Elisha Durham
Private, Company C,
8th Pennsylvania Infantry,
also known as 8th U.S. Colored Infantry

                                 Photo taken Aug 2002


Enlisted 13 Aug 1863, [one record gives the date of 14 Aug 1863]
Honorably discharged 10 Nov 1865, Brownsville, TX [one record gives the date of 10 Dec 1865, Philadelphia, PA]
Residence during pension record period: Kent Co, DE

Elisha Durham:
Date of birth: ca. 1839-40 at (not given)
Date of death: 17 Jul 1894 at (not given)
Married to:
Sarah Carney on Apr 1857 at Smyrna, Kent Co, DE
Her date of birth: ca. 1835-36

Her date of death: 06 Jan 1903
Their children:
None are listed in the pension records. One document had a space for children's data, but it was only for children who were living and under 16 years of age at the time of the document (1894). See below for a list of their children.

Among the affiants / witnesses for Elisha and Sarah:
Zadock Muntz [Isaiah "Zaddock" / "Zeddick" Munce / Muntz, b. Mar 1835; first cousin of Elisha] [also a Civil War veteran]
John Carter [John A. Carty / Carter, b. 25 Dec 1823]
Robert J. Durham [Robert John Durham, b. 31 May 1851; first cousin of Elisha]
William Carney [b. ca. 1836-38] [also a Civil War veteran]
Enoch Clark
Joseph C. Boggs
Lydia Ann Sammons


Elisha Durham was the son of:
Joel Durham (b. ca. Jul 1819; d. 17 Feb 1909) and Margaret Munce / Muntz (b. ca. 1817; d. 14 Apr 1895).
Sarah Carney was the daughter of:
Robert Carney (b. 13 Aug 1815; d. 18 Jan 1889) and Phebe _______ (b. ca. 1812; d. ca. 1880).

Children of Elisha and Sarah, according to my data:
1. Annie M. Durham, b. 10 Sep 1857, m. Isaac Green Sr.
2. Margaret A. Durham, b. ca. 1858
3. Robert Durham, b. ca. 1862
4. Charles Durham, b. ca. 1864
5. David Durham, b. ca. 1866, m. Christina "Tene" Sammons
6. Lewis Durham, b. ca. 1868
7. Sallie Durham, b. ca. 1870
8. Elisha Durham, b. ca. 1872
9. Elijah / Frank? Durham, b. ca. 1874

Children of Elisha and Sarah, according to Joseph Romeo's website:

1. Margaret A. "Annie M." Durham, b. 10 Sep 1857, m. Isaac Green
2. Robert Durham, b. ca. Jun 1861, m. Mary L. Sammons?
3. Charles H. Durham, b. ca. May 1863, m. Clara _______
4. David Durham, b. ca. Jun 1867, m. Christina Sammons
5. Lewis Durham, b. ca. 1869
6. Sallie Durham, b. ca. 1870, m. Joseph Seeney
7. Elisha Frank Durham, b. ca. 1872
8. Ervin Durham, b. ca. 1874

Notable differences:

A. Joseph shows Annie M. and Margaret A. as one-and-the-same.
B. Joseph shows the name Frank as a middle name for Elisha, whereas I had it as an alternative name from Elijah.
C. Joseph shows an (extra) son named Ervin. (Joseph has some good notes on his page--see link above).

According to my data, Sarah also had a child out-of-wedlock, prior to her marriage to Elisha:

1. Joseph Carney, b. 16 Apr 1854, d. 14 Jan 1935, m. Mary W. Dean

Joseph Romeo shows Elisha & Sarah's marriage date as 19 Feb 1857 (as opposed to the Apr 1857 date in the pension records).
Joseph Romeo shows Elisha's death date as 18 Jul 1894 (as opposed to 17 Jul 1894, as shown in the pension records and on the tombstone).

On the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington DC, Elisha's name is displayed on Plaque A-20.

Elisha is buried in Immanuel Union / Manship Cemetery, Cheswold, Kent Co, DE

1. Does anyone know the maiden name of Phebe, Sarah Carney Durham's mother? (Hmm, I need to do an assessment of Robert and Phebe's children, and see how many of them lived until the period of common use of death certificates, and see if any of the certificates list mother's/Phebe's maiden name).

2. Does anyone know who the Lydia Ann Sammons (among the affiants/witnesses) is? (Not sure if Sammons is her maiden or married name).

3. Joseph: Where did you obtain the 19 Feb 1857 marriage date of Elisha and Sarah? (And why do you show Elisha dying on 18 Jul 1894 instead of 17 Jul 1894?) (In your notes you have the tombstone date noted correctly).

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From Joseph Romeo ( 4 Sep 2002

John C. Carter asked:   "Joseph: Where did you obtain the 19 Feb 1857 marriage date of Elisha and Sarah? (And why do you show Elisha dying on 18 Jul 1894 instead of 17 Jul 1894? In your notes you have the tombstone date noted

The marriage date came from Lynn Jackson's web site, which is doclinked in the Sources section on my page for Elisha Durham. The death date of 18 Jul 1894 came from his death certificate.

To view some of the other
Civil War pension extractions, as well as an explanatory note, please see the following page of the Mitsawokett site:

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Please let me know if anyone has any questions: John C. Carter






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