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Comes the Rude Awakening
by, 16 Sep 2000

O'Siyo, A'Hyo, H'e:

Yes we do have alot on our plates, and yes we all share the same heritage, yes we as a people suffer the same hurts and abuses. We in the Northern sector struggle to prove our existence presently, as well as in the past. We have to battle the rising tide of being written out of history, as anyone else. In that struggle, we must be inclusive of all Native People, as we link to most of them. We are not concerned with individuals, as that would not be serving to the whole outcome of all.

We engage in research inclusively, due in part, to the assimulation, and enslavement of a whole nation of people. We must be inclusive as we are a part of every Tribe and Nation that we had contact with, whether they were friend or foe. To set the record straight the whole picture must be viewed in its proper form, rather than piece meal.

I am not afforded the luxury of sleepless nights, nor would I engage myself to the point that I would be exhausted to clearly study the subject matter before me. The uncovering of documentation that proves the ole tales, is a love of labor, yet we have the resources to engage in this research.

We have and will continue to pursue and clarify the record as it pertains to the Tsalagi. Its not an easy task in this region, as most documents are with drawn from public view, or are secreted away only to be viewed in private by appointment.

Certain States cannot afford to make public certain information, as it unlocks disgracefull behavior and acts that they were implicated in to defraud and dehumanize the Native inhabitants. It also throws open the doors and pages of their documents to review the schemes, scams, and shams that were indulged in by personages that were utilized as role models. The uncovering not only expose them to criticism but makes known the purpose of their ultimate goals. This in turn tears down the ivory tower that has supported the views that this enterprise was established upon principals of fairness, equality, and democracy (demon of race).

We have chosen this path as it includes all persons in existence on this Great Turtle Island, before the arrival of the invasive forces, and thus it includes the Moors, Egyptians, Phonecians, and Carthigians. We have a documented case of even the Turks being involved in the South Carolina region. How convient all these people are left out of history as it is told today. The revealing of these people on these shores, assimulated into the various Tribes, is hidden for reason, and that reason is deception.

When we pulled up documents, dating back to 1722 in formal treaty form, with signatures of personages of Tsalagi in the Provience of Pennsylvania this whole story unraveled into a believeable collection of fraud on the part of the invasive Europeans. When we pulled up and examined 650 so called Indian Deeds from New Jersey archives that really set the wheels into motion, then we investigated the Delaware Moors and their story, and found it to be similar in a lot of cases with a story told in the family, then we knew we were on the right trail. We opened the books on the William Penn documents, and all the deeds, titles, Grants, Warrants, we discovered a lot more pointed evidence. The Henderson Documents and the story was recorded by Daniel Boone in his biography concerning George Washington involvement in millions of acres, really got the ball rolling. Then George Morgan's papers lead to all who were complicent in the land swindle, 35 members of a 55 member representative body.

In all this, we have cleared the name of Little Carpenter, as the story tells of how they stood him against a tree, along with other of his party and was forced to place an X on the paper, they told him was for the use of the land. Then the 1785 cover up.

Our sereach has taken us to many corners of old mouldy documents. We have for fact the Spanish dumping the 1,000,000 Moors on this shore, We know now not all slave ships contained Africans, but other sundry and various types of people. We have documented records of the White Slaves dumped here, and don't get it wrong, we said slaves, not indentured servants. We also have tracked certain types dumped into Mexico, and Brazil, Guiana, and elsewhere.

The Archives of South Carolina and North Carolina and Georgia speak of Native People being imported as free Native People, married to both Native People and Whites. We have found the importation of Moors from the islands of the Phillipines being brought here to work in Virginia Ship Yards.

The Tsalagi Traditional dress, shows Turbans, Crowns, and Taboosh, not the typical plains headress being the accepted norm in fashion, why is that hidden. The ribbon shirt is recent, and a part of the European Flair. So when you speak of traditional, why is it not so that these items are not employed. I think maybe some one or some body has more to hide. All of this shows a direct link to a Moorish history. Then those in the Tennissee Hills, and the Kentucky Hills, who are listed mulungeons yet refuse to be white or classified black or indian. I think perhaps there is more than meets the eye.

So, as you can see, we have an open mind because there is still yet questions to be answered. In time all this will come out in the wash, so to speak. None of this is easily swept under the rug. The issue we all face intermingles and crisscrosses somewhere up the trail. We are attempting to open the doors here in the North, and at present we are doing the best we can, for our own sake and heritage. What we have found is that a lot of information is held up here that pertains to the south and our southern relatives. Philadelphia, was the scene of a many swindle and scams, for which the south suffered. Yes, and our cousins North of us did give away a lot of the land mass that originally was not theirs to give away in Virginia, todays West Virginia and Ohio.

Our concern is this Northern region, as most was born and reared above the Mason Dixon Line, most have their roots here, we are not migrants, nor are we transients, so we have vested rights. Our dead is buried here and our ancestors walked these trails and ridges here. We have fished these streams for centuries, we have had children born in this region, and we intend to stay here and reclaim it bit by bit, inch by inch, rattle snakes included. We admit we are assimulated, and we admit we have Siksika, Lenape, Houdenosaunee, Shawnee, Susquehannock, Nanticoke, Connestoga, Erie, Honniasont, Saluda, Tuscarora, Tutelo, Wenrohronon Conoy, Kanawha (Piscatsaway), Manahoac in our family and carry possibly all these bloodlines, along with Moorish, some African, yet we are one people. Not to mention the Lakota who came to Carlise Barracks and never returned to the plains and settled in Gouldtown in New Jersey.

You and many others have no explanation of when or how certain surnames became primary names in the clans and bands of the south, that are primary names of the Northern Tsalagi, yet abounds in the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek, Seminole. No explanation of these surnames is mentioned anywhere, I should wonder why, and shake my head, as these name were on treaties that were signed. So as you can see we have a story to tell concerning ourselves, and we wonder now why did old Ridge (Watie) kill double head, and what information did he take to the grave with him? What plot had double head uncovered, that would have pointed a finger of guilt.

We have no doubts concerning your abilities to disconcern a family history, yet we wonder why it has taken so long for it to all come out and begun to flow like an onrushing tide. No, we are not concerned with other Chiefs' problems, as we have a plate full of our own. We shall endeavor to set the record straight, you made a statement, and we really gave you alot of credit for it. You yourself said there is no pure blood Tsalagi, and if there were, they are far and few. I say there are plenty of almost Pure Blood Native People, but not many of any specific kind. At any given time all Native People have mixed and crossed especially the Tribes East of the Mississippi. Those who went west also intermixed and assimulated. Now we find that the best rewards of research and history is the finding of Self.







"The History and Genealogy of the
Native American Isolate Communities
of Kent County, Delaware, and
Surrounding Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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