Debrix Miller (aka Deberix/Deborix/Debricks/Deberic/Debraix/Debraire)

Company F,
4th Michigan Infantry


NOTE: There were two men named Debrix Miller who were each Civil War veterans and who each at one point lived in Michigan. The one described here is:

Debrix Miller, son of: John Hughes Miller & Marian Ann Greenage Miller.

(The other one is: Debrix Miller, son of: Enoch Miller & Phebe A. "Libby" Carney Miller. Private, Company D, 34th New Jersey Infantry.)


A new Civil War government-issued headstone was installed for Debrix in October 2009, just behind the small stone marked "Father --




Photos courtesy of cousin Stephen P. Trammell


Pension # 576300, widow Sarah's pension number.
(alternate/other numbers: 115794, 795582)

  Enrolled: 12 Sep 1864, Sumpter, MI.
  Honorably discharged: 05 Aug 1865.

Deberix/Deborix/Debrix/Debricks/Deberic/Debraix/Debraire Miller:

  Date of birth: 22 Sep 1830
  Place of birth: Pennsylvania (per pension records)
Delaware [per census records]*
  Date of death: 20 Oct 1903
  Place of death: Pittsford, Hillsdale Co, MI
  Married to: Sarah Ann Hutchinson (one record lists her as Hutchins) (see discussion of name at page bottom)
  Marriage Date: 17 Feb 1853
  Marriage Place: Milton, Sussex Co, DE
  Married By: Rev. William Moore
  Wife's DOB: [not listed]
  Wife's POB: [not listed]
  Wife's DOD: 10 Feb 1918
  Wife's POD: [not listed]

Children of Debrix Miller and Sarah Ann Hutchinson Miller:

  1. John Miller, b. ca. 1856.
2. Maria[h] [A.] Miller**, b. ca. 1861.
4. [Charles W.] Walter Miller
****, b. ca. 1870.
5. Rebecca Miller, b. ca. 1873.
6. Mary [E.] Miller, b. ca. 1874.

Debrix's & Sarah's residences at various times as noted in the pension records:

Pittsford, Hillsdale Co, MI (as of 09 May 1898).
Pittsford, Hillsdale Co, MI (as of 08 Dec 1903).

[See census records for other residences].

Wife Sarah's death certificate:


Per notice from the Adjutant General's Office, dated 25 Apr 1871:

"On the Muster Roll of Co. 'F' of that Regiment, for the months of Nov. & Dec. 1864, he is reported: Debarix Miller present, daily duty, cook of African descent. - Muster Out roll dated May 26th/66, reports him Col'd Cook, Discharged from Hospital per S.O.W.D. august 5th/65, New Orleans, La. - Borne on some rolls as Debraix Miller."

"Descriptive Book of the Regiment" --

Debrix Miller, #51, is highlighted below:
(the line has been enhanced and divided in two for easier reading)


Full page:


*The 1860 census (Canton, Wayne Co, MI) states that Debrix & Sarah (as well as oldest son John) were born in Delaware, not Pennsylvania. The 1870 census (Sumpter, Wayne Co, MI) states that Debrix & Sarah (as well as oldest son John) were born in Delaware.

The 1880 census (Jefferson Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI) states that Debrix, as well as both of his parents, were born in Delaware. The same is listed for Sarah. (Eldest son John was living in Wayne Co with his own family by this point).

The 1900 census (Jefferson Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI) states that Deberix was born in Delaware, his father in Pennsylvania, and his mother in New Jersey. Sarah is listed as born in Delaware, and both of her parents in Pennsylvania.

** Above, as per the pension records, one of Debrix & Sarah's daughter's name was "Maria." Her name is spelled the same way in the 1870 census. However, in the 1880 census her name is spelled as "Mariah A. Miller." It is conceivable that she was named for her paternal grandmother, Mariah Ann Greenage Miller.

*** Debrix's death certificate (copy contained in the pension records) stated that he was the father of 8 children, 5 of whom were living at the time of his death. It also stated Deberix had been born in PA, and listed his parents as John H. Miller and Mariah A. Grinwood, both born in PA. Regarding the list of 5 children given above (whose names were given in Deberix' pension records, on an affidavit dated 09 May 1898), it can be presumed that one of the missing 3 children would have been Morris Miller, b. ca. Jan 1862 (based upon his age given as 18 in the 1880 census and upon his age of "20 yrs 4 m" given on his headstone which had a death date of 13 May 1882). Nothing is known of Deberix & Sarah's remaining two children.

(Note: The 1900 census states that Sarah was the mother of 9 children, 5 of whom were living).

****Deberix's affidavit in the pension records lists a son Walter, as does the 1870 census, but the 1880 census lists the apparent same child as Charles W. His full name may have been Charles Walter Miller.

The 1900 census shows a 15-year-old grandson Howard Miller living with Deberix & Sarah (both aged 69). It is not known whose son Howard was. Debrix & Sarah are buried at Greenwood Cemetery, Pittsford, Hillsdale Co, MI.

Their entries on



Regimental history:

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1. Does anyone have any photos of Debrix or Sarah?

2. Does anyone have any information regarding Debrix & Sarah's descendants, including which one of their children was the parent of the grandson Howard Miller listed in the 1900 census?

  From, 29 Mar 2009:

The 1900 census reports Howard Miller as age 15, b. Dec 1884. Michigan Births 1867-1902 (FamilySearch Record Search) shows Howard Miller, b. 20 Dec 1884, Jefferson, Hillsdale, Michigan, son of John Miller, b. Penna., and Ettie Miller, b. Michigan. The record also lists him as "Indian." Howard's marriage record in 1905 shows his mother's maiden name as Black. There is a marriage record on file for John Miller and Etta Black in 1882.

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