[Note: the following extracts are from the pension record of William Goldsborough / Goldsboro, even though the request form was submitted for ROBERT Goldsborough / Goldsboro. Some of you may remember when I posted the extracts from the records of Charles Goldsborough back in August, I stated my intention to order the records of his father, Robert, since it was stated that Robert had been a Civil War veteran as well, and that he had originally come from Delaware prior to NJ. The Archives sent the pension records for William--Charles' brother--instead of their father, Robert. Robert and sons William, Richard and Robert Jr. were all in Company H of the 22nd Regiment, whereas Charles was in Company K of the same Regiment. I will contact the Archives to send the correct file]. JCC


William Goldsboro/Goldsborough

Companies F & H
22nd Pennsylvania Infantry, also known as 22nd U.S. Colored Infantry

Photo taken by Jay Thompson

John Carter notes: "the headstone states he was in Company F of the regiment, whereas all of the posted information shows him as being in Company H. I went back through all of the copies in his pension file, and they all list him as being in Company H except for one which has an "F" which was crossed out and an "H" written next to it. I suspect that he may have originally/briefly been in Company F before being transferred into Company H. (Also, sometimes companies were combined into one another, although I can't seem to find any indication this was done with these two). At any rate, because of the "F" being featured on his headstone, ...(William's unit is listed here as) "Companies F & H."



Enlisted 02 Jan 1864, Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA.

Honorably discharged 16 Oct 1865.

Residence of widow (Abbie) and children during pension record period: Camden Co, NJ.

William Goldsboro / Goldsborough: Date of birth: ca. 1839-45 at Camden, Camden Co, NJ

Two dates of death were reported, as follows:

1. Date of death: 15 Aug 1887

  --per physician's affidavit dated 10 Mar 1890.
  --per pension claim dated 04 Aug 1890.
  --per affidavit dated 26 Dec 1892 stating that two affiants attended the funeral on 18 Aug 1887 and served as pall bearers.
  --per affidavit dated 02 Dec 1897 stating that son William was born "about a month" after his father's death; all pertinent records give son William's birthdate as 14 Jan 1888.
  --per affidavit dated [illegible--looks like 1898] stating that William was buried on 18 Aug 1887.
  --per pension claim dated 23 Apr 1903.

2. Date of death: 15 Aug 1888** at East Magnolia, Camden Co, NJ

  --per declaration for pension signed by Abbie Goldsboro on 11 Mar 1890.
  --per pension bureau request for official documentation, dated 24 Apr 1890.
  [the 1888 date appears to have been a mistake]

Buried on 18 Aug 1887 at Mount Zion Me. E. Church burial ground, Centre Township, Camden Co, NJ

Married first to:     Ruth ________ on ? at ?

Her date of birth: (not given)
Her date of death: Jul 1875 [buried 19 Jul 1875, by John McPherson, undertaker]
at (probably Cumberland Co, NJ, based on affidavits of her death having been from residents there).

No known children from first marriage.

Married second to:
Abigail "Abbie" / "Abby" Stillon 10 Dec 1879 at Centreville / Camden, Camden Co, NJ

Her date of birth: ca. 1854-55
Her date of death: after May 1915
Daughter of _______ Still & Sarah A. _______ Still [Sarah was age 66, as of an affidavit signed by her 07 Feb 1893].

William & Abbie's children:

Mary Anna Goldsboro, b. 08 Jun 1880 in Centre Township, Camden Co, NJ
Florence Goldsboro, b. 29 Nov 1883 in Centre Township, Camden Co, NJ
William A. Goldsboro, b. 14 Jan 1888 in Centre Township, Camden Co, NJ
(plus two others who were no longer living at the time of William's birth in 1888).

Abbie later married Charles Hill on 24 Apr 1894.

Among the affiants / witnesses for Abbie and her children:
Mary B. Jackson of Snow Hill, Camden Co, NJ
Sallie B. Pierce of Cumberland Co, NJ
B. F. Pierce of Cumberland Co, NJ
(Sallie & B.F.'s affidavits were sworn & subscribed by Joel F. Pierce, Justice of the Peace in Cumberland Co, NJ).

Vital Statistic records contained within the file:

1. Birth "certificate" (certified copy of birth return) of William A. Goldsboro
2. Birth "certificate" (certified copy of birth return) of Florence Goldsborough
3. Birth "certificate" (certified copy of birth return) of Mary Anna Gausbury***

*** affidavits were later signed, clarifying the spelling of her name as Mary A. Goldsboro.


On the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington DC, William's name is displayed on Plaque B-38.


1. Does anyone know who the maiden name of William's first wife, Ruth?

2. Does anyone know of any descendants of the three named children?

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