Robert C. Goldsborough Sr.

Company H,
22nd Pennsylvania Infantry, also known as
22nd U.S. Colored Infantry

Pension #SC 138-934

Robert Goldsborough
Photo: B&R Terry, Gouldtown Memorial Park, Gouldtown, Cumberland, N.J.

Inscription reads: Co. H 22nd Regt.
U.S. Col. Troop Inf.
Died July 10, 1885
Aged 71 years


Enlisted 02 Jan 1864, Philadelphia, PA, for a 3-year term
Mustered-in 12 Jan 1864, Philadelphia, PA
Honorably discharged 16 Oct 1865, Mustered-out at Brownsville, TX
Residence during pension record period: Bridgeton, Cumberland Co, NJ
Parents: [unknown]

Date of birth: ca. 1817-18 at: [no place given] (in Delaware, per son Charles' pension file)

ca. 1818 (per his age given as 57 on affidavit dated 08 Feb 1875).
ca. 1817 (per his age given as 58 on surgeon's report dated 19 May 1875).
ca. 1817 (per his age given as 58 on affidavit dated 17 Dec 1875).
ca. 1818 (per his age given as 58 on affidavit dated 05 Dec 1876).
ca. 1818 (per his age given as 59 on affidavit dated 04 Sep 1877).
ca. 1818 (per his age given as 61 on affidavit dated 24 Jul 1879).
ca. 1817 (per his age given as 65 on affidavit dated 17 Jan 1882).
ca. 1817 (per his age given as 65 on affidavit dated 03 May 1882).
ca. 1817 (per his age given as 67 on affidavit dated 30 Jan 1884).

Date of death: July 10, 1885 at: [no place given] (most likely Bridgeton, Cumberland Co, NJ)
Gouldtown Memorial Park, Gouldtown, NJ
Married to: [no name given] (Mary Ann Winrow, per son Charles' pension file)
on: [no date given]
at: [no location given]
Her date of birth: [not given]

Her date of death: [not given]. (but was somewhere between Sep 1864 & Robert's death in Jul 1885, per affidavits noted below)

Following is an interesting letter from Robert Goldsborough to his attorney James F. Rusling in Trenton (presumably written on his behalf by someone, since he signed all of his affidavits by his mark):

Bridgeton, 03 Apr 1883
Mr. Jas. Rusling,

Sir, I received your letter of inquiry in regard to the time of my receiving wound in right hip, and have endeavored to find more positive evidence as to the exact time. I have searched for the letter I sent to my wife at the time, telling her of my being wounded and of the death of my son who was killed at the same time, but cannot find it. I can only say that I received the wound in my left side on the 15th of June 1864 and the one in the right hip at the Battle of Deep Bottom at the capture of Fort Harrison. I had no means of knowing the exact date, but took it from what I heard others say that it was about the 19th of October. While at the Hospital Lieutenant [Limer?] marked me on the pay roll paid and when I returned to my Rgt Lieutenant [Heenan?] had taken [Limer's?] place and I asked him how much was coming to me he said nothing as I was marked paid. I said why, I have been to the hospital two months and haven't received any pay while there and he said I will look into it and I afterward recovered my back pay. Col. [Cerdew?] when I reported to him for duty on my return to Rgt asked me where I was wounded and I showed him the bullet hole in my pantaloon he put his finger in it and said that is Honorable Bob; meaning that I had not been wounded in running away. If I could find Col. [Cerdew?] he could assist me but I do not know where to find him or any other officers.

Yours respectfully,
Robert Goldsborough
Bridgeton, NJ

From an affidavit of Joseph Bond and Richard Goldsborough, dated 30 Apr 1883:

"...that they were present when Robert Goldsborough aforesaid received his gunshot wound of right hip; that it was at Deep Bottom, VA, in an attack on Fort Harrison, on or about Sept. 30, 1864; that his son Robert C. Goldsborough, of same Co. & Regt., was killed in same engagement, on same day, and they now fix the date as Sept. 30, 1864, because informed that was the date of his death, and they well remember that the father was wounded there, in action with the enemy, on the same day said son was killed."

From a deposition by William Steward ("age 45, occupation reporter"), dated 24 Dec 1885:

"...that he well knew the pensioner above named, during his life time, and that he, pensioner, departed this life, deponent thinks, in July of the present year, 1885. Cannot tell the immediate cause of death. That he left no widow, father, mother, or children under the age of sixteen years at the time of his decease."

Among the affiants / witnesses for Robert:

William Steward
Richard B. Goldsborough, whose age was given as 39 in an affidavit dated 22 Mar 1882.
William Goldsborough
James Munson


On the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington DC, Robert's name is displayed on Plaque B-38 (spelled as "Goldsbrough").

Regimental history

Robert Sr. is buried at: [unknown]

More family details HERE


1. Does anyone know of what connection Robert Goldsborough, Sr. may have had with any of our other Delaware families?
2. Does anyone know where Robert Sr. is buried? See faded stone here -- Gouldtown Memorial Park, Gouldtown, N.J.


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