Thomas Clark, Revolutionary War Vet


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Thomas Clark resided, at one time or another, in Georgetown, Sussex, and/or in Milton, Sussex. He died about 1819. His wife (unknown) died between 1819 and 1834. He received a Bounty Land Warrant, presumably for 100 acres, related to his military service. He served under the command of Col. David Hall.

His children living in 1834 were:

Whittington [various spellings] Clark
John Clark
Nathaniel Clark
Comfort Miller
Elizabeth Rigware
Levina Harmon

His children who had died by 1834 were:

Mary Morris who had a daughter Molley or Nelley Morris
Morris Clark who had a daughter Nancy Cosey[???] and a son Robert Clark
Nancy Johnson who had a son Frazer Johnson, a daughter Hetty Johnson, and a son Whittington Johnson
Zepporah Miller who had a daughter Rebecca Miller and a son Miers Miller

Lawyers and witnesses to the documents include: Frazier Gray, Isaac Waples, William F. Toomey, Gideon Waples, Mary Waples, Peter Hall (a Justice of the Peace), Peter Robinson


Was this Miers Miller the husband of Rebecca Carney?
Was this Rebecca MIller the wife of Purnell Mosley?
Was this Whittington Johnson the wife of Ann and the father of 10 children?


(New England Historical and Genealogical Register, 114 (July 1960), pp. 188-190)

"In a volume entitled 'Bounty Land Script--Act of 1833', now part of the old loan records of the Treasury Department in the National Archives, Washington, D.C., are many names of Revolutionary soldiers and their heirs who were issued bounty land scrip in place of the military bounty land warrants given for service during the Revolution. This volume has the call number 'NN' and that of the index of soldiers' names in it is 'NN-1'. The entries start 18 April 1833 and stop 19 Jan 1870.

"Bounty land scrip was authorized by Congress 30 May 1830. The title of the Act stated: 'For the relief of certain officers and soldiers of the Virginia Line and Navy, and of the Continental Army, during the Revolutionary War', and authorized the veterans to surrender to the Secretary of the Treasury before 1 Jan 1835 unsatisfied military bounty land warrants, and receive in their place certificates or scrip which could be used at any land office in Indiana, Illinois and Ohio. A total of 50,000 acres was allotted for those in the Continental Line. As scrip for all of this had been issued by the early part of 1832, Congress authorized an additional (p. 178) 300,000 acres on 13 July 1832 and another 200,000 acres on 2 March 1833...

"Only those veterans whose heirs received scrip or were still alive at the date of the transfer of the warrants to scrip are included in the list.

Omitted are the names of those who had assigned their warrants to others at some earlier date.

"This is a list of the heirs of some veterans of the Revolutionary War, made fifty or more years after the signing of the Treaty of Ghent which officially confirmed the breaking away of the thirteen colonies from England...."

DELAWARE excerpt --

CLARK, Thomas, pri., p. 233. 1834--only heirs: children: Whittenton, John & Nathaniel Clark, Comfort Miller, Elizabeth Rigware, Lavina Harman: grandchildren: Nelly Morris, Nancy Cary, Robert Clark, Magee, Hetty & Whittenton Johnson, Rebecca Miller.














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