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      The descendants of Debrix & Sarah Miller have been traced to Duck Creek Hundred, Kent County, DE. Sarah Conselor and her family had strong ties to the Native American community in Duck Creek Hundred, and based on tax and census information Debrix was undoubtedly of Native American ancestry as well. In order to trace ones ancestry in Delaware in the 17th & 18th century, one must be willing to accept the varying "labels" placed on our ancestors of mixed-blood. This was a time when marriages between white men and indian and black women were commonplace. The distinction between being white or colored was pretty much left up to the person doing the looking, and if you weren't white then you were colored. In one record a person could be listed as white or not have a notation, and in another record or one a few years later, the label of mulatto, negro, black or colored could appear.

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      "I am wolfwalks_withher, a descendant of the Algonquian People, Kuskawaroak Band, once called Nantaquak. Today we are called Nanticoke, `PEOPLE of the TIDEWATERS`. I walk within two fires, this meaning I also have ties to the Great Nation of the Lenni Lenape, `THE PEOPLE`."

    • The Delaware-to-Michigan/Ontario Migration of 1855-1875 by Donald W. Fisher

      "In Delaware, there was a closely-knit community of families who shared a common heritage. The connection was based on race, to be more exact, the presence of mixed blood, be it Indian, black, Moorish, or of other origins. The mix caused the term "mulatto" to be applied to these folks frequently, though other labels sometimes appear. Native Americans, regardless of blood line, were usually considered mulattos. ...From this community, over a dozen extended families migrated to the state of Michigan and province of Ontario in the years 1855 to 1875.

      "I've including lots and lots of material about the branches of the family that stayed in the east up through 1930. As you well know, this data will never be complete and finished and error-free. So I've decided to post it now and correct it later."

      Migrating before the Civil War

      Bede Beckett d1787
      Elijah Conselor 1762-1801
      George W. Dean
      James Dean
      Abraham Farmer d bef 1837
      Aminidab Handsor 1664-aft 1717
      John Hughes Miller 1803-1876
      Robert Munce b bef 1780
      William Perkins bef 1775-aft 1820
      John Sammons 1765-1815
      William Sisco d 1829

      Migrating after the Civil War

      William Driggers b1803
      George Durham bef 1795-1844
      John Durham
      William Durham 1833-1902
      John b1807 and Benjamin b1810 Greenage
      James Songo d bef 1850
      Robert Wright ca 1834-aft 1891

      Other related families

      Thomas Grinnage 1801-1871
      Emanuel Harmon b ca 1789
      Benjamin Ephraim Mosley 1822-aft 1870
      John D Mosley 1810-aft 1870
      Wingate Mosley 1820-aft 1880
      Isaac E. Richardson bef 1794-bef 1850
      John Richardson b bef 1776
      Wingate Street 1780s-aft 1860
      Nicholas Wright bef 1776-aft 1830



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    • Lynn Jackson's Moors & Nanticokes

      "This is my family and several years ago I began to explore the complex genealogical ties that bound them together. Along the way I have also become interested in the community itself: how it developed and how it has managed to survive for all these years."
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    Descendants of Bede BECKETT
    Descendants of Elijah CONSELOR
    Descendants of George W. DEAN
    Descendants of James DEAN
    Descendants of William DRIGGETT/DRIGGERS
    Descendants of George DURHAM
    Descendants of John DURHAM
    Descendants of William DURHAM
    Descendants of Abraham FARMER
    Descendants of John and Benjamin GREENAGE
    Descendants of Thomas GRINNAGE
    Descendants of Aminadab HANDSOR
    Descendants of John Hughes MILLER
    Descendants of Wingate MOSELY
    Descendants of Robert MUNCE
    Descendants of William PERKINS
    Descendants of Isaac E. RICHARDSON
    Descendants of John RICHARDSON, Sr.
    Descendants of John SAMMONS
    Descendants of William SISCO
    Descendants of James SONGO
    Descendants of Nicholas WRIGHT
    Descendants of Robert WRIGHT


    Virtually every entry shows a reference source. Census citations are quoted in full, often adding who the neighbors were. Significant sections of some older probate administrations are quoted, in part or in full. The data has been put through privacy control, though I have overridden it with two types of data: 1) Anything that appears in the publicly-available censuses through 1930 (whether living or dead) and 2) death dates copied from the Mitsawokett files.

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    • Seaney, Seeney and Seney Homepage Dave Seaney,Indianapolis,IN
      ... "Seeneytown in Kent Co., Delaware--read about its early history on (Heite's) Mitsawoket website or e-mail me for a copy of the Weslager interview of its older citizens. Also visit Kent County History and Delaware History."
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    • Nanticoke Indian Ancestry

      ... This website is dedicated to our ancestors who are of Nanticoke Indian ancestry. ...seeking to find ancestor and descendant information. Our ancestors lived, and many still do reside, in Sussex Co., DE
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  • Joseph Romeo's The Moors of Delaware: Genealogical Records of the Descendants of a Colonial Delaware Isolate Community
    Compiled by Joseph A Romeo, 420 River Road, Apt. C7, Chatham, NJ 07928

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  • Laura Durham's Durhams of Central Indiana