How to copy and email the URL (address) of a page


1. You wish to have a page corrected.

2. You are looking at the page with the incorrect information on your computer monitor.

An example could be this -- the page with your incorrect information will be different.

(scroll down)

3. Look at the next image.

On your computer, highlight and copy the area which corresponds to the area in red below --
using the LEFT mouse button, click on the address (it should highlight). Hold your mouse steady. In the example below the address (also known as the URL) is --

On YOUR computer monitor, using your mouse, RIGHT click on the address (the area in red in the example below).

A drop-down menu should appear. Select "copy' from the drop down menu and left click on "copy".

Your computer has copied the address which is now available to paste into an email message. Then (go to next image) ....

(scroll down)



4. Prepare an email message to send to us.

In the body of the email (where your message is written), right click and select "Paste" and then left click.

The URL you copied in step 3) should now be pasted into the body of the email message.

5. Under the URL you pasted, compose a message to us which explains the problem.

6. Send the message to us --

7. We will fix the problem and get back to you.



Got a message today from a FindAGrave member who gave me some info to add to the memorial for Otis Green, buried at Gouldtown:

I added the info, wrote back & thanked him, and he told me the following:

“You are welcome. I was at a Memorial Day ceremony today and saw two of the helicopters that they had restored from the Ugly Angels squadron. The plaque was attached to one of the choppers. I knew that these guys needed to be properly remembered. Thank you for creating LCpl Green's page. Red”

I’m not sure how/if Otis Green connects to our families, but what an honor to have a hero in Gouldtown who gave his all in the service of his country.

Best wishes for Memorial Day,