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The Robert Munce/Munts tax record establishes the year and place of his death. It also leads up to the fact that his wife would be available for remarriage after that year.

In addition it shows how a tax list can be used to establish the year of death when no will, probate or death certificate is available.

Robert Munts 1821 Little Creek Hundred, Kent Co., DE, Tax Delinquincy listing



Robert Munts died insolvent 1821



1875 Duck Creek Hundred Tax Assessment List

Robert Munce II died Apr 1874 - 1875 in Duck Creek Hd, Kent Co., DE.
His name is crossed off the tax list but the accessor did not write the word 'dead'.


From Harry Muncey 1 Apr 2009:
Robert Munce and Jemima Hansor
(spelled Hansar in the document) 20 May 1832 Marriage Bond



From Harry Muncey 12 June 2006:

Margarett Muncey & Elisha Brown 1824 Marriage Bond

Attached is Margarett Munceys & Elisha Browns marriage bond dated 7 April 1824. This is 3 years after Robert Munce I's death in 1821. Robert's daughter Margaret married Joel Durham. It is not likely he had two daughters named Margaret. This was a New England custom. He also had a grandaughter Margaret. The original Margarett was born in DE in 1785. Robert Munce was born in 1777. Robert got married between 1798 when he was still single and 1800 when he was married.

I know this is not firm proof, but I believe 'Margarett' was Robert's widow. Furthermore I believe the cosigner Jonathan Muncey was her oldest son or her father-in-law. I have record of a John Munce who was in the Little Creek & Duck Creek areas at the time of Robert's birth. I also have records of a younger John Munce who left DE with many children for Philadelphia. Finally on James H. Munceys death certificate it states his parents as Robert & Margaret. I believe Bess Muncey, the informant, slipped a generation and gave her great grandparents. She personally told me in 1946 that her grandfather Robert was the son of Robert.

This document introduces two new players, Margarett and Jonathan. It is also the earliest record that I have seen that uses the spelling Muncey to refer to our family.

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