.
            Cruson, Mary Ann                 Kent County, Del.


Mar. 13     Daniels, John C.                 Kent County, Del.
            Powell, Sallie M.                Kent County, Del.

            Vaughan S. Collins, Minister

May  29     Hines, George W.                 Kent County, Del.
            Johnson, Ida                     Kent County, Del.

July  2     Otis, Isaac Lewis                Baltimore, Md.
            Sterling, Alice Mabel            Somerset Co., Md.            

Aug. 21     Moffett, Nathaniel W.            New Castle Co., Del.
            Jess, Clara                      Smyrna Landing, Del.            

Nov.  3     Foraker, William                 Kent County, Del.
            Slaughter, Lulu                  Kent County, Del.               

Nov.  6     Boyd, Ed. Martindale             Philadelphia, Del.
            Faries, Nellie Jefferson         Smyrna, Del.                    

Nov. 10     Dyer, Harvey M. C.               Smyrna Landing, Del.
            Hamilton, Lucy M.                Smyrna, Del.


Jan.  6     Hutchinson, Leroy Jump           Townsend, Del.
            Shockley, Pearl May              Townsend, Del.                  

Mar. 12     Boyer, Lewis Frank               Smyrna, Del.
            Cole, Alice Culbreth             Smyrna, Del.                    

Apr. 29     Anthony, John Selby              Smyrna, Del.
            Wells, Hilda                     Smyrna, Del.                    

May  21     Alfree, Eben Columbus            Smyrna, Del.
            Faries, Lenova Virginia          Smyrna, Del.                    

May  21     Coward (Moor), Wm. Henry         Cheswold, Del.
            Durham (Moor), Priscilla         Clayton, Del.                   

June  3     Roe, William Graham              Smyrna, Del.
            Curry, Elizabeth Parker          Smyrna, Del.                    

July 31     Suel, Wm. Nelson                 Gotts, Md.
            Daniels, Henrietta               Gotts, Md.                      

Aug. 27     Truitt, Spencer                  Mlllington, Md.
            Clayton, Eva Lena                Gotts, Md.                      

Sept. 3     Robinson, Wm. Homer              New Castle Co., Del.
-           Bickling, Velda H.               New Castle Co., Del.            

Sept. 18    Brown, Joseph Alfred             Kent Co., Md.
            Sewell, Araminta Jane            Kent Co., Md.                   

Nov.  1     Nielson, John B.                 Kent Co., Del.
            Tucker, Annie                    Kent Co., Del.


Jan. 20     Melvin, Peter M.                 Kent County, Del.
            Vible, Annie                     Kent County, Del.               

Feb. 12     Smith, R. Hopper                 Centerville, Md.
            Bradbury, Frances A.             Smyrna, Del.                    

Feb. 18     Armstrong, Frank C.              Smyrna, Del.
            Anderson, Lida M.                Smyrna, Del.                    

Mar. 12     Hyson, Walter W.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Lord, Lidie B.                   Smyrna, Del.                    

May  17     Rawley, John T.                  New Castle Co., Del.
            Pindar, Sarah E.                 New Castle Co., Del.            

May  28     Lee, James A.                    New Castle Co., Del.
            Collins, Euphemia T.             Townsend, Del.                  

Aug. 11     Robinson, Wm.                    Smyrna, Del.
            Shorts, Susie A.                 Smyrna, Del.                    

Sept.l2     Skaggs, Olin H.                  Townsend, Del.
            Clayton, Eva M.                  Townsend, Del.                  

Oct.  7     Ferguson, Theodore               Blackbird, Del.
            Taylor, Florence Belle           Smyrna, Del.                    

Oct. 15     Bell, Rowland Wm.                Smyrna, Del.
            Smith, Gertrude Oren             Smyrna, Del.                    

Oct. 24     Cavender, Theodore W.            New Castle Co., Del.
            Slaughter, Ida                   Kent County, Del.               

Nov. 25     Gibbons, John H.                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Ford, Lola R.                    Smyrna, Del.                    

Dec.  5     Slaughter, James, Jr.            Kent County, Del.
            Slaughter, Mabel                 Kent County                     

Dec. 16     Reese, Charles C.                Clayton, Del. 
            Carey, Lulu                      Clayton, Del.


Jan.  6     Turner, Walter                   Smyrna, Del.
            Conaway, Ida R.                  Seaford, Del.                   

Feb.  3     Stevenson, George H.             Philadelphia, Pa.
            Forrest, Winnie                  Smyrna, Del.

            R. Watt, Minister  

Feb. 29     Clayton, Leonard                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Elsey Ida M.                     New Castle Co., Del.

            Vaughan S. Collins, Minister

Mar. 29     Collins, Harry                   Smyrna, Del. 
            Ford, M. Lucy                    Smyrna, Del.

            R. Watt, Mlnister 

July  6     Macomber, J. F.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Cole, Sarah D.                   Smyrna, Del.                    

Sept.13     Stevenson, Ralph D.              Smyrna, Del.
            Start, Marian G.                 Smyrna, Del.


Mar. 11     White, Milliam                   Queen Anne's Co., Md.
            Archer, Arnice                   Queen Anne's Co., Md.           

Mar. 27     Stevenson, Geo. R.               Smyrna, Del.
            Sutton, Daisy M.                 Smyrna, Del.                    

Nov.  6     Thornly, Jas.                    (blank)
            Carman, Catherine V.             (blank)                         

Nov. 14     Seltzer, Jas. H., Jr.            (blank)
            Beckett, Katharine W.            (blank)

Dec. 12     Parsons, James P.                (blank)
            Armstrong, Laura V.              (blank)                                                                        


Feb.  21    Graham, James B.                 (blank)
            Atwell, Edith M.                 (blank)                         

Feb.  25    Palmatoy, Howard C.              (blank)
            Logan, Ella H.                   (blank)                         

Apr.   4    Van Windle,                      (blank)
            Lattaman, Lizzie                 (blank)                         

May   23    Lovegrove, Isaac                 (blank)
            Faulkner, Bessie                 (blank)                         

Oct.        Welch, Howard                    (blank)
            Root, Etta                       (blank)                         

Oct.   9    Biddle, Walter                   (blank)
            Blanchfleld, Della               (blank)                         

Nov.   6    Rogers, Nathaniel H.             (blank)
            Durham, Emma J.                  (blank)                         

Nov.  19    Philip, Milliam J.               Easton, Md.
            Carrow, Ernie V.                 Easton, Md.                                                                               

Nov.  22    Burris, Isaac M.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Conner, Bertha                   Smyrna, Del.


July   9    Malcom, Frank T.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Lewis, Irma K.                   Smyrna, Del.                    

July  27    Blackiston, William              Wilmington, Del.
            Legg, Arnice                     Smyrna, Del.                    


Feb.   4    Fute, William B.                 (blank)
            Curlott, Amra A.                 (blank)                                  

Feb.  23    Collins, John J.                 (blank)
            Gardner, Carrie                  (blank)                                  

Apr.  13    Faries, Gilbert S.               (blank)
            Price, Bertha J.                 (blank)                                  

Aug.   1    Rawley, Allen, Jr.               Kent County, Del.
            Slaughter, Ethel                 (blank)                                  

Nov.   4    Keeler, Earl J.                  Reading, Pa.
            Price, Arma C.                   (blank)

Dec.  15    Morris, Jacob                    Lewes, Del.
            Hynson, Arimimta                 Lewes, Del.                                                                               

Dec.  19    Hoffecker, Robt. D.              Smyrna, Del.
            Dick, Frances Edna               Smyrna, Del.                   


Feb.  22    Lawrence, Vandora                (blank)
            Bedwell, Lillie V.               (blank)                                 

Feb.  23    Griffin, Chas. M.                Smyrna, Del.
            Sherwood, Ethel E.               Smyrna, Del.                                                                               

Apr.   3    Jefferson, J. Ralph              (blank)
            Truax, Mary Russet               (blank)                                  


Mar.        Diehl, Albert C.                 New Castle Co., Del.
            Raney Isabella                   Denver                          

            Alpheus S. Mowbray, Minister                                        

July  20    Richards, Edward F.              Smyrna, Del.
            Frazier, Lillian                 Smyrna, Del.                   

Aug.  14    Simpson, Edward                  Kent Co., Del.
            Carlyle, Mary                    Kent Co., Del.                  

Aug,  20    Riggs, Nathaniel                 Dover, Del.
            White, Mary Emma                 Smyrna, Del.                    

Sept.  3    Lawton, Frederick C.             Hartley, Del.
            Tharp, Katie L                   Hartley, Del.                   

Sept. 10    Mowbray, Edwin S.                Porto Rico
            Crawford, Helen                  Wilmington Del.                 

Oct.  26    Melvin, James F.                 Kent County, Del.
            Tharp, Bertie                    Caroline Co., Md.

Nov.  10    Connors, James F.                New Castle Co., Del.
            Gorman, Aira M.                  Kent County, Del.               


Feb.  11    Boyer, Arthur M.                 Smyrna,Del.
            Moore, Ella R.                   Smyrna, Del.

            R. K. Stephenson, Minister                                         

July  13    Reed, George W.                  Delaware
            Davis, Laura E.                  (blank) 

            Wm. D. Parry, Minister                                             

Dec.  16    Jackson, R. Clarence             Maryland
            Cohee, Addle                     Maryland


Feb.  22    Reed, Walter O.                  Delaware
            Sherwood, Sarah E.               Delaware                        

Apr.  24    Jones, Howard Roberts            Delaware
            Richards, Hattie West            Delaware                        

June   1    Deakyne, Walter G.               Delaware
            Webster, Anna A.                 Pennsylvania                    

July   4    Griffin, John S., Jr.            Delaware
            Pratt, Emma M.                   Delaware                        

Dec.  10    Price, George R.                 Delaware
            Robinson, Mabel Patience         Delaware                        


Oct.  14    Swain, Charles B.                Delaware
            Huggins, Lillian B.              Delaware                        

Oct.  30    Ford, Elwood L.                  Delaware
            Henderson, Mary E.               Delaware

            C. W. Prettyman, Minister                                          

Nov.   4    Terrell, George F.               Delaware
            Marsh, Bessie E.                 Delaware                        

Dec.  31    Baxter, Edward Mason             Maryland
            Kemp, Mary Effie                 Delaware


Jan.  31    Carey, Clyde                     Delaware
            Jess, Charlotte                  Delaware                        

Mar.  10    Ross, Herman A.                  Delaware
            Coverdale, Ella                  Delaware                                

Mar.  14    Armstrong, Clarence              Delaware
            Riggs, Jennie D.                 Delaware                        

Mar.  21    Pleasanton, Clarence             Delaware
            Bennett, Bessie M.               Delaware                        

Oct.   2    Fowler, E. Massiott              Delaware
            Cloud, Laura L.                  Delaware
Oct.  25    Hevalow, Harry                   Delaware
            Burris, Maud                     Delaware                        

Nov.  25    Jones, William Nolan             Delaware
            Lewis, Blanche C.                Delaware

Dec.  16    Mannon, Wilson Cummins           Delaware
            Carey, Emma C.                   Delaware

Dec.  23    Short, Floyd                     Delaware
            Foraker, Edith                   Delaware                         


Jan.  27    Wright, Adelbert                 Delaware
            Fries, Ella May                  Delaware                         

Apr.  24    Eaton, Clarence J.               Canada
            Harman, Blanche F.               Delaware                         

June   3    Shahan, Milville                 Delaware
            Brown, Gertrude                  Delaware                         

June  29    Williams, George H.              Delaware
            Dickerson, Bessie                Delaware                         

Nov.  14    Godwin, John T.                  Delaware
            Green, Emma J.                   Delaware                         


Jan.   4    Price, Warner W.                 Delaware
            Hudson, Mildred F.               Delaware                         


            George C. Williams--Minister

June  17    Faries, William R.               Delaware
            Yates, Georgia B.                Delaware                         

Aug.  12    Dyer, John H.                    Delaware
            Tharp, Myrtle E.                 Delaware                         

Oct.  10    Harford, Marise B.               New Jersey
            Potter, Marsia V.                Maryland                         

Oct.  14    Unruh, Clarence M.               Delaware 
            Reynolds, Rosa                   Delaware                         

Nov.  16    Myers, Arthur                    Delaware
            Getty, Mabel                     Delaware                         


Apr.  11    Dove, John W.                    Delaware
            Pinder, Margaret J.              Delaware                         

Apr.  28    Wilds, James L.                  Delaware
            Ennis, Mary Elizabeth            Delaware                         

May   19    Ayres, Lewis F.                  Maryland
            Maloney, Georgia P.              Maryland                         

June  16    Greene, Irving H.                Delaware
            Archer, Hila A.                  Delaware                         

June  26    Bedwell, George Clayton          Delaware
            Ennis, Edith May                 Delaware                         

Sept. 22    Murray, Frank E. P.              Delaware
            Cox, Lydia                       Delaware                         

Dec.  15    Ennis, William C.                Delaware
            Jones, Florence M.               Delaware


Jan.   1    Ennis, Creadick S.               Delaware
            Deakyne, Dorcas B.               Delaware                         

Feb.   5    Thompson, George W.              Pennsylvania
            Best, Jennie M~                  Delaware                         

June   1    Cooper, Benjamin R.              Maryland
            Cohee, Della F.                  Delaware                         

June   2    McClain, James L.                Delaware
            Austin, Mamie                    Delaware                         

Nov.  30    Walker, Charles I.               Delaware
            Alfree, Helen G.                 Delaware                         


Jan.  18    Snow, Jackson, Jr.               Delaware
            Mannon, Elsie Lank               Delaware                         

Feb.   1    Shorts, Willard Salisbury        Delaware
            Slaughter, Anna May              Delaware                         

Mar.  15    Reyneau, Charles E. A.           Delaware
            Breading, Laura Jane             Delaware                         

Apr.   3    Habbersett, Joshua W.            Pennsylvania
            Bramble, Katherine F.            Maryland  

            Ransom, P. Nichols--Minister                                      

May   17    Bailey, Harry                    Delaware
            Farina, Margaret J.              Delaware                         

Sept. 14    Cox, William Thomas              Delaware
            Walls, Daisy Belle               Delaware                         

Oct.  11    Nowland, William T.              Delaware
            Jones, Helen O.                  Delaware                         

Oct.  15    Rutan, Paul J.                   Delaware
            Walls, Margaret                  Delaware                         

Nov.  13    Roosevelt, Warren G.             Delaware
            Ferguson, Ella                   Delaware                         

Dec.   5    James, Earl                      Delaware
            Blanchfield, Ida May             Delaware                         

Dec.  28    Heveun, William                  Delaware
            Carrow, Sadie                    Delaware                                                                               


Apr.  24    Nelson, Leonard                  Delaware
            Johnson, Ethel                   Delaware                         

Oct.   2    Hooper, Raymond T.               Delaware
            Jacobs, Pearl H.                 Delaware                         

Oct.   4    Hunking, ~Albert E.              Canada
            Graham, Eva                      Delaware                         

Nov.  20    Faries, Ralph G.                 Delaware
            Hudson, M. Helen                 Delaware                         

Nov.  16    Johnson, Edward F.               Maryland
            Price, Katherine                 Delaware                         

Nov.  27    Budd, Elmer                      Delaware
            Marker, Myrtle                   Delaware                         

Dec.  30    Stevens, F. Earl                 Maryland
            Wheatman, Mildred E.             Delaware


Jan.  26    Austin, Elmer                    Delaware
            Bratton, Grace                   Delaware                         

Feb.  28    Rose, Presley                    Delaware
            Hurd, Anna                       Delaware                         

Mar.   1    McNatt, Clarence                 Delaware
            Cruson, Edna                     Delaware                         

June  24    Robinson, Orris G.               Maryland
            Medders, Dorothy                 Maryland

Aug.  20    Farrow, Edgar F.                 Delaware
            Sapp, Lida Rebecca               Delaware

Sept. 10    Murphy, John F.                  Delaware
            Shaw, Jennie E.                  Delaware

Sept. 30    Klund, Willard F.                Delaware
            Moyer, Mary F.                   Delaware

Oct.  13    Mabrey, Walter                   Delaware
            Bedwell, Maud                    Delaware

Nov.   9    Fox, William J.                  Delaware
            Short, Blanche H.                Delaware

Nov.  26    Moore, J. Roy                    Delaware
            Guiser, Anna E.                  Delaware                                                                           


Jan.  14    Cole, Leroy                      Delaware
            Voss, Ida M. L.                  Delaware                        

Apr.  16    Goldsborough, Joseph C.          Delaware
            Cummins, Florence R.             Delaware                        

June  24    Covey, Kenneth S.                Pennsylvania
            Cooper, Mary B.                  Delaware                        

Aug.  23    Watson, William A., Jr.          Delaware
            Fenemore, Ethel                  Delaware.                       

Sept.  9    Heyd, Paul Vincent               Washington, D.C.
            Postles, Margaret Davis          Delaware                        

Sept.  9    Hudson, Clifford                 Delaware
            Wick, Irene                      Delaware 

            John J. Bunting, Minister                                        

Nov.  19    Morris, Elmer Denney             Delaware
            Swarthley, Ida Florence          Pennsylvania                    

Dec.  21    Dunning, Arley                   Delaware
            Pearson, Laura May               Delaware                        


Jan. 17     Foraker, John                    Delaware
            Collins, Kate E.                 Delaware                        

Feb.  28    Short, Norman D.                 Delaware
            Morgan. Blanche M.               Delaware                        

Mar.  31    Pyle, W. A. Faries               New Jersey
            Wallen, Ruth S.                  Delaware                        

Apr.  28    Slaughter, John Reed             Delaware
            Watson, Elizabeth Cole           Delaware                        

May   12    Thompson, Roland R.              Delaware
            Rash, Alice May                  Delaware                        

Nov.  17    Ashbrook, William Benton         Delaware
            Roberts, Mary W.                 Delaware                        


Jan.  19    Sapp, Medford A.                 Delaware
            Davis, Clara E.                  Delaware                        

Mar.  12    Slaughter, Gove D.               Delaware
            Pratt, Hilda B.                  Delaware                        

Dec.   9    Morris, Sidney                   Delaware
            Morris, Wallie Walls             Delaware                        


Feb.  25    Nelson, August Carl              Delaware
            Johnson, Catherine M.            Delaware                        

Feb.  25    Shahan, Dawson                   Delaware
            McNatt, Nora                     Delaware 

            R. K. Stephenson, Minister

Apr.  11    Shawn, Charles W.                Maryland
            Satterfield, Ruth E.             Maryland                        

May   28    Maag, Frank                      Delaware
            Hammond, Virginia H.             Delaware                        

July  27    Faries, Joseph Wells             Delaware
            Knotts, Cathryn                  Delaware                        

Aug.  15    Sheldon, Mark W.                 Delaware
            Johnson, Mildred R.              Delaware                        

Sept. 12    Manlove, Harry E.                Delaware
            Barnes, Helen K.                 Delaware                        

Sept. 13    Dear, Harry Thomas               Delaware
            Collins, Alice Clara             Delaware                        

Sept. 23    Wallace, Walter                  Delaware
            Morris, Bessie                   Delaware                        

Nov.  19    Scotten, James Lester            Delaware
            Hudson, Elizabeth Roberts        Delaware                        


Feb.   6    Davis, Andrew J., Jr.            Delaware
            Wilson, Tressa                   Delaware                        

Mar.   6    Donovan, Roy E.                  Delaware
            Reihm, Nora M.                   Delaware                        

Sept.  6    VanHorn, Walter N.               Pennsylvania
            Shipley, Doris                   Pennsylvania                    

Sept. 16    George, William F.               Delaware
            Simpler, Myrtle                  Delaware                        

Oct.  20    Heverin, Sidney G.               Delaware
            Blandsfield, Ada V.              Delaware                        

Dec.  23    Savin, Howard                    Delaware
            O'Neal, Myrtle                   Delaware                        


June  25    Money, Howard B.                 Delaware
            Denney, Catharyne                Delaware                        

Oct.  27    Bedwell, Ervin                   Delaware
            Lightcap, Mary E.                Delaware                        



Jan.  21    Ley, Herbert                     Delaware
            Gooss, Gladys                    Delaware                        

Feb.  12    Hesser, George, Jr.              Pennsylvania
            McCain, Helen E.                 Pennsylvania                    

Oct.  25    David, John N.                   Delaware
            Christfer, Leona                 Delaware                        

Nov.  1O.   Garrison, Thomas D.              Delaware
            Evans, Clara S.                  Maryland                        

Dec. 9      Staats, Anderson Ford            Delaware
            Robinson, Mary H.                Delaware                        



Jan.   2    Tunis, William H.                Delaware
            Merritt, Laura V.                Delaware                        

Apr.  10    Williams, Benj. W.               Delaware
            Truax, Gladys W.                 Delaware
             Essell P. Thomas, Minister                                    

Apr.  27     Moore, Frank Edmond             Delaware
             Cochran, Florence Eva           Delaware                      

June  26.    Jones, Willard H.               Delaware
             Hollett, Katherine T.           Delaware                      

June  29     Wright, George Stanley          Pennsylvania
             Taylor, Beulah E.               Delaware                      

July  11     Wright, David F.                Delaware
             Virdin, Helen L.                Delaware                      

Oct.  24     Buselmeyer, Alexander O.        Maryland
             Shapley, Helen E.               Delaware                      

Nov.  10     Collins, John W.                Delaware
             Hatfield, Helena D.             Delaware                      

Nov.  13     Spencer, Charles                Delaware
             Golt, Grace                     Delaware                      

Nov.  23     Turner, George W.               Delaware 
             Starkey, Bessie E.              Delaware                      


Jan.  29     Hoffecker, Walter O.            Delaware
             Stevenson, Emma F.              Delaware   

Apr.  27     Cochran, Irving                 Maryland
             Short, Minnie                   Delaware                      

Aug.  26     Spencer, John                   Delaware
             Darrell, May                    Delaware                      

Sept. 23     Carter, Marion John             Pennsylvania
             Jago, Mildred                   Pennsylvania                  

Oct.   8     Tucker, James S.                Delaware
             Hick, Julia                     Delaware                      

Oct.  12     Burris, Norman                  Delaware
             Lowman, Mary E                  Delaware                      

Oct.  18     Brittingham, Ephriam D.         Delaware
             Woolfirth, Cathrine F.          Delaware                      

Oct.  25     Jackson, Stephen F.             Delaware
             Walker, Emma S.                 Delaware                      

Nov.   8     Thompson, Edward                Delaware
             Morris, Hilda                   Delaware                      

Nov.  25     Downs, Robert H.                Delaware 
             Adams, Marie                    Delaware                      


Jan.  19     Cole, Robert D.                 Delaware
             McNatt, Dorothy                 Delaware                      

Feb.   6     Virdin, Harry                   Delaware
             Bennett, Elizabeth              Delaware                      

Feb.  21     Staats, William B.              Delaware
             Hammond, Mabel                  Delaware                      

Mar.  21     Walls, Edward G.                Delaware
             Walls, Fannie D.                Maryland                      

Mar.  29     Stewart, Walter L.              Delaware
             King, Hazel                     Delaware                      

June   6     Short, Foster D.                Delaware
             Short, Evelyn N.                Delaware                      

June  24     Knight, Edward F.               Pennsylvania
             Boggs, Pauline                  Delaware                      

Oct.  11     Thompson, Dallas                Delaware
             Lowe, Edna M.                   Delaware                      

Dec.  16     Hurd, Carl                      Delaware
             Burrows, Elizabeth              Delaware                      


May    4     Virdin, James                   Delaware
             Shahe, Mary                     Delaware                      

May   19     Pappas, George W.               Delaware
             Willey, Margaret                Delaware                      

June  10     Naylor, William B.              Delaware
             McClain, Viola M.               Delaware                      

Sept.  1     Hick, Charles J.                Pennsylvania
             Mason, M. Phylis                Delaware                      

Sept. 14     Lawrence, William J.            Delaware
             Donovan, Sallie A.              Delaware                      

Dec.  28     Tish, Isaac, Jr.                Pennsylvania
             Marshall, Helen E.              Pennsylvania                  


Feb.   2     Mumfórd, William                Delaware
             Smith, Emma                     Delaware

             John L. Johnson, Minister                                     

Sept.  1     Petts, Clayton                  Delaware
             Davis, Mildred                  Delaware                      

Sept. 16     Bratton, Roul M.                Delaware
             Gearhart, Jeannette E.          Delaware                      

Sept. 29     Attix, Oscar                    Delaware
             Clough, Kathryn B.              Delaware


Feb.  22     George, Albert T.               Delaware
             Buckson, Frances                Delaware                      

Mar.  31     Brothers, Andrew J.             Delaware
             Sapp, Margaret H.               Delaware                      

Apr.  16     Heinold, Edgar T.               Delaware
             Ross, Melba A.                  Delaware                      

Apr.  20     Gove, Edgar W.                  Delaware
             Wallace, Mattie Louise          Delaware                      

Apr.  28     Burris, Woodrow                 Delaware
             Melvin, Blanch '                Delaware                      

June  17     Miller, Earl                    Delaware
             Everett, Jeannett               Delaware                      

July  28     Steller, Henry J.               Delaware
             McClain, Margaret               Delaware                      

Oct.   4     Owens, Charles A.               Delaware
             Corley, Laura A.                Delaware                      

Nov.   3     VanHorn, Melvin E.              Delaware
             Shelton, Emma H.                Delaware                      

Dec.  15     Marvel, Woodrow W.              Delaware
             Bradley, Virginia H.            Delaware


Mar.  23     Rash, Frank M.                  Delaware
             Baggs, Edith                    Delaware                      

May   16     Lurty, Gilbert Faries           Delaware
             Wallace, Florence Hanna         Delaware                      

July  17     Hodgson, Jonathan               Maryland
             Hoffecker, Margaret L.          Delaware

July  20    Price, Richard C.                Delaware
            Slaughter, Margaret L.           Delaware 

1936 - 1942 MISSING



            Robert E. Green, Minister                                                  

June  19    Workman, Ralph D.                Delaware
            Dickson, Helen Louise            Delaware                                  

June  20    Harvath, Frank J.                Delaware
            Cole, Fay Marie                  Delaware                                  

July  24    Young, Ralph J.                  Delaware
            Ruble, Stella Mae                Delaware                                  

Aug.   5    Ganelly, Kenneth Thomas          Massachusetts
            Browning, Beatrice               Delaware                                  

Aug.  11    McErlaine, Joseph                Pennsylvania
            Weighland, Catherine Marie       Delaware                                  

Aug.  19    Bleckman, Murray                 Delaware
            Harrington, Florence             Delaware                                                                                       

Aug.  21    Reed, Gilmore J.                 Middletown, Del.
            Rash, Susan Rebecca              Middletown, Del.                          

Sept. 15    Morris. Clifford D.              Clayton. Del.
            Heverin, Frances Louise          Clayton. Del.                             

Sept. 20    Harris, William Wright           Smyrna, Del.
            Gwynn, Dorothy F.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.   9    Pyle, Joseph B.                  Townsend, Del.
            Edward, Mary E                   Massey, Md.                               

Nov.  14    Alexander, Herbert J.            Clayton, Del.
            Hurd, June Pauline               Cecilton, Md.                             

Nov.  20    Jackson, Thomas Guessford        Clayton, Del.
            Thompson, Mary Ella              Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  24    Webber, James Paul               Townsend, Del.
            Ashworth, Edna Elsie             Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.  24    Hutchins, Thomas Herbert         Wyoming Del.
            Boyer, Cora Marie               Townsend, Del.                            

Dec.  25    Slaughter, Lee Fleetwood         Smyrna, Del.
            Boyer, Edna Barbara              Smyrna, Del.                              


Feb.  15    Reynolds, Alan Thomas            Dover, Del.
            Ford, Frances Virginia           Dover, Del.                               

Feb.  26    Meisler, James Taylor            Lewes, Del.
            Bell, Mary Emma                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.   4    Burris, Charles                  Smyrna, Del.
            Turner, Dorothy                  Smyrna, Del.                              

June        Campbell, Coy                    Lewes, Del.
            Roeve, Helen Elizabeth           Smyrna, Del.                              

June   8    Reed, Charles Thomas             Cheswold, Del.
            Durham, Dona (sic-is Iona)       Cheswold, Del.                            

July  30    Rust, Howard Edward              Woodside, Del.
            Shuster, Mary E.                 Harrington, Del.                          

Aug.   5    Nowland, William Howard          Smyrna, Del.
            Farrow Jean Anne                 Townsend, Del.                            

Aug.   6    Smith, Robert Heil               Wilmington, Del.
            Willey, Harriett A.              Clayton, Del.                             

Aug.  14    Garrison, Elbert Wingate         Dover, Del.
            Kirby, Ruth Gene                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  18    Harrington,Shelby W.             Smyrna, Del.
            Pratt, Dorothy Mae               Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept. 28    Burris, Walter                   Smyrna, Del.
            Blanchfield, Ann Elizabeth       Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.  28    Robinson, John                   Clayton.Del.
            Stone, Minnie Lee                Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  24    Cox, Lee Robert                  Harrington, Del.
            Barlow, Pauline                  Harrington, Del.                          

Dec.   1    Vey, Lee Medford                 Washington, D.C.
            Gray, Margaret                   (blank)                                   

Dec.  10    Daniels, Albert Kemp             Middletown, Del.
            Barlow, Elizabeth                Newark, Del.                              

Dec.  13    Dolbey, Howard J.                Minnesota 
            Smith, Doris Phyllis             Smyrna, Del.                              


Jan.  23    Pierce, Robert E.                Wilmington, Del.
            Craig, Sheila                    Bellefonte, Del.                          

Jan.  23    Foraker, Ray Jeff                Blackbird, Del.
            Shockley, Emma Sheperd           Clayton, Del.                             

Jan.  24    Melvin, John Sylvester           Smyrna, Del.
            Leager, Ethel Marie              Smyrna, Del.                              

            W. L Beckwith, Pastor                                                      

Jan.  28    Baker, Vernon                    Mlllsboro, Del.
            Williams, Harriett               Millsboro, Del.

            Robert E. Green, Minister

Feb.  25    Callias, Lewes                   Townsend, Del.
            Coleuenei, Goldie E.             Smyrna, Del.                              

Feb.  25    Bailey, Russel                   Townsend, Del.
            Boyles, Edna M.                  Townsend, Del.                            

Mar.  22    Griffin, John S., III            Smyrna, Del.
            Davidson, Ruth Jean              Middletown, Del.                          

Mar.  23    Yeatts, Norman H.                Upper Darby, Pa.
            Wolfe, Eunice Evans              Philadelphia, Pa.                         

Mar.  31    Hoffecker, James                 Smyrna, Del.
            Sherwood, Mabel D.               Smyrna, Del.                              

May         Byrd, Fred                       Douglas, Ga.
            Hartnett, Marie                  Smyrna, Del.                              

June        Remees, Oakland C.               Camden, Del.
            Pettit, Ina Mae Ellen            East Hartford, Conn.                      

June   9    Warrington, Francis, Jr.         Rehoboth, Del.
            Powell, Hilda                    Rehoboth, Del.                            

Ju1.   6    Bisanti, Paul                    Jersey City, N.J.
            Gearhart, Miriam M.              Smyrna, Del.                              

July  11    Walker, John Cooper              Smyrna, Del.
            Pratt. Sarah G.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.   8    Richardson, Robert A.            Middletown, Del.
            Jones, Charlene Leona            Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept. 26    Naylor, Robert Franklin          Townsend, Del.
            Guessford, Pearl May             Middletown, Del.                          

Nov.   2    Peterson, Robert                 Chicago, Illinois 
            Shanahan, Isdina                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.   3    Ford, Edgar Allen                Kenton, Del.
            Downs, Mary Hester               Kenton, Del.                              

Nov.   7    Truax, John Fletcher             Smyrna, Del.
            Slaughter Edna M.                (blank)

Nov.   9    Lane, Ortha William              Kenton, Del.
            Yokem, Edna Mary                 Townsend, Del.

Nov.  15    Honey, Cookman Freeland          Smyrna, Del.
            Blanchfield, Beulah May          Townsend, Del. 

Dec.  15    Edmondson, Wm. Alfred            Smyrna, Del.
            Springer, Margaret Jane          Wilmington, Del.


Feb.  13    Foraker, Millard                 Smyrna, Del.
            Shockley, Mary E.                Clayton, Del.

Feb.  21    Berry, Delbert Rash              Dover, Del.
            Williams, Ruth Faries            Smyrna, Del.

Mar.  23    Gearhart, Wm. C.                 Elsmere, Del.
            Sartin, Betty V.                 Middletown, Del.

Mar.  31    McClain, Wm. T.                  Wyoming, Del.
            Daniels, Ruth V.                 Smyrna, Del. 

Apr.  20    Marshall, Everett J.             Smyrna, Del.
            Williamson, Eugenia              Smyrna, Del.

Apr.  22    Steller, Louis                   Smyrna, Del.
            Taylor, Edith                    Smyrna, Del.

May    9    Anderson, Robert F.              Blackbird, Del.
            Woosley, Virginia                Smyrna, Del.

June   1    Davis, Leland M.                 Clayton, Del.
            Nowland, Eleanor G.              Smyrna, Del.

June  12    Moore, Robert                    Smyrna, Del.
            Sammons, Louise M.               Smyrna, Del.

June  22    Anderson, Joseph A.              Townsend, Del.
            Clements, Corene D.              Smyrna, Del.                            

June  29    Steele, Rodney                   New Castle, Del.
            Burge, Jane                      Smyrna, Del.                             

Aug.   8    Sikker, Joseph Wright "          Milford, Del.
            Raughley, Carolyn Anela          Milford, Del.                             

Sept. 27    Hunlock, Henry L.                Clayton, Del.
            Justice Geraldine                Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  23    Kohont, Frank, Jr.               Hartley, Del.
            Shahan, Florence                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  24    Price, Charles, Jr.              Harrington, Del.
            Harrison, Ida Mae                Harrington, Del.                          

Dec.   1    Smith, Nelsen                    Greenwood, Del.
            Meadows, Delores                 Conshohocken, Pa.                         

Dec.  11    Budd, Elmer R.                   Smyrna, Del.
            Crawford, Gertrude               Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.  24    Davis, Richard C.                Smyrna, Del.
            Harrington, Violet Mae           Townsend, Del.                            

Dec.  26    Slacum, Eugene                   Dover, Del.
            Short, Lievia                    Dover, Del.


Feb.   1    Wright, Geo. D.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Morris, Josephine Eleanor        Leipsic, Del.

Feb.  22    Shores, Payton                   Street, Md.
            Bryles, Irelia B.                Street, Md.          

Apr.   5    Foxwell, Calvin                  Smyrna, Del.
            White, Dorothy V.                Smyrna, Del.        

Apr.   5    Scotton, Spencer                 Kenton, Del.
            Dunning, Bertha Mae              Kenton, Del.                              

Apr.  19    Smith, Kenneth                   Smyrna, Del.
            Ennis, Elizabeth Jane            Smyrna, Del.                              

June   7    Hegesi, Louise                   Marydel, Md.
            Shawl, Alice                     Smyrna, Del.

June  27    Gaulke, Beverly T.               Smyrna, Del.
            Young, Ruth F.                   Smyrna, Del.            

Sept.  6    Hufschmidt, Charles              Smyrna, Del.
            Pyle, Doris Louise               Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.  11    McNatt, Lloyd Daniel             Smyrna, Del.
            Heverin, Betty Louise            Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.   9    LaSpino, James                   Wilmington, Del.
            Burris, Mary                     Wilmington, Del.                          

Nov.  12    Vaughn, James T.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Harris, Sylvia                   Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  25    Woodley, Chas. F.                Little Creek, Del.
            Slaughter, Georgia L.            Little Creek, Del.                        

Nov.  26    Brittingham, Joseph C.           Smyrna, Del.
            Bush, Betty Lee                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  26    Rowlinson, Edward Nodal          Clayton, Del.
            Burris, Alice Anna               Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.  20    Hogg, Alvin Geo.                 Philadelphia, Pa.
            Rudelkiewicz, Lena               Philadelphla, Pa.


May    1    Harris, Fred, Jr.                Smyrna, Del.
            Chapman, Dixie                   Smyrna, Del. 

May   15    Brittingham, Franklin            Lewes, Del.
            Cook, Mildred V.                 Lewes, Del.

            W. L Beckwith, Pastor                                                      

July  17    Beck,Harry R.                    Clayton,Del.
            Piper, Priscilla C.              Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept.  3    Rash, Nelson W.                  Cheswold, Del.
            Jarman, Edith B.                 Clayton, Del.                             

Sept.  4    Roe, Herman R.                   Magnolia, Del.
            Myers, Anna Elizabeth            Dover, Del.                               

Oct   16    Dukes, Henry                     Townsend, Del.
            White, Frances                   Smyrna, Del.                              


Mar.   5    Carson, William J.               Clayton, Del.
            Truax, Jean                      Smyrna, Del.

Mar.  15    Elterich, George R.              Smyrna, Del.
            Clark, Margaret Lee              Smyrna, Del.                              

May   29    Pepper, John H. D.               Dover, Del.
            Maclary, Naomi                   Leipsic, Del.                             

June   8    Bjergoard, Magnus                Dover, Del.
            Holden, Elizabeth J.             Magnolia, Del.

June  18    Dunning, George A.               Kenton, Del.
            O'NeaI, Mary Maxine              Smyrna, Del.

July  30    Thompson, Arlie B.               Magnolia, Del.
            Roe, Henrietta                   Magnolia, Del.                            

Sept.  3    Wade, Willard                    Smyrna, Del.
            McKinley, Joyce F.               Arlington, Va.

Sept.  7    Ennis, Harry J.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Charles, Betty Lou               Clayton, Del.                             

Dec.  31    Scotton, Harry J.                Cheswold, Del.
            Reed Violet                      Cheswold, Del.
Dec.   24   McNatt, William                  Woodland Beach, Del.
            Simpson, Merion W.               Woodland Beach, Del.


Jan.   14   Davidson, Robert                 Smyrna, Del.
            Downs, Laura B.                  Smyrna, Del.

Jan.   16   McClements, Lawrence             Smyrna, Del.
            Jarman, Myrtle Mae               Clayton, Del.

Apr.   22   Newman, Robert                   Clayton, Del.
            Potter, Jacqueline               Smyrna, Del.

June    3   Cubbage, John N.,Jr.             Dover, Del.
            Clough, Bertha M.                Clayton, Del.

June    3   Keeler, Howard T.                Wyoming, Del.
            Brittingham, Norma K.            Smyrna, Del.

June   10   Shetzler, John C., Jr.           Townsend, Del.
            Burris, Frances E.               Smyrna, Del.

June   28   VanArsdell, Warren               Smyrna, Del.
            Robinson, Matilda                Smyrna, Del.

July   15   Johnson, Clarence J.             Townsend, Del.
            Russell, Catherine               Townsend, Del.

July   29   Ryan, F. Willis, Jr.             Smyrna, Del.
            Ingram, Katharine L.             Dover, Del.

Sept.   2   Minner, William H.,Jr.           Smyrna, Del.
            Shorts, Grace                    Smyrna, Del.        

Sept.  22   Pryor, Martin C.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Procko, Clara                    Smyrna, Del.

Sept.  30   Hamm, Henry S., Jr.              Dover, Del.
            Newcomb, M. Virginia             Smyrna, Del.

Nov.   10   Cook, John                       Clayton, Del.
            Listen, LaRue Marie              Wilmington, Del.                          

Dec.    2   Walker, John Paul                Smyrna, Del.
            Dixon, Ruth Ann                  Clayton, Del.                             


Feb.    3   VanSant, Donald                  Newark, Del.
            McGrath, Peggy Joyce             Smyrna, Del.

            W. L Beckwith & J. A. Trader, Pastor                                    

Mar.   24   Loreuzeu, James                  Magnolia, Del.
            Harrington, Betty Ann            Dover, Del.                               

Mar.   25   Cole, Vance Leroy                Smyrna, Del.
            Donavan, Alica Lorraine          Smyrna, Del.                                                                                       

Apr.    7   Ford, James R                    Kenton, Del.
            Faries, Catharyn Marie           Smyrna, Del.                              

May    19   Wainwright, Russell              Claymont, Del.
            Knotts, Elizabeth Anne           Smyrna, Del.                              

June    2   Sandberg, Raymond J.             Smyrna, Del.
            Garreu, Elizabeth                Traynor, Pa.                              

June   16   Burge, Harold L.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Shahau, Elizabeth L.             Townsend, Del.                            

Sept.  21   Handsberry, Eugene B.            Leipsic, Del.
            Snow, Jean                       Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept.  22   Savage, Floyd R.                 Rehoboth, Del.
            David, Shirley Ann               Townsend, Del.                            

Oct.   20   Frey, Walter F.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Moor, Mary E.                    Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.   14   Robinson, Alden F.               Smyrna, Del.
            Ballard, Jennine A.              Clayton, Del.                             

Dec.   15   Reed, Harold I.                  Elsmere, Del.
            Leihy, Edna J.                   Wilmington, Del.


Apr.   12   Birchall, Harry                  Wayne, Pa.
            McNee, Patricia                  Claymont, Del.                            

Apr.   17   Moffitt, Martin E.               Clayton, Del.
            Spence, Sarah M.                 Townsend, Del.                            

Apr.   19   Keiser, William T.               Townsend, Del.
            Bamberger, Anna V.               Smyrna, Del.                              

May     3   Strimel, Jack C.                 Cheswold, Del.
            Knotts, Anna M.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

May    14   Dell, Oliver C.                  Philadelphia, Pa.
            Gotthardt                        Philadelphia, Pa.                         

May    29   Hurst, Clarence                  Dover, Del.
            Gardner, Ella M.                 Townsend, Del.                            

June    9   Smith, Albert H.                 Cambridge, Md.
            Hurley, Billie A.                Cambridge, Md.                            

Sept.   3   Wade, Charles F.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Berry, Charlotte                 Reading, Pa.                              

Dec.    3   Newman, Ralph R.                 Dover AFB, Del.
            Jarman, Betty S.                 Smyrna, Del.                              


Feb.    7   Brennan, Howard J.               Clayton, Del.
            Hammond, Jeanette M.             Clayton, Del.                             

Mar.   14   Leager, James F., Jr.            Kenton, Del.
            Tribbett, Addie M.               Millington, Md.                           

Apr.   17   Middleton, James                 Smyrna, Del.
            Maier, Ada                       Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.    9   Handsberry, Richard              Leipsic, Del.
            Deakyne, Joanne                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.   16   Nabb, Charles E.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Slaughter, Virginia A.           Elkton, Md.                               

Apr.   25   Cook, Walter W.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Burge, Dorothy E.                Smyrna, Del.                              

June    6   Pinder, James O.                 Kenton, Del.
            Connell, Carolin P.              Kenton, Del.                              

June   13   Shortt, Harry R.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Slaughter, Doris                 Smyrna, Del.                              

June   27   Lesenski, Tony                   Blackbird, Del.
            Ebright, Eva                     Port Penn, Del.                           

July   18   Walker, Roger                    West Peru, Maine
            Burge, Helen                     Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.    1   Stant, Samuel                    Dover, Del.
            Johnson, Virginia                Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.    1   Apgar, Arnold                    Townsend, Del.
            Burriss, Florence                Townsend, Del.                            

Sept.  25   Jarrell, Harry A., Jr            Wilmington, Del.
            Leiby Vannetta G.                Wilmington, Del.                          

Oct.   24   Scotton, Carl                    Kenton, Del.
            Davis, Nancy L.                  Clayton, Del.                             

Nov.   21   Mathewson, James P.              WilmIngton, Del.
            Hayes, Nancy E.                  Wilmington, Del.

Dec.   12   Knotts, Donald A.                Smyrna, Del.
            Johnson, Ruth E.                 Smyrna, Del.
 Dec.  26   McNeil, Russell P                Dover Del.
            Bodley, Sally Eloise             Smyrna, Del. 


Jan.   9    Smith, Harry E.                  Golts, Md.
            Simpson, Elberta                 Clayton, Del.                             

Feb.  20    Scuse, Clarence, Jr.             Smyrna, Del.
            Burris, Joyce L.                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.   2    Nelson, Frank J.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Lane, Bertha M.                  Milford, Del.                             

Nov.   6    Harris, Charles J.               Smyrna, Del.
            Ballard, Barbara                 Clayton, Del.                             

Dec.  11    Pritchett, William E.            Townsend,~Del.
            Spence, Norma A.                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.  25    Knotts, Frank T.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Mayer, Betty J.                  Smyrna, Del.


Jan.  10    Higgings, Robert J.              Dover, Del.
            Henriques, Mary A.               Dover, Del.                               

Apr.   9    Caley, George L.                 Hartly, Del.
            Moffitt, Irene A.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  30    Snow, William Smithers           Smyrna, Del.
            Busker, Marlyn                   Smyrna, Del.                              

June   4    Dunning, Harvey                  Clayton, Del.
            Russum, Mary                     Chestertown, Md.                           

June  25    Hurd, Earl J.                    Clayton, Del.  
            Boithwick, June M.               Smyrna, Del.                              

July   2    Short, Arthur G.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Raughley, Elizabeth A.           Dover, Del.                               

July   7    Gray, James Leroy                Smyrna, Del.
            Alexander, Lillian M.            Kenton, Del.                              

Aug.  20    Seward, Carlton E.               Smyrna, Del.
            Baker, Shirley M.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept. 24    Poore, William D.                Smyrna, Del.
            Nowland, Helen A.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.   1    Clark, Bruce                     Kenton, Del.
            Ryan, Patricia A.                Smyrna, Del.

Nov.  11    Reese, Harlyn E.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Truax, Avis                      Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  26    Ramsey, Walter J.                Smyrna, Del.
            Dixon, Janis A.                  Clayton, Del.                             

Dec.  17    Everett, James L                 Clayton, Del.
            Johnson, Margorie A.             Smyrna, Del.                              


Mar.   2    Fox, C. Rodney                   Leipsic, Del.
            David, Mary                      Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar    3    Mathewson, Joseph                Wilmington, Del.
            DeCriscio, Marie                 Wilmington, Del.                          

Apr.   8    Robinson, Harmonson              Cheyney, Pa.
            Garrett, Clara V.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  29    Hawkins Joseph A.                Smyrna, Del.
            Pulley, Alice V.                 Wilmington, Del.                          

June  16    Harris, Earl G.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Boyer Charlotte A.               Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  31    Krabill, Melvin                  Dover, Del.
            Burris, Josephine                Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  31    Foraker, Robert A.               Port Penn, Del.
            Shetzler, Carolyn C.             Townsend, Del.                            

Sept.  7    Reed, Charles, Jr.               Townsend, Del.
            Kemp, Blanche                    Smyrna, Del.                              


Jan.  26    Darrell, George W., Jr.          Clayton, Del.
            Knotts, Nancy A.                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Feb.  14    Foraker, Edwin A.                Townsend, Del.
            Gibe, Pamela J.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Feb.  16    Doughten, William C.             Smyrna, Del.
            Shortt, Barbara M.               Smyrna, Del.                              

Feb.  28    Everett, George R., Jr.          Dover, Del.
            Wiest, Shirley A.                Hartly, Del.                              

Feb.  28    Radish, Herman M.                Dover, Del.
            Wlest, Dores A.                  Hartly, Del.                              

Mar.   2    Virdin, Harry A.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Ward, Ann D.                     Townsend, Del.                            

Mar.  16    Spence, John S.                  Townsend, Del.
            McVey, Mary Ann                  Ogletown, Del.                            

Mar.  23    Austin, James S.                 Townsend, Del.
            Hurd, Betty Lou                  Smymna, Del.                              

Apr.   7    Stevens, Ronald H.               Smyrna, Del.
            Liefer, Betty J.                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  10    Pulley, Bruce D.                 Stanton, Del.
            Sullivan, Joan                   Stanton, Del.

            W. H. Revelle, Pastor                                                      

July  27    Godley, Clipton E.               Taylors Bridge, Del.
            Hurd, Elizabeth A.               Taylors Bridge, Del.                      

Aug.  30    Ford, John L.                    Kenton, Del.
            Knotts, Rose M.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept.  7    Eierman, Walter E.               Townsend, Del.
            Dixon,Jean E.                    Clayton, Del.                             

Oct.   4    Cassell, Charles W.              Smyrna, Del.
            Dulin, Betty L.                  Smyrna, Del.               

Dec.  14    Hadley, Charles R.               Muskagee, Oklahoma
            Barnes, Patricia A.              Smyrna, Del.                              


Apr.  12    Blevins, James R.                Smyrna, Del.
            Rusby, Beverly J.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  19    Scuse, George E.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Stevens, Marjorie R.             Smyrna, Del.                              

May   31    Jacobs, Samuel R.                Smyrna, Del.
            Jarman, Kay N. A.                Smyrna, Del.                              

June  14    Seward, Wayne H.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Twilley, Evelyn O.               Smyrna, Del.                              

July   5    Simmonds, Robert C.              Baltimore, Md.
            Bartley, Barbara E.              Chestertown, Md.                          

Sept.  6    Dempsey, Charles C.              Dover, Del.
            David, Alice M.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept. 27    Case, Donald G.                  Townsend, Del.
            Teat, Alice M.                   Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept. 28    Moor, Alfred M.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Delauder, Barbara L              Dover, Del.

Nov.   1    Ennis, Richard E.                Smyrna, Del.
            Truax, Helen E.                  Dover, Del.                               

Nov.  21    Faulkner, James A.               Smyrna, Del.
            Webb, Dorothy C.                 Smyrna, Del.                              


Jan.  31    Denney, Oswald E.                Smyrna, Del.
            Lurty, Nancy G.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Feb.  14    Kessinger, Robert C.             Dover AFB, Del.
            Smith, Doris M.                  Smyrna, Del.

            W. L Beckwith, Pastor                                                      

Mar.   3    Eirman, William H.               Townsend, Del.
            Cook, Dorothy                    Clayton, Del. 

            W. H. Revelle, Pastor                                                      

Mar.  27    Clark, William W.                Middletown, Del.
            Anthony, Pauline,                Middletown, Del.                          

Apr.  11    Moore, Presley, E.               Smyrna, Del.
            Dixon, Beronica E.               Smyrna, Del. 

            J. Howard Link, Pastor                                                     

June  14    Steele, Hope H.                  Clayton, Del.
            Akin, Barbara                    Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.   4    Boone, George A.                 Frederica, Del.
            Fernold, Jane H.                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept.  4    Morrow, Sherman W.               Smyrna, Del.
            Cooke, Patrick                   Philadelphia, Pa.                         

Sept. 12    Staats, Herman                   Clayton, Del.
            Borthwick, Betty J.              Auburn, Maine                             

Sept. 25    Gray, Charles William            Smyrna, Del.
            Fritz, Verma Jane                Delaware                                  

Nov.   7    Truax, Frank V., Jr.             Smyrna Landing, Del.
            Pierson, Lorraine                Delaware                                  

Nov.  27    Bamberger, Robert                Smyrna, Del.
            Potter, Jacqueline               Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.  19    Anderson, James R.               Smyrna, Del.
            Montgomery, Dorothy              Smyrna, Del.


Jan.  30    Spencer, Harry                   Clayton, Del.
            Hawkins, Carolyn May,            Townsend, Del.                            

Feb.  20    Luff, Bart Townsend              Smyrna, Del.
            Faries, Donna Lee                Smyrna, Del.                             

Mar.  12    Smith, Bradford E.               Dover, Del.
            Pratt, Helen Marguerite          Kenton, Del.                              

Mar.  19    Hill, William Wa1ter Jr.         Smyrna, Del.
            Deamer, Barbara Jane             Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.  23    Burchard, Larry G.               Townsend, Del.
            Moore, Ruth Ann                  Smyrna, Del.                              

May    7    Alexander, George                Smyrna, Del.
            Whittington, Melinda Lee         Smyrna, Del.                              

May   16    Reynolds, Allen T.               Cheswold, Del.
            Cecil, Mary Emma                 Townsend, Del.                            

May   21    Davis, Allen Hutchinson          Hartly, Del.
            Knotts, Barbara Frances          Clayton, Del.                             

June  16    Hocker, Kendall Jas., III        Rehoboth, Del.
            Dukes, Barbara Ellen             Seaford, Del.                             

June  18    Austin, Wm. Howell               Townsend, Del.
            Rash, Judith Ann                 Smyrna, Del.                              

June  22    Bullock, William Howard          Smyrna, Del.
            Burris, Betty Eliz.              Blackbird, Del.                           

July  15    Potocki, Dominick                Smyrna, Del.
            Hopkins, Peggy Joyce             Smyrna, Del.                              

July  23    Bowers, Austin J.                Dayton, Del.
            Daniels, Betty L.                Fredericksburg, Va.                       

Aug.  19    Hudson, Kendall F.               Smyrna, Del.
            Biddle, Shirley A.               Townsend, Del.                            

Sept. 24    Ross, Victor A.                  Wyoming, Del.
            Poore, Sandra Lee                Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.   2    Smith, Eugene F.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Jacobs, Margaret A.              Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.  23    Donovan, Roy Edward, Jr.         Smyrna, Del.
            Pace, Carole June                Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.  29    Gray, Kenneth C.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Davis, Grace E.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  12    Hurd, Carl Wayne                 Smyrna, Del.
            Hall, Nancy Mae                  Smyrna, Del.                              


Jan.  13    McGuire, Lawrence B.             Columbus, Ohio
            Hurt, Haila Roxanne              Orlando, Florida                       

Feb.  14    Wood, Robert Alfred, Jr.         Dover, Del.
            Chambers, Ida Mae                Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.  25    Heinold, Gerald K.               Townsend, Del.
            Simpson, Rachel                  Clayton, Del.                             

Mar.  25    Freeman, Woodall H.              Dover, Del.
            Russum, Estella                  Dover, Del.                               

Mar.  30    Sangrey, Charles W.              Smyrna, Del.
            Ward, Sadie                      Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  15    Ware, James Edward               Dover, Del.
            Scuse, Margaret Ann              Smyrna, Del.                              

May   21    Heath, Harry                     Bethel
            Cleaver, Janet Louise            Clayton, Del.                             

June  10    Truax, James Clothier            Smyrna, Del.
            Scott, Nancy Ann                 (blank)                                   

June  23    Martin, Raymond                  Folcroft, Pa.
            Hinkley, Cora                    Frederica, Del.                           

July   7    Austin, Gene L.                  Townsend, Del.
            Gearhart, Mary Ann               Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.  14    Grace, Frederick Wm.             Bear
            Ellingsworth, Janice Irene       Clayton, Del.                             

Oct.  21    Nelson, Richard H.               Smyrna, Del.
            Hetzell, Janet M.                Middletown, Del.                          

Oct.  31    Roberts, Earle A., Jr.           Mt. Pleasant, Del.
            King, Darlene N.                 Stanton, Del.                             

Nov.   4    Tieman, Nelson Ralph             Smyrna, Del.
            Lucas, Linda Lee                 Wilmington, Del.                          

Nov.  18    Golt, Samuel James               Smyrna, Del.
            Steele, Margaret Ellen           Clayton, Del.                             

Nov.  25    Moore, Robert Lee                Smyrna, Del.
            Roe, Jacqueline K.               Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.   1    Shaw, John R.                    Glade Spring, Va.
            Carr, Mary Ann                   Smyrna, Del.
Dec.   1    Everett, James H.                Smyrna, Del.
            Nash, Annette L.                 Odessa, Del.

Dec.   9    Milstead, Clark J.               Columbus, Ohio
            David, Katherine Emily           Smyrna, Del.


Jan.   4    Hartnett, Geo. Lawrence          Smyrna, Del.
            Woods, Margaret Elizabeth        Smyrna, Del.                              

Jan.   6    McNatt, Clarence D.              Smyrna, Del.
            McNatt, Ruth E.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.   3    Koch, Paul Benjamin              Jefferson City, Mo.
            Peters, Stella Ellen             Washington, D.C.                          

Apr.   7    Pearce, Thomas Haines            Smyrna, Del.
            Alfree, Betty Jane               Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  20    Clarkson, Earl Noble IV          Dover, Del.
            Ross, Jonall Sandra              Dover, Del.                               

July  20"   Moore, Richard James             Dover, Del.
            Daisey, Sallie Ann               Smyrna, Del.                              

July  28    Webster, Arthur E.,              Smyrna, Del.
            Langrell, Wilhanna               Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  11    Grimminger, Alfred O.            Middletown, Del.
            McBrine, Mary Ann                Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept. 27    Wiest, Richard D.                Newark, Del.
            Stiffry, Mary Y.                 Stanton, Del.                             

Oct.  25    Seiber, Stanley D.               Binghamton, N.Y.
            Pierson, Betty F.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.  11    King, James M.                   Smyrna, Del.
            Fisher, Jean M.                  Paulsboro, N.J.                           


Jan.  19    Keeler, James Leon               Smyrna, Del.
            Turner, Sandra Lee               Clayton, Del.                             

Jan.  25    Davis, James W., III             Smyrna, Del.
            Goodman, Martha J.               Clayton, Del.                             

Feb.   1    Robinson, James Quimby           Smyrna, Del.
            Hurd, Mary Virginia              Clayton, Del.                             

Feb.   2    Coverdale, Richard N.            Newark, Del.
            Bush, Constance J.               Smyrna, Del.                              

June  23    Reed, Richard Earl               Townsend, Del.
            Downes, Carol Ann                Smyrna, Del.                              

June  28    Gallagher, Edw. L., Jr.          Ridgley, Md.
            Gilbert, Sue Elaine              Smyrna, Del.                              

June  29    Sylvester, James Franklin, Jr.   Blackbird, Del.
            LaSage, Adelene Jill             Smyrna, Del.                              

June  29    Handsberry, Richard              Smyrna, Del.
            Doughten, Patricia R.            Smyrna, Del.                              

July   6    Davis, John Wesley               Clayton, Del.
            Langrell, Georgia Ann            Smyrna, Del.                              


Jan.   8    Keller, Frank                    Smyrna, Del.
            Palmer, Dorothy V.               Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.  27    Davis, Earl Allen                Smyrna, Del.
            Long, Shirley Ann                Smyrna, Del.                              

June        Potter, Bruce Wm.                Smyrna, Del.
            Sanderson, Yvonne L.             Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.   6    Lenhoff, William E.              Smyrna, Del.
            Hoffheiser, Sharyl L.            Wilmington, Del.                          

Aug.  13    Miller, Donald Virdin            Kenton, Del.
            Biles, Sandie Sue                Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  20    Walton, Ralph A.                 Clayton, Del.
            Ferguson, Mary E.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept.       Flowers, Jack Bennett            Clayton, Del.
            Starkey, Mary Jane               Dayton, Del.                              

Sept.       Haas, James D.                   Smyrna, Del.
            Blow, Dorothy A.                 Smyrna, Del.                              


Jan.        Brown, Thomas A.                 Dover, Del.
            Marshall, Alice M.               Leipsic, Del.                             

Jan.        Singleton, Harvey T.             Dover, Del.
            Harvath, Linda L.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  10    Turcotte, Preston A.             North Reading, Mass.
            David, Virginia A.               Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  16    Knarr, Harry Dale                Sykesville, Pa.
            Roudeau, Donna Ethel             Smyrna, Del.                              

May   15    Dill, Roy David                  Harrington, Del.
            Moffitt, Patricia Ann            Smyrna, Del.                              

May   22    McClements, Earl                 Smyrna, Del.
            McGillivrey, Isla                Smyrna, Del.                              

May   30    Mills, Stephen V.                San Jose, Calif.
            Robinson, Hazel V.               Smyrna, Del. 

            Edwin J. Horney, Pastor                                                    

June  17    Cole, Philip R.                  Dayton, Del.
            Wilson, Dorothy L.               Smyrna, Del.                              

June  17    Keen, Robert M.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Uhlendorff, Connie L.            Smyrna, Del.                              

July  22    Corddry, Robert N.               Ocean City, Md.
            Gathright, Mattie                Smyrna, Del.                              

July  22    Musto, Kenneth John              Coventry, R.I.
            Passwaters, Patricia Ann         Smyrna, Del.                              

July  24    Jones, George Thos., Jr.         Punxsutawney, Pa.
            Pappas, Cheryl Lynn              Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  24    Pierson, David B.                West Chester, Pa.
            Hoehne, Frances E.               Hartly, Del.                              

Aug.  24    Towles, Charles L, Jr.           Smyrna, Del.
            Pryor, Carol A.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  25    Walls, Raymond Lee               Worton, Md.
            Benjamin, Clara Jane             Chestertown, Md.                                                                                       

Sept. 30    Buckworth, Jerry Wayne           Middletown, Del.
            Everett, Sandra Lee              Clayton, Del.                             

Oct.  22    Polito, Kelly J., Jr.            Smyrna, Del.
            Pryor, Clara P.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.  27    Walton, James R.                 Clayton, Del.
            Cox, Betty Y.                    Dayton, Del.                              

Nov.  20    Hollett, James Merritt           Millington, Md.
            Carey, Ruth Marie                Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  27    Rebar, Charles L. III            Smyrna, Del.
            Thompson, Joyce E.               Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.   7    Ramsey, James E.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Liberto, Marie A.                Townsend, Del.                            


Feb.   2    Hauseu, John Melvin              New Castle, Del.
            Schulz, Sandra Mae               Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.   3    Merriman, John L.                Dover, Del.
            Miller, Jean A.                  Dover, Del.                               

May    4    Webster, Thomas W.               Federalsburg, Md.
            Hurd, Catherine E.               Smyrna, Del.                              

May         Russum, Harry E.                 Magnolia, Del.
            Wagner, Beatrice A.              Magnolia, Del.                            

July        Tracey, Clarence                 Smyrna, Del.
            Biddle, Edith L.                 Smyrna, Del.                              

            Charles Barton, Pastor                                                     

Aug.  13    Banning, Robert                  Easton, Md.
            Dixon, Loretta                   Clayton, Del.                             

Aug.  20    Armstrong, Albert Larry          Cheswold, Del.
            Clark, Patricia Ann              Dover, Del. 

            Edwin J. Horney, Pastor-and Rev. Paul Lambertson                                               

Aug.  27    Failing, Boyce                   Dover, Del.
            Mills, Gail                      Smyrna, Del. 

            Edwin J. Horney, Pastor                                                    

Sept. 10    Rosello, Nicolas                 Smyrna, Del.
            Price, Susan J.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.   1    Sixt, Ronald Leroy               DAFB, Del.
            Golt, Doris                      Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.   8    Schwaneger, Henry                Collingswood, N.J.
            Ridgely, Jane                    Philadelphia, Pa.                         

Oct.  15    Pearce, Bruce Wayne              Smyrna, Del.
            Scott, Anna Louise               Middletown, Del.                          

Oct.  22    Ennis, Bruce Clyde               Smyrna, Del.
            Davis, Grace Elaine              Cecilton, Md.                             

Nov.  19    Mougenot, Ernest George          Elwood City, Pa.
            Layton, Dorothy E.               Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  26    Ennis, Robert T.                 Smyrna, Del.
            Yeager, Shirley Ann              Sudlersville, Md.                         

Dec.   4    Lathbury, Donald Jas.            Selbyvllle, Del.
            Moore, Nancy Marie               Smyrna, Del.                              


Jan.   6    Hudgins, Robert P.               Newark, N.J.
            Estes, Dolores M.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Jan.  19    Massey, Donald Lee               Clayton, Del.
            Wright, Georgia Carol            Smyrna, Del.                              

Feb.   4    Miller, John C.                  Smyrna, Del.
            Slover, Lois Ann                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.  25    Voss, Lawrence H.                Smyrna, Del.
            Bentley. Margaret L.             Townsend, Del.                            

Apr.  28    Hogan, Richard C.                Dover, Del.
            Bartlett, Page L.                Smyrna, Del.

            Charles E. Barton, Pastor                                                  

Apr.   8    Hurd, John H., Jr.               Smyrna, Del.
            Startt, Beverly                  Smyrna, Del.

            Edwin J. Horney, Pastor                                                    

May   13    Wicks, George H., III            Smyrna, Del.
            Downs, Deborah J. G.             Smyrna, Del.                                                                                       

May   13    Noble, Lee Willis, Jr.           Preston, Md.
            Ewing, Nancy P.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

May   28    Klauer, Martin A., Jr.           Wilmington, Del.
            Dukes, Doris A.                  Wilmington, Del.                          

June  23    Bachman, David L.                Dover, Del.
            Hill, Barbara D.                 Dover, Del.                               

Aug.   5    Attix, Roget Dale                Smyrna, Del.
            Jung, Deena Ellen                Joppa, Md.                                

Aug.   5    Sayers, Ronald Lee               Smyrna, Del.
            Killen, Ellen Mae                Leipsic, Del.                             

Sept.  6    McGuire, James E.                Smyrna, Del.
            Daniels, Laura                   Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept. 27    Burns, Larry L.                  Middletown, Del.
            Pappas, Martha S.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.   8    Davis, James W. III              Smyrna, Del.
            Hurley, Hope M.                  Little Creek, Del.

Dec.  16    Pappas, John Wayne               Smyrna, Del.
            Ricketts, Judith                 Wyoming, Del.

Dec.  17    Sharpe, Gary W.                  West Columbia, S.C.
            Urian, Kathryn M.                Smyrna, Del.


Jan.  20    Turner, Arthur                   Smyrna, Del.
            Weigel, Sherrill Ann             Smyrna, Del.                              

Jan.  28    Conley, Wesley D.                Downs Chapel, Del.
            Pase, Patricia A.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Feb.  18    Doolittle, Steven L.             Kellerton, Iowa
            Rochester, Janice K.             Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.  30    McCoy, Burrill F., Jr.           Newark, Del.
            Green, Susan C.                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Apr.  13    Short, Roger Lee                 Hurlock, Md.
            King, Florence Elvira            Ridgely, Md.                              

Apr.  20    Reed, Leonard H., Jr.            Dover, Del.
            Steele, Sharon Lee               Middletown, Del. 

            W. L. Beckwith, Pastor                                                     

May   28    Pappas, Theodore                 (blank)
            Poore, Esther Ann                (blank)

            Clarence Hays, Pastor                                                      

Aug.   3    Darting, Harry Charles           Des Plaines, Ill.
            Lurty, Pamela Ann                Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  31    Glisson, Lynn Thomas             Smyrna, Del.
            Richardson, Virginia             Smyrna, Del.


Jan.  12    Norton, Peter Oliver             Ridgewood, N.J.
            Ford, Nancy Lea                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Jan.  25    Ellingsworth, John R.            Smyrna, Del.
            Rebar, Patricia Ann              Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.  15    Perez, Jose                      Smyrna, Del.
            Pagan, Altagarcia                Smyrna, Del.

            Edwin Horney, Pastor                                                       

Apr.  19    Lerrigo, George Edward III       (blank)
            Wilder, Janice Stewart           (blank)                                   

June  14    Wagaman, David Lee               Smyrna, Del.
            Alfree, Alice Mae                Smyrna, Del.

            Clarence Hays, Pastor                                                      

June  18    Hurd, Roland Edgar, Jr.          Smyrna, Del.
            Weist, Nancy Elaine              Odessa, Del.

            Edwin Horney, Pastor                                                       

July  12    Layton, Edward                   (blank)
            Clarence Hays, Pastor                                                      

July  26    Nowland, Wm. Howard, Jr.         Smyrna, Del.
            Robinson, Charlan Lee            Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.   9    Amick, Steven H.                 Newark, Del.
-           Masten, Helen L.                 Kenton, Del.                              

Aug.  30    Amey, Mattison Roy, Jr.          Dover, Del.
            Krantz, Monica Anne-Marie        Dover, Del.                               

Sept. 13    Joseph, John Wayne               Smyrna, Del.
            Reed, Carol Ann                  Townsend, Del.'                           

Sept. 20    Maldonado, Jorge Nibaldo         Smyrna, Del.
            Kemp, Charlotta                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.   8    Ordemann, John Joseph            Norfolk, Va.
            Nowland, Linda Jean              Smyrna, Del.                              


Jin.  17    Gonzales, Anthony                Smyrna, Del.
            Montanez, Diana                  Smyrna, Del.                              

Feb.  14    Layton, David B., Jr.            Smyrna, Del.
            Knotts, Norma Jean               Wilmington, Del.                          

Feb.  20    Wisniewski, William              (blank)
            Poore, Nancy                     (blank)                                   

Mar.  14    Casula, James C.                 New Castle, Del.
            Wilson, Janet Marie              (blank) 

            Ira D. Steckman, Pastor                                                    

May   31    Ramsey, James Benjamin           Smyrna, Del.
            Handy, Kay Joan                  Smyrna, Del.

            William H. Ravelle, Jr., Pastor                                            

June   6    Passwaters, George              (blank)
            Mills, Deborah                   Smyrna, Del.   

            Ira D. Steckman, Pastor                                                    

July  18    Vendrick, Dale Barry             Newark, Del.
            Horsey, Brenda Lois              Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.   3    Young, Harold G., Jr.            Smyrna, Del.
            Vodvarka, Nancy E.               Hartly, Del.                              

Aug.   8    Foxwell, Calvin Elwood, Jr.      Smyrna, Del.
            Smith, Mary Frances              Townsend, Del.                            

Aug.  29    McNatt, Preston L.               Kenton, Del.
            Bedwell, Patti A.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Sept. 12    Ropka, Vernon E.                 Frederica, Del.
            Conte, Ann Lois                  Middletown, Del.                          

Sept. 19    Hannum, Robert D.                Smyrna, Del.
            Fleetwood, Brenda Lee            Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  14    Hopkins, John S., Jr.            Smyrna, Del.
            Hughes, Melva R.                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.  21    Hudson, George                   Smyrna, Del.
            Conard, Vivian G.                Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.  19    McClements, Alan E., Jr.         Dover, Del.
            Urian, Susan Claire              Smyrna, Del.                              


Jan.  30    Marsh, Daniel James              Dover, Del.
            Postles, Marianne                Dover, Del.                               

Feb.  13    Bardwel, George Henry            Swanzey, N.H.
            Costa, Maria Ilda Farie          Dover, Del.                               

Mar.  18    Council, Clarence, Jr.           Kenton, Del.
            Moore, Geraldine Jane            Smyrna, Del.                              

Mar.  19    Tush, Norman Larry               Smyrna, Del.
            Crump, Agnes Dell                Martinez, Ga.

May    1    Shetzler, Kenneth Wayne          Townsend, Del.
            Burns, Drema Sue                 Townsend, Del.                                                                                       

May    8    Clough, Carl Lewis               Clayton, Del.
            Tieman, Linda Lee                Clayton, Del.                             

May   21    Gorlich, John Julius             Dover, Del.
            Harvath, Terry Lee               Dover, Del.                               

June  12    Ramos, Roberto Jose              Hartly, Del.
            McFry, Billie Jean               Hartly, Del.                              

June  19    Busker, Charles Louis, Jr.       Smyrna, Del.
            Webb, Nancy Lee                  Goldsboro, Md.                            

June  19    Price, George Wilson             Smyrna, Del.
            Parsell, Karen Lynn              Smyrna, Del.                              

June  26    Biddle, John Lester              Smyrna, De1.
            Pase, Shirley Yvonne             Smyrna, Del.                              

June  26    Karp, Richard Barry              Yardley, Pa.
            Davis, Diane                     Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.   7    Levasseur, Robert Paul           Danvers, Mass.
            Gilman, Margery                  Clayton, Del.                             

Aug.  21    McGrath, Michael                 Smyrna, Del.
            Bradley, Joan B.                 Smyrna, Del.                              

Aug.  28    Bland, Richard L., Jr.           Smyrna, Del.
            Breeding, Beverly Kay            Smyrna, Del.                              

Oct.  19    Scott, James Andre               Smyrna, Del.
            Jones, Marsha Marie              Smyrna, Del.                              

Nov.   7    Suydam, Furman Walter, Jr.       Phillipsburg, N.J.
            Howard, Virginia Jane            Parksley, Va.                             

Nov.  21    Haberman, Robert Lee             Lehighton, Pa.
            Roock, Nancy Ruth                Dover, Del.                               

Dec.  11    Cassady, Robert Lee              New Castle, Del.
            Bennett, Diane                   Smyrna, Del.                              

Dec.  31    Davis, Ronald Grey               Smyrna, Del.
            Hughes, Katherine Anne           Smyrna, Del.                              


Feb.  12    Robinson, Eugene Vaughn          Dover, Del.
            Durham, Hattie Maxie             Dover, Del. 
















"The History and Genealogy of the
Native American Isolate Communities
of Kent County, Delaware, and
Surrounding Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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