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Rev. Clayton Durham
(b abt 1773)
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Associate of Richard Allen, AME Church


Is Elizabeth Rebecca Durham Jones (1824-1900) a descendant
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Is Rachel Durham Wall (1816-1895) a descendant of
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Life magazine 10 Sep 1956:

"The Lineage of a "Negro" Family

Durhams, Faulkners, Abeles, Cooks, Browns, Websters
of Delaware and Pennsylvania







Joseph Romeo has done extensive research on the Durham family. See it at

As of June 15, 2015 this is his reporting about Rev. Clayton Durham:


Rev Clayton Durham
Son of John Durham Jr and Rebecca (-----)
Born ca. 1773 in Delaware
Died 07 Apr 1851 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Carter, Sawyer; AME Minister

Married ca. 1793 in Delaware to Unknown Partner

To them were born:

Name Sex Birth Death Spouse/Partner

John Durham M ca. 1794 . Sarah Francisco
Clayton Durham Jr M ca. 1803 . Julia (-----)
Rebecca Durham F ca. 1805 07 Jun 1875 Benjamin Galloway
James Durham M ca. 1807 . .
Samuel Durham M ca. 1809 09 Sep 1857 Jane (-----)


Clayton Durham was a devisee under the will of John Durham Sr, of Kent Co., Delaware, dated 09 Apr 1788. No relationship is specifically stated in the will, but he is mentioned last in the will, after sons and daughters and "my son John Durham's children." It is possible that he was a son of John Durham Jr, who died in Kent Co., Delaware, in 1776. But in the final account of the estate of John Durham Sr, settled in 1796, Clayton Durham is listed as "a son and legatee."

From Rev. Joseph H. Morgan, History of the New Jersey Conference of the A.M.E. Church (Camden, NJ: 1887):
Pastor, AME Church, Salem, NJ: 1817, Clayton Durham;
Pastor, AME Church, Bushtown, NJ: 1817, Clayton Durham;
Pastor, AME Church, Springtown, NJ: 1817, Clayton Durham; 1840, C. Durham;
Pastor, AME Church, Gouldtown, NJ: 1840, Clayton Durham;
Pastor, AME Church, New Brunswick, NJ: 1843, C. Durham;
Pastor, AME Church, Princeton, NJ: 1843, Clayton Durham;
Pastor, Macedonia AME Church, Camden, NJ: 1848, Clayton Durham and John Henson;
Pastor, AME Church, Milford, NJ: 1848, Clayton Durham and John Henson;
Pastor, AME Church, Snow Hill, NJ: 1848, Clayton Durham and John Henson; 1849, Clayton Durham;
Pastor, AME Church, Burlington, NJ: 1848, C. Durham and John Henson; 1849, C. Durham;
Pastor, AME Church, Evesham, NJ (Mt. Laurel, NJ): 1848, Clayton Durham and John Henson; 1849, C. Durham;
Pastor, AME Church, Mount Holly, NJ: 1848, Clayton Durham and John Henson; 1849, C. Durham.

Death notice, Public Ledger, 10 Apr 1851:

Died. On Monday, 7th inst., the Rev. CLAYTON DURHAM, in the 79th year of his age.

His friends and those of the family are invited to attend his funeral, this day (Thursday) 10th inst., at 1 o'clock, from the residence of his son-in-law, Benj. Galloway, No. 2 Ronaldson street. The funeral services will be performed at the Israel Church, Fifth and Gaskill streets, and proceed from the Church to the Lebanon Cemetery.

Clayton Durham was buried in Lebanon Cemetery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


1820 - U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Co., Moyamensing Twp., Page [165B]: 1 M 45+; 1 F 45+; 2 M 14-26; 3 M 0-14.
1830 - U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Co., Moyamensing Twp., Page [55]: 1 M 55-100; 1 F 36-55; 1 M 24-36; 3 M 10-24; 3 M 0-10; 1 F 0-10.


A different source:

History of the African Methodist Episcopal Church:
Electronic Edition.
Payne, Daniel Alexander, 1811-1893
Ed. by Smith, C. S. (Charles Spencer), 1852-1923

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MARCH 13TH, 1826.


I also obtained from the widow of Rev. Joseph Cox his own journal, as closely kept as that of Bishop Allen--in a pasteboard portfolio. These were the only two personal journals of the "Fathers" that I found in the city of Philadelphia. Brother Cox was a local elder in the mother church, and in mental power excelled all but Joseph M. Corr, who was "General Secretary" for the three Conferences--Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York. Joseph M. Corr was also a local preacher and class-leader, and a tailor by trade. Although he kept the fullest and best minutes of the three Annual Conferences, he kept no journal of his daily private life. Beyond these two journals nothing was found in Philadelphia concerning the beginning of things--nothing but "tradition," and that was contradictory.

Elder Clayton Durham and Deacon Walter Proctor were associates of Bishop Allen. Good and useful men were they, but illiterate. Bishop William Paul Quinn was also in the city of Philadelphia (1850). Added to these, I found a stalwart layman named Jonathan Tudas, from whom I obtained an interesting account of the convention--not the General Conference, because at that time (1816) there were no Conferences in existence to be represented by a General Conference. There were only separate and independent churches from Baltimore, Md., Wilmington, Del., Attleborough, Pa., and Salem, N. J., which met in Philadelphia, organized a convention, and in that convention organized the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Jonathan Tudas was present, and from his lips I obtained the "tradition" which is given the reader in the second chapter of this history. But before I would accept his narrative as correct, or approaching correctness, I interviewed Clayton Durham, a member of the convention of 1816, and Bishop Quinn, who, like Jonathan Tudas, was present, but not a member--being permitted to see and hear all that was said and done. Walter Proctor was not present, but he had obtained from Allen and Durham all that was said and done. To these three persons I put the following question:
Page vi

"Can I depend upon any statement made by Jonathan Tudas respecting the sayings and doings of the convention of 1816?" To this interrogation every one of them answered in the affirmative, and assured me that Tudas had a powerful memory, and was a man of unquestionable veracity.


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Durham Lineages

These may all prove to be part of the same Delaware family
but proof is not yet at hand to connect them.

(Also see Family History Reports)

Daniel Durham b abt 1690

Elisha Durham b abt 1794

Hugh Durham b abt 1788

William Durham b 1806


Joseph Romeo's Durham Index







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