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Franklin Wright

Company G,
11th U.S. Colored Heavy Artillery, also known as 11th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery
also formerly known as: 8th U.S. (Rhode Island) Colored Heavy Artillery & 14th U.S. (Rhode Island) Colored Heavy Artillery

Certificate # 970579

Franklin Wright tombstone, Gouldtown Memorial Park, Gouldtown, Cumberland, N.J.
Photo by John C. Carter, Aug 2002


Sarah Wright tombstone, Gouldtown Memorial Park, Gouldtown, Cumberland, N.J.
Photo by John C. Carter, Aug 2002



Enlisted: November 2, 1863, Rhode Island
Honorably discharged October 2, 1865, Providence, Rhode Island.
Franklin Wright :  
Date of birth 1: January 5, 1845 (from February 1907 and April 1915 Affidavits)
Date of birth 2: January 5, 1846 (from June 1912 and January 1926 Affidavits)
Birth place 1: Salem County , N.J. (per February 1907 and April 1915 Affidavits)
Birth place 2: Alloway, Salem County (from June 1912 and January 1926 Affidavits)
Date of death: April 3, 1929, Fairfield Township, Cumberland County (October 1929 Affidavit)
Buried at: Gouldtown Memorial Park, Gouldtown, Cumberland Co, N.J. (not from the pension record)
First married to: Hannah Casper
Marriage date:

December 6, 1867 (New Jersey records say 1866)
New Jersey Marriage record online --
Wright, Francis to Casper, Hannah, Salem, Salem County: Salem 6 Dec 1866 Bk. AD : Pg. 422

Marriage place: Salem, Salem Co., N.J.
Children: Per affidavits dated March 1898 and April 1915
1. Casper Wright born March 26, 1868
2. Mary E. Wright born March 5, 1869
3. Franklin Wright born December 9, 1870
4. Albert B. Wright born February 23, 1872
5. Martha Wright born January 23, 1875 (1880 census says 'Martie' is a son)
6. Harriet Ann Wright born April 5, 1880
7. Hannah Wright born September 16, 1888
8. Lemuel Wright born September 16, 1893
Willie -- 1880 census  
Second marriage to: Sarah Gould, born July 22, 1875, in Fairfield Township, Cumberland County, NJ
Marriage date: Between Thanksgiving 1903 and January 1904, Common Law Marriage
Marriage place: No location given
Children: No Children under Sixteen

1880 Census, Upper Alloway Creek Township, Salem, New Jersey, RK Series: T9 Roll: 797 Page: 185


Note that child Martie is called 'son' and that child Willie is not mentioned in the pension file.

Description: 6' / Mulatto Complexion / Eyes Brown / Black Hair
Occupation: Farmer
Per Affidavit January 1926

Places of residence since leaving the service:
Salem County until 19 years ago (1888) since then in Bridgeton, NJ


Sarah Gould Wright:

"She further deposes and says she was born of Frederick Gould and Mary Murray Gould, on July 22, 1875, in the Township of Fairfield, County of Cumberland and State of New Jersey; that she has from that the date of her birth to this day continued to be a resident of the same township, never having resided anywhere else.

"This deponent further deposes and says that she had not been married up to the time she entered into the matrimonial state with on Franklin Wright, a Civil War veteran who died April 3, 1929, that about Thanksgiving time in the year 1903 she and the said veteran entered into the relationship of common law marriage, went to housekeeping and six children were born of the union. That the said veteran and petitioner were always known as Mr. and Mrs. Wright, that they held themselves out as husband and wife which said relationship continued, without separation or interruption from its inception in 1903 down to the time of the veteran's death in April of this year.

"The deponent further deposes and says that while no ceremony was performed by a licensed official yet the relationship was accepted from the start as binding and that no question or controversy has ever arisen over said relationship and further this deponent is not now nor has she been married since the death of said Franklin Wright."

Other information, not from the pension files:

1880 NEW JERSEY SALEM UPPER ALLOWAY CRK Series: T9 Roll: 797 Page: 185

WRIGHT, FRANK B m 36 farm laborer NJ-NJ-NJ
Hannah B f 31 wife keeping house NJ-NJ-NJ
Casper B m 13 son NJ-NJ-NJ
Mary B f 11 dau NJ-NJ-NJ
Frank B m 9 son NJ-NJ-NJ
Albert B m 8 son NJ-NJ-NJ
Martie B m 6 son NJ-NJ-NJ
Willie B m 2 son NJ-NJ-NJ
Hattie B f 2/12 dau NJ-NJ-NJ

1880 NEW JERSEY SALEM MANNINGTON Series: T9 Roll: 797 Page: 48

CASPER, Isah B m 66 farmer NJ-NJ-NJ
Elizabeth B f 64 wife keeping house NJ-NJ-NJ
JACKSON, Elcie B f 13 g-child laborer NJ-NJ-NJ

1900 NEW JERSEY CUMBERLAND STOW CRK Series: T623 Roll: 961 Page: 224

living with Joseph G. McGalliard family

WRIGHT, FRANK servant B m Jan 1845 55 marr 20 yrs NJ-NJ-NJ

1910 NEW JERSEY CUMBERLAND FAIRFIELD TWP Series: T624 Roll: 875 Page: 270

WRIGHT, FRANK head m Mu 64 marr 5 yrs NJ-NJ-NJ
Sarah wife f Mu 34 marr 5 yrs 2 child 2 living NJ-NJ-NJ
Ruth dau f Mu 1 sing NJ-NJ-NJ
Norman son m Mu 0 sing NJ-NJ-NJ

1920 NEW JERSEY CUMBERLAND FAIRFIELD TWP Series: T625 Roll: 1026 Page: 234

WRIGHT, FRANK head m B 74 marr NJ-NJ-NJ
Sarah wife f B 43 marr NJ-NJ-NJ
Ruth dau f B 10 sing NJ-NJ-NJ

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1. Can anyone provide a date of separation from Franklin's first wife Hannah Casper Wright? In his 1915 affidavit # 8 question: Are you now living with your wife (listed as Hannah Casper), or has there been a separation? Franklin replies "No." If not living with his wife Hannah, why not list his new wife Sarah Gould?

In the 1900 Census Hannah Wright (Salem County, NJ) is listed as a Widow with two children Hannah and Lemuel Wright.

2. Can anyone provide the names of Franklin and Sarah's children? She states they have 6 children. Franklin never lists his children with Sarah, per his 1915 affidavit.

In the 1910 Census Frank and Sarah Wright are listed as husband and wife married for 5 years with 2 children being born: Ruth and Norman.
Hannah Casper Wright is listed in the 1910 Census for Mannington Township (Salem County) as still married (40 years - so around 1870). She is living with her two youngest children: Hannah and Lemuel Wright.

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