Union Memorial Cemetery
Union Road
Goldsboro, Caroline County, Maryland






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Brown, "Thomas" A. Sr.
Carney, Selina Ray
Carney, Wm Eldridge & Mary Ellen
Carter, Sarah C.
Clark, Robert
Clark, Wilhelmina
Collins, Rosa Emmaline
Cooper, Paul W. & Margaret A.
Downes, Edith & Isaac
Duckery, Shirell Lavenya
Flamer, Kenneth
Gibbs, Ernest W. & Katie C.
Gould, Thomas G.
Gould, David
Gould, Horace D.
Gould, Jessie
Gould, Charles R.
Gould, Joseph H.
Groce, Gladys H.
Groce, Dennis Benard
Groce, William H.
Gross, Doretta Marie 1
Gross, Doretta Marie 2
Grinnage, Trusty
Harris, James P.
Harris, J. Eric
Harris, Irene Byris
Henry, Katie & John
Henry, Bessie M.
Henry, Cornelius Frank
Henry, Wilminia
Henry, Marshall R.
Henry, Mildred B.
Henry, Norman I.
Henry, Charlie A. & Viola D.
Henry, Charles A. & Ida J.
Henry, Cornelius Frank
Henry, Horace Noble
Henry, Noble N & Rosie J
Holmes, Mary Elizabeth
Hoxter, Roy & Hannah
Hoxter, John & Viola
Hoxter, Joseph H
Hoxter, Orvel C
Hoxter, William M. Sr.
Hutchins, Emma
Hutchins, Thomas E. Sr.
Hutchins, Samuel N.
Unknown, next to Samuel Hutchins
Hutchins, Wm. J. Sr.
Hutchins, Minnie E.
Hutchins, Thomas E. Sr.
Jarman, Viola D.
Jarman headstone row
Johnson, Clarence G & Emma B.
Johnson, Robert Ernest Leroy
Johnson, Florence E.
Johnson, Reginald A.
Johnson, Alussia Hoxter
Johnson, Regina
Johnson, John Wesley
Johnson, Lillian Mae
Johnson, Ruth C.
Leary, Charles
Matthews, Annie B
Matthews, Harold M. C. Gould
Matthews, Oscar & Lillian
Matthews, William D.
Matthews, Nicodemus
Matthews, Myrtle Groce
Matthews, Elsie & Elbert
Matthews, Wm Calvin & Emma
Mosley, Walter & Verdie
Norwood Stephen Lee
Swiggett, Wilmer Groce
Sudler, H.
Sudler, Frances & Hollis
Swiggett, William & Mary
Smith, Lottie H.
Smith, Laura M.
Thomas, John Arthur
Thomas, Paul Eugene
Thomas, Charles J.
Thompson, Silas
Walker, Clara M.
Wood, Arthur A.
Wood, Elsie M.
Wright, Shirley A.
Wright, George
Wright, Howard O. Jr.








"The History and Genealogy of the
Native American Isolate Communities
of Kent County, Delaware, and
Surrounding Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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