Jedediah Pierce (aka Jediah or Jeremiah Pierce or Pearce)

Company C
45th Pennsylvania (stone reads N.J.) Infantry, aka 45th U.S. Colored Infantry


Photo taken 20 Aug 2002, at Gouldtown Memorial Park Cemetery, Gouldtown, Cumberland Co, NJ
by John C. Carter


Enlisted: June 14, 1864, Bridgeton, New Jersey

Honorably Discharged: June 12, 1865, Fortress Monroe
Rank: Private

Born: June 10, 1824, Gouldtown, Fairfield Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey
Died: November 28, 1911, Greenwich Township, Cumberland County, New Jersey. Death certificate below.


Married: Mary Pierce (maiden name Pierce) at Cedarville, NJ in 1852

Children (Per affidavit dated May 1898):

  • Rosette Pierce 1854
  • Isaac Pierce 1856

    Description: 5'5" / Colored Complexion / Dark Hair / Dark Eyes
    Occupation: Laborer

    Wanaca Pierce (half brother)
    Mark Pierce (cousin)
    William Murray
    Joseph Bond
    Isaac Ridgway
    Enos Glaspell

    Chronic Diarrhea from exposure to the climate in City Point, Virginia (May 1865)
    Left hand amputated (June 1890)

    Jediah Pierce, Mark Pierce, and Joseph Bond - give affidavits about Jediah's name:

    Jediah explains: That his full and proper names is Jediah Pierce that when he enlisted he informed the officers that this was his name but he was a man of little or no education and when they spelled his name Jeremiah Pierce he assumed this was correct and therefore he was enrolled under the name of Jeremiah Pierce and not under his true name Jediah Pierce that his Certificate of Discharge has been destroyed.

    Mark Pierce and Joseph Bond explain: That they well knew said soldier when he enlisted in the US Service. That by some mistake of the recruiting officers his name was given as Jeremiah instead of Jediah and he was known as Jeremiah Pierce although his true and correct name was Jediah Pierce and Jeremiah Pierce and Jediah Pierce were and are the same person.

    Post Office: Town of Greenwich, County of Cumberland, State of New Jersey
    Age 56 / 5'9" / Complexion Dark / Hair Dark / Eyes Dark
    April 1883

    Post Office: Greenwich, County of Cumberland, State of New Jersey
    Age 65 / 5'5" / Complexion Colored / Dark & Grey Hair / Dark Eyes
    May 1890

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