Second Generation

2. Eli Norwood (Nathaniel ) was born about 1770. He died in 1838.

Eli married (1) Anna Rust on 4 Dec 1789 in Sussex County, Delaware. Anna was born about 1769 in Delaware . She died in (no record).

They had the following children:

+ 7 M i John Norwood
+ 8 F ii Ann Rust Norwood
  9 F iii Elon Norwood.
  10 M iv Wingate P. Norwood.

Eli married (2) Ellen J. Cornish daughter of Samuel Cornish and Rachel. Ellen died in (no record).

They had the following children:

+ 11 M v Stephen M. Norwood
+ 12 F vi Mary Jane Norwood
+ 13 M vii William D. Norwood
+ 14 M viii Samuel B. Norwood
  15 M ix Eli Lord Norwood.
  16 F x Margaret P. Norwood.

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