Civil War veteran / Mitchell Harmon, excerpts from pension file 9/18/2005 by John C. Carter, who notes, "Mitchell's pension file was likely smaller than others because he was already widowed at the time of his death, based on the 1900 census listing, and would not have left a widow or any minor children).

Don Fisher posits: " the Fred Harmon who married Alfred Wilbank Ridgeway's daughter Susan may have been the Frederick who was a son of Mitchell Harmon.

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Mitchell Harmon

Company F,
8th Pennsylvania Infantry, also known as
8th U.S. Colored Infantry

Pension # 270251

Enlisted: 12 Oct 1863
Discharged / Mustered out: 10 Nov 1865, Brownsville, TX

Mitchell's residences as noted in the pension records:

Indian River Hundred, Sussex County, CD (as of 28 Nov 1879)
Hollyville, Indian River Hundred, Sussex County, DE (as of 11 Jul 1885)
Hollyville, Indian River Hundred, Sussex County, DE (as of 17 Jul 1890)
Hollingsville, Sussex County, DE (as of 12 Mar 1891)

Mitchell Harmon:
Date of birth: ca. 1836, ca. 1837, ca. 1839, or ca. 1841, at [not given]

Date of death: 19 May 1904 (based on a record stating the pension office had been advised on 03 Jun 1904 of his death), at [not given]

Married to: [not given]
on [date not given]
at [not given]

Children: [none listed]

Among the affiants / witnesses for Mitchell:

Henry Burton, age 45 as of 13 Jul 1885 (and age 45 as of 01 Jun 1886), (also a Civil War veteran, Company F, 8th PA Infantry, aka 8th U.S. Colored Infantry)
George E. Burton
Sarah Burton
Harvey Prettyman
[Burton?] C. Prettyman
William Coursey, age 49 as of 29 Sep 1886, (also a Civil War veteran, Company F, 8th PA Infantry, aka 8th U.S. Colored Infantry)*
Purnell Perkins (also a Civil War veteran, Company E, 8th PA Infantry, aka 8th U.S. Colored Infantry)
James Morris


In one record he is referred to as "Mitchell" Harmon (twice) and "Michael" Harmon (twice) on the same page. At least one other record also lists his name as "Michael," but the majority list him as "Mitchell."

Mitchell is described at age 40 as being 5 feet, 6 inches tall, with dark complexion, black hair, and dark eyes. Mitchell is described at age 42 as being 5 feet, 10 1/2 inches tall, 168 pounds, with mulatto complexion. Mitchell is described at age 45 as being 5 feet, 10 inches tall, 165 pounds. Mitchell is described at age 55 as being 5 feet, 10 inches tall, 168

Mitchell's injuries are described as follows:
"That he was wounded first by gunshot wound in the right thigh and was treated first in Camp Hospital near Olustee, Florida one day and was carried from thence to Jacksonville and placed in Hospital at which place he remained one week and from thence he was carried to Beaufort, South Carolina and was there placed in Hospital and remained in said Hospital about six weeks and from there he was sent back to Jacksonville, Fla. and remained at Hospital (for improved wounded soldiers) two weeks and from thence sent to his Regiment at Yellow Bluff, Fla. That he was wounded by the falling of a piece of heavy timber (and ruptured) on him while at work on breastworks in front of Richmond just before the surrender of the Rebel forces, by which or for which he was relieved from duty while the Regiment remained in Virginia."

From another statement in the records:
"That a piece of timber being hit by a shell from the enemy struck me and ruptured the left inguinal region.."


Mustered in: 16 Aug 1863 (from a roster published in 1871). (Not sure if this is odd that the "mustered in" date would be prior to the "enlisted" date listed above, or whether one of the dates might be an error. I would think that someone would have to enlist before they could be mustered in).

*William Coursey states in an affidavit that he was in "Company F of the 8th Reg. Del Vol.," but this is likely referring to the 8th Pennsylvania Infantry (aka the 8th U.S. Colored Infantry). However, his name is not listed on an official roster published in 1871. On the other hand, there is a listing for a William "Cousins" and perhaps this is William
Coursey's name misspelled. Additionally, another one of the records lists William Coursey as having been in Company E, not F. But his name does not show in the 1871 roster for Company E, either.

Here are the 1880 and 1900 census records for Mitchell's family, per the posting from Betty & Ray Terry back in July:

1880 Census Place: Indian River, Sussex, Delaware Source: FHL Film 1254118 National Archives Film T9-0118 Page 584D:

Relation Sex Marr Race Age Birthplace
Mitchel HARMON Self M M MU 46 DE Occ: Farmer Fa: DE Mo: DE
Josephine HARMON Wife F M MU 26 DE Occ: Keeping House Fa: DE Mo: DE
Charles A. HARMON Son M S MU 10 DE Fa: DE Mo: DE
Theodore R. HARMON Son M S MU 5 DE Fa: DE Mo: DE
Eliza A. HARMON Dau F S MU 2 DE Fa: DE Mo: DE

1900 census Indian River Hundred, Sussex, Delaware dwelling 292 family 292:

Harmon, Mitchell head B m May 1838 62 Wd m 25 yrs DE-DE-DE
Mary L. dau B f Mar 1880 20 s DE-DE-DE
Frederick son B m Nov 1883 16 s DE-DE-DE
Archie son B m Mar 1886 14 s DE-DE-DE

Based on the above ages in 1880 it can be presumed that Josephine was may have been a 2nd wife. Possibly she is the mother of Charles, if she gave birth to him at age 16. Or, depending on exactly when Mitchell and Josephine married, Charles (as well as Theodore and Eliza) may be from a former wife. The 1900 census record states that Mitchell had been married "25 yrs." However, since he was a widower at that point, it's not clear whether this means he had been married for 25 years up to the time of his wife's death, or up to the time of the census being taken.

On the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington DC, Mitchell's name is displayed on Plaque A-20:

Regimental history link.

Some additional sites with info on the 8th U.S.C.T.--


1. What was the maiden name of Mitchell's wife Josephine? Who were her parents?
2. Was Josephine the only wife Mitchell had? Or was there a previous wife? What was the date of the marriage(s)?
3. Does anyone know the name of Mitchell's parents?
4. Does anyone have any additional information on the children listed in either of the census records? What were their birthdates? Who were their spouses, etc? Can anyone confirm if Mitchell's son Frederick is the same as the Fred Harmon who married Alfred Wilbank Ridgeway's daughter, Susan?
5. Does anyone know where Mitchell is buried?
6. Does anyone know the correct spelling of the town in Sussex County: Hollyville or Hollingsville?

From Don Ahshapanek, September 20, 2005

...I will tell what I can...regarding Mitchell. This is what I have in my database by contact with family members and not based upon any validated research.

1) Maiden name of Mitchell's wife Josephine - I have her name as Mary Josephine, but no indication as to parentage;

2) I have no other spouse for Mitchell and I do not have a date of marriage;

3) Mitchell's parents were John H. Harman and Lovinia Salmons (Sammons). John's parents werre Emmanuel L. Harman, Sr. and Rachel A. Johnson. I do not know Lovinia's parents;

4) I have information on only three children: namely, Theodore R. who married Anna W. Johnson, daughter of Robert B. Johnson and Fannie G. Wright. Robert is a son of Whittington Johnson and Fannie G. is the daughter of David Wright ; Mary L. who married Jesse Hood; and Frederick D. who married Fannie G. Johnson, daughter of Robert B. Johnson and Fannie G. Wright. He also married Susan Ridgeway, daughter of Alfred W. Ridgeway;

5) I do not know the site of Mitchell's burial;

6) The correct spelling is Hollyville.

To view some of the other Civil War pension extractions, as well as an explanatory note, please see the following page of the Mitsawokett site:

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Please let me know if anyone has any questions: John C. Carter





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