A petition made by Joel Durham in 1864

pertaining to his grandfather Jeremiah Concealler's land


By Harry Muncey


A petition made by Joel Durham (photo) in 1864 concerning land belonging to Hannah Councilor at her death in 1848. I believe she was the widow of Elijah. It talks about their children and their spouses. In my case it talks about Jeremiah Councilor son of Elijah and Jeremiah's widow Elizabeth. It also states that Jeremiah's daughter Hannah married Perry Cork.

4 Oct 1864 Kent Co. (Delaware) Orphan's Court Petition of Joel Durham of Dover Hd. states he is son of Elisha Durham (b. 1794) and Hester Concealler of Jeremiah Concealler and Elizabeth ?.

Children of Elisha and Hester are:

1) Joel Durham (b. 1818), wife Margaret Munce (b. 1816),
2) Isaac Durham,
3) Elijah Durham died with 4 minor children: Isaiah, Elijah, Mary, Catherine,
4) Elisha Durham, b. 1840,
5) John Durham, b. 1837,
6) Elizabeth Durham, wife of Bayman Williams,
7) Mary Durham (b. 1834) wife of George Clark,
8) David Durham, (b. 1833),
9) Hester Durham, (b. 1836) wife of David Driggers, and
10) unnamed infant child deceased.

Kent Co. Orphans Court, Orphans Court Docket X pp. 76-77, Re: Jeremiah Concealler's land, 1864











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