Charles Goldsborough

Company K,
22nd Pennsylvania Infantry, also known as
22nd U.S. Colored Infantry

                                 Photo taken Aug 2001


Enlisted 23 Feb 1865, Philadelphia, PA

Honorably discharged 16 Oct 1865, mustered out at Brownsville, TX

Residence during pension record period:  Cumberland Co, NJ

Son of:  Robert Goldsborough & Mary Ann Winrow

Date of birth:  (Take your pick!):
1. 20 Mar 1839 at Bunea [Buena?] Vista, NJ (per an affidavit by Charles dated 13 Feb 1909).
2. ca. 1850 (per his age given as 45 on his marriage certificate--included in the pension records--when he married his 2nd wife, Harriet Christian Williams).
3. ca. 1837 in NJ (per his death certificate--included in the pension records--which gave his age as 79).
4. 1832 in Cumberland Co, NJ (per an affidavit by Charles dated 04 Jun 1912), but this same affidavit also gave his age as 70, which would make him born ca. 1842, not 1832.
5. ca. 1840 at Back Neck, near Greenwich, Cumberland Co, NJ (per deposition by Charles dated 08 Dec 1910).
6. 20 Mar 1843 in Fairfield Township, Cumberland Co, NJ (per affidavit by Charles dated 03 Sep 1910).

Date of death:  11 Sep 1916 at Sheppard's Mills, Cumberland Co, NJ
Note: Charles' death certificate, below, incorrectly identifies his father as "John" instead of the correct "Robert."

Married to:

1)  Elsie Taylor in 1866 at: (blank)
Her date of birth:
Her date of death:  Jul 1886 at Jehokaville, Fairfield Township, Cumberland Co, NJ
Buried in Gouldtown Cemetery, Gouldtown, Cumberland Co, NJ
She had a brother named Jethro Taylor, b. ca. 1844-5 (also a Civil War veteran, U.S. Navy, USS Pawnee)

2)  Harriet "Hattie" Williams, a widow (maiden name Harriet Christian) on 03 Apr 1895 in Greenwich, Cumberland Co, NJ.  Daughter of: George Christian & Mintie _______.


Her date of birth:  ca. 1855 (per her age given as 40 on her marriage certificate--included in the pension records--when she married her 2nd husband, Charles Goldsborough) near Old Grove, Caroline Co, MD.

Her date of death:  15 Jun 1921 at Bridgeton, Cumberland Co, NJ.  (Her 1st husband was Robert Mitchell Williams, d. ca. 1886-7 in Philadelphia, PA; buried in Philadelphia, PA).

She had half-siblings named George Christian, b. ca. 1871, John Christian, b. ca. 1867, Anna Ricketts, b. ca. 1869, all of Federalsburg, Caroline Co, MD

Charles' father, Robert Goldsborough, was also a Civil War veteran (and was stated as having received a pension as well), and also Charles had three brothers who were also Civil War veterans:  Robert, William and Richard "Dick."  Also possibly a brother Sam.  The brother Robert was killed at the Battle of Chaffin's Farm, VA (aka the Battle of Chapin's Farm).  He also had a younger brother Edward and a younger sister Martha.

Charles stated his father was born in Delaware, and his mother was born in Back Neck, Cumberland Co, NJ.

Charles' father was incorrectly named as John Goldsborough on Charles' death certificate (copy included in pension records).  It does not state who the informant was.  His mother's name was given as "not known."

Unfortunately for Charles, it appears that an error was made at the time his discharge papers were written (an erasure & re-writing of the number of years he served--one), and this raised the suspicion of document tampering (although it was eventually noted that the field in question had no bearing on his eligibility), but caused Charles to have to go through an incredible process of repeated affidavits, an official "Special Examination," along with witness statements and affidavits, before his pension request was eventually approved.  (The fact that his place of birth at time of discharge had been given as Camden, Camden Co, NJ, and that all his later affidavits during the pension application period gave his birthplace in Cumberland Co, NJ, had also added to the suspicion).

Charles had "no children, never had any," per an affidavit dated 22 Apr 1905.  However, per a statement in the "Special Examination" documents, the examiner stated the following of Charles:    "The man seems entirely rational but his memory for anything that happened more than a few years ago seems very uncertain.  For instance, when he met me at the hotel in Bridgeton he told me that his daughter was a chambermaid there, which is true; but when I asked him at the end of his statement whether he had any children he said, no."

Among the affiants / witnesses for Charles and Hattie:

Robert Gould
William "Bill" Gould
Hannah C. Gould (William's wife)
George Lloyd (who stated that his wife's mother and Charles' mother were sisters)

Other notable names (to our families) mentioned in affidavits and/or depositions:

Lorenzo "Renzo" Gould [known in service records as Alonzo Gould]
William Pierce
Moses Gould
Mark Pierce
Mordecai Pierce

Vital Statistic records contained within the file:

1.  Death certificate of Charles Goldsborough
2.  Death certificate of Harriet "Hattie" Christian Williams Goldsborough
3.  Marriage certificate of Charles Goldsborough and Harriet "Hattie" Christian Williams


On the African American Civil War Memorial in Washington DC, Charles' name is displayed on Plaque B-38.          

Charles is buried in Gouldtown Cemetery, Gouldtown, Cumberland Co, NJ


1.  Does anyone know of what connection Charles' father, Robert Goldsborough, may have had with any of our other Delaware families?  (I have ordered Robert's pension records, so these may shed some light on this, once received).

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