George David Salmons

Company G
9th Delaware Infantry


Pension #WC 612-357 (alternate numbers 1068278, 1112960, & 845504)

George David Salmons  
Enrolled: Oct 1862, Georgetown, Sussex Co, DE.
Enlisted: 27 Jun 1863.
Discharged: 22 or 23 Aug 1863.
Re-enlisted: 28 Sep 1864.
Discharged: 23 Jan 1865, Wilmington, New Castle Co, DE.
Date of birth: 05 Mar 1838
Place of birth:

"Zore" [prob. Zoar], Sussex Co, DE
"on farm seven miles from Georgetown, DE"
"seven miles from Georgetown" -- roughly matches location of Zoar

Date of death: 12 Mar 1906
Place of death:

Delaware State Hospital, Farnhurst, New Castle Co, DE
as certified per the Medical Superintendent, with Notarized signature

Kenton, Kent Co, DE (per other records)
(Kenton was probably given as the location in these records because it was his place of residence at the time of his death)

(See also letter from his widow, Josephine, below*)

Married to: Josephine Codrey
Marriage Date: 02 Mar 1862
Marriage Place: Springfield Crossroads, Sussex Co, DE
Married By: Rev. Thomas Reed
Wife's DOB: 08 Oct 1841
Wife's POB: Millsboro, Sussex Co, DE
Wife's DOD: 29 Mar 1928
Wife's POD: probably near Smyrna, Kent Co, DE


George's (and widow Josephine's) residences as noted in the pension records:

Chester, Delaware Co, PA (as of many dates between 03 May 1892and 25 Jul 1905).
(See also letter from his widow, Josephine, below*).

After George's death, widow Josephine's residences: Chester, Delaware Co, PA (as of 20 Jun 1906 and as of 18 Sep1916). Smyrna, Kent Co, DE (as of Aug 1926, and as of her death on 29 Mar 1928).

Their children:

1. Mollie Adams Salmons, b. 08 Dec 1862, "on a farm at Gravel Hill about 5 miles from Georgetown, [Sussex Co,] Del."
2. John Albert Salmons, b. 03 Jul 1864, "on a farm in what is now Harbeson, [Sussex Co,] Del."
3. Luke Burton Salmons, b. 10 May 1867, "on a farm about a mile from Harbeson, [Sussex Co,] Del."
4. Margaret "Maggie" Hammond Salmons, b. 25 Jul 1872, "on a farm near Green Spring, [New Castle Co,] Del."
5. Josephine Salmons, b. 13 Apr 1874, "on a farm about 2 miles from Smyrna, [Kent Co,] Del."
6. George Edwin, b. 13 Apr 1876, "in Dover, [Kent Co,] Del."

Among the affiants / witnesses for George and/or Josephine: (none with apparent connections to Mitsawokett-related families) (other than their having been married by a Rev. Thomas Reed).



*Letter from Josephine Salmons to her lawyer, John Wainwright of Wilmington, DE, dated 03 May 1906, Chester, PA:

"Sir, I can't sign this paper[.] I am no citizen of Smyrna, Del. nor haven't been living in Smyrna last August[.] Mr. Salmons was getting so poorly here in Chester he imagined if he was down the county** on the farm he would feel better and could work a little so we went down to our daughter's near Kenton and stayed there until he got so bad we had to send him to the State Hospital and my daughter was going to move the next day I was so worn out from being up and caring for him I went over to my other daughter's three miles below Smyrna and have just got back to Chester yesterday to my daughter's here[.] I have no home only as I stay among them[.] my address now

Josephine Salmons 518 West Fifth St. Chester, PA

and concerning the marriage that looks like a dark chance[.] the Preacher has one daughter living and my sister and her visits and she has wrote to her if her father had any records if he had if she could find my marriage but I haven't heard from it yet[.] you wanted me to have the church record searched at Springfield Xroads[.] Mr. Reed didn't preach there[.] he didn't have any church [.] I don't know why[.] he preached occasionally and married and that is all I know about him[.] I have been waiting to get back to Chester is why I have not written sooner.

Respectively, Josephine Salmons"

** [Regarding "down the county" -- the state of Delaware at one time was part of Pennsylvania and had been referred to as "the lower counties of the Delaware," and this phrase may thus be a derivative of that habit, or this may be a misspelling of "down the country"].

- - - - -

Scanned image of hospital death certification of George D. Salmons, as contained in the pension records:




Back in September of 2004 and in June of 2006, the following discussion took place on the Mitsawokett email list:

From Jillyn ( on 07 Sep 2004.

" I was recently driving down Lawsons Road between Georgetown and Millsboro, DE. Out in a field that looked as though it was deforested not too long ago is a little clump of trees and I could see stones out there. I walked out and photographed the stones. It looks as though this area is under development possibly. The stones that are incscribed read:

John S. Salmons born 1800 died 1835? I hard to read
Our mother: Eliza Salmons wife of John Davidson born Nov 14 1795; died Dec 22 1868
Our father: John Davidson born Jan 20 1797 died Dec 19 1837
George W. Green born Jan 10 ??? died Aug ???
James A. Green died ???
Peter T. Green died Mar 24 1894?
Lydia B? Green

There are several other graves there, maybe 4 or 5 and those are marked only with double bricks stuck down in the ground. I thought these looked like grave markers possibly and the bricks are really old. They were definitely intentionally placed into the ground and are lined up facing west like the grave markers. There is one grave site where the earth is actually pushing up like possibly the body wasn't buried very far under the ground. If you want photos I took of these markers and graves, I will send them to you. Just let me know. It was kind of sad walking through there. Nothing is left of those people there except stones... the trees have all been knocked down and nothing but clearing remains (except the stones)"

- - - - -

Preston Sammons responded to Jillyn 07 Sep 2004:

"John S. Salmons is a member of the family line documented in the family book entitled "HISTORY of the SALMANS FAMILY" by Dr. Levi Brimner Salmans (b.1855), dated 1936. John S. is not mentioned in the book, because Levi Salmans recorded the family line back to Levi's great-grandfather, Levi Salmons, b. 1772. He conveniently ended the documented family research there because he was unable to continue for one reason or another or because he learned that the next generation back was of mixed race. Levi Salmons' family members were recorded as White after 1787. Family members prior to 1777 were recorded as Mulatto. Below is email that has information similar to yours.

Old Email -- John S. is as far back as I can go on that line. We found his gravestone back behind Zoar church in Sussex County DE (in a woods). Dates 2/14/1800 to 7/7/1865. He had 5 wives. We always heard one wife was a native American but we haven't proven that yet. Here's the connection. John S. Salmons married Sarah Lingo August 25,1835 Child: George David Salmons (3/5/1836-3/12/1906) fought in Civil War DE army

If possible, please send a copy of the grave stone pictures."

- - - - -

I don't think there were any further discussions regarding this thread until 07 Jun 2006, when Jillyn posted the following to the list:

"A couple of years ago, I found a small cemetery out in the field on aback road between millsboro and georgetown. somewhere I have pictures of the grave stones. They were pretty old as I recall- 1700's, I think. The name was spelled Salmons. In talking with different people from the area, information I have is that Salmons was Englishman and his wife was native lady from this area. I do not know that to be accurate info, but that is what I remember someone saying at some point."

- - - - -

Stacey Cooper Ricketts then posted the following to the list, also on 07Jun 2006:

"Hello,I am from the area originally is there anyway you could give the routenumbers or area in which you saw these stones in respect to anylandmarks/residental areas about. I also would be interested in seeingthe photos as well...Thanks for your post."

- - - - -

Jillyn then posted the following to the list, also on 07 Jun 2006:

"The stones are in a field out near the Zoar Church Road? between Millsboro and Georgetown on a back road. A few years ago, I noticed a woods was being cleared and Ibelieve the area was going to be developed--maybe for houses. I noticed the stones out in the field in aclump of maybe 5 trees and there were lots of briars growing in the clump but you could see the stones. I walked out there and did photograph the names on the stones. I will see if I can find those tonight when I go home from work and will email you back tomorrow. In the next couple of days, I will take a ride out that way and get the right road numbers and/or names. I am from the area as well and I know the backroads but I am not very good at remembering or knowing the names of them :)

In the little cemetery, there were about 5 or 6 gravestones. Also, there were probably 3 or maybe 4 other graves that are unmarked but have either fieldstones or old bricks on them. I thought at the time there were remains unmarked there because the ground has sunken in and then the bricks or fieldstones were on top or around them.

When I get the correct road names or numbers, I believe you can go to old county records and maybe be able to see land grants or deeds to find out exactly who owned the tract.

Do you believe you are related? At the time (about 3 years ago) I got online and tried to find anyone who might be interested. I was afraid the developers would try to move them."

- - - - -

Stacey Cooper Ricketts then posted the following to the list, also on 07Jun 2006:

"I am a Sammons/Salmons decendant and more than likely that individuals buried there are being sought for birth/death dates. It also can establish where the Salmons/Sammons homeplace was and gain access to deed records/land ownership information for further reference. I cannot speak for others not responding but I can say for myself I have been on and offline alot over the past couple of years due to health issues so I may have missed your post. I and others I am sure of the group am appreciative of anything you have that will help us out in our quest regarding our families histories."

- - - - -

Jillyn then posted the following to the list, also on 07 Jun 2006:

"I am not related to the Salmons/Sammons families (that I know of) but I understand your quest. My continuing search for family has made me sensitive to what I happen to stumble upon regarding any people, while I'm out and about. I will be happy to look through my (messy) cabinets at home and dig the info out for you. Give me a couple of days and if you need to post a reminder (a kick in my butt:) that is o.k."

- - - - -

[There doesn't seem to be any further discussion on the topic after thelast post above].

- - - - - - - - - -

Regimental history:

To go to the official National Park Service's "Soldiers and Sailors"website, use the following link, and in the boxes select or type"Union," "Delaware," unit number "9" and function "Infantry." Then click on the 9th Regiment Delaware Infantry. Then, scroll down to the bottom for the links to the specific soldiers:


1. Does anyone know how George David Salmons may connect to the"Mitsawokett-related" line of Sammons? In Preston Sammons' email from 7 Sep 2004 above, the inserted "old email" states that George was a son of John S. Salmons and Sarah Lingo Salmons. A connection between John S. Salmons and Levi Salmons (b 1772) is implied. How exactly do John & Levi connect?

2. How is it known that George David Salmons was the son of John S. Salmons by his wife Sarah Lingo, and not by one of John's four other wives, as mentioned in the "old email" section of Preston Sammons email above?

3. Does anyone know where George David Salmons and Josephine Codrey Salmons are buried? Does any one have photographs of their headstones? Does George have a military headstone?

4. In Preston Sammons' email from 07 Sep 2004 above, it gives George's birth year as 1836, as opposed to the 1838 given in the pension records. Is 1836 from George's headstone? If not, where does this date come from?

5. Does anyone have any information on the descendants of the children of George and Josephine?

6. Does anyone have a photograph of George and/or Josephine?


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