1844 Will of George DURHAM
of Dover Hundred,
Kent County,

Will - from Chuck Councilor via Don Fisher:  


I, George DURHAM of Dover Hundred Kent County and the state of Delaware, Farmer, do this Eighteenth Day of February eighteen hundred and forty four, make and ordain this my last will and testament in manner and form following:

First I order and direct that all my stock of horses cattle hogs and all my farming implements and utensils of every sort and all my household and kitchen furniture of every description and all my personal property of every kind be and remain in the possesion of my wife ANN DURHAM until the first day of next January, and that she shall go on and cutivate during the present year, the farm of Henry M. Ridgely on which I now reside as his tenant;

Secondly - as soon after the first day of next January as it can conveniently be done I order and direct that all my personal property be sold at public vendue or auction and that after the payment of all my debts funeral and other proper expenses and charges the clear balance of my estate be divided and distributed as follows that is to say one third part thereof to my wife the said ANN DURHAM and the remaining two third parts thereof be distributed as follows, one half of one eighth part thereof I give to JOHN HANZER an orphan boy that now lives with me and whom I have raised thus far from tender infancy, the remaining seven eighth parts and the one half of the other eighth part of the said two thirds of my said clear personal estate I give and bequeath as follows that is to say two eighth parts thereof to my infant son ISAAC DURHAM, one other eighth part thereof to my son HENRY DURHAM, one other eighth part thereof to my son WILLIAM DURHAM, one other eighth part thereof to my son ELIJAH DURHAM, one other eighth part thereof to my son BENJAMIN DURHAM, one other eighth part thereof to my daughter REBECCA DURHAM and the remaining eighth part thereof to my daughter HANNAH JANE DURHAM.

Thirdly I hereby order direct and will that my wife ANN DURHAM shall not be chargable with nor accountable for any loss that may happen or occur in or among any property above directed and ordered to remain in her possesion until the first day of January next for the purpose of carrying on the farm above mentioned, and it is my will and I so direct and order that she may use in the maintainance and support of herself and family until the first day of next January all the necessary food now in my possesion and shall not be accountable to my estate for the same.

Lastly I do hereby appoint my wife the said ANN DURHAM and DOCTOR HENRY RIDGELY the executors of this my last will and testament.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal the day and year herein first afore written.

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Proved 4th day of March 1844




(the following data are not part of the Will)
Children of GEORGE DURHAM and SUSAN (maiden name unknown) are:




HENRY2 DURHAM, b. 11 Jul 1815, Delaware; d. 26 Feb 1882, Delaware.




REV. WILLIAM DURHAM, b. 09 Feb 1819, Delaware; d. 16 Aug 1857, Delaware.




ELIJAH DURHAM, b. ca. 1821, Delaware; d. Aft. 1880, Michigan.




BENJAMIN DURHAM, b. Bet. 1818 - 1825, Delaware; d. 01 Sep 1888, Delaware.








HANNAH JANE DURHAM, b. ca. 1823 (Source: Joseph Romeo.); d. Unknown.




ISAAC DURHAM (Source: Ned Heite. Mitsa website.), b. ca. 1837 (Source: Joseph Romeo.); d. Unknown; m. DEBORAH H. COTT (Source: John Carter.), 07 Jan 1858, Delaware (Source: Marriage record.); b. 06 Jul 1841 (Source: John Carter.); d. Unknown.



Marriage Notes for ISAAC DURHAM and DEBORAH COTT:
Mitsawokett marriage record:
Groom: DURHAM, Isaac
Bride: COTT, Deborah H.
: Kent County
Date: 7 Jan 1858
Minister: P.M. Mansfield
Source: Kent Co. Marriages
Reference: Vol 90 p 34







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