Selected Inscriptions, Various Cemeteries
Wayne County Michigan




Some cemeteries in the vicinity of Romulus and western Wayne Co.:

—Romulus Cemetery - Shook Rd. just north of I-94 and the town center of Romulus - Perkins, Dean, Miller, Grinage, Simons, some wives from other families, maybe more...

Downer Cemetery - SW corner of I-275 and Michigan Ave. US 12 - Perkins [be prepared to climb the fence to get in]

—Martinsville Cemetery - Martinsville Rd. and Willis Rd. south of the town center of Martinsville - Dean, Miller, maybe others

—Mallette Cemetery - Huron Twp.?, exact location unknown - Perkins, Miller

—Sheldon Cemetery - Sheldon Rd. north of Michigan Ave. US 12 - Simons

—Tyler Cemetery - Tyler Rd. between I-275 and Hannan Rd - Perkins


Soop Cemetery
Denton Road, Van Buren Township.,Wayne County, Michigan
Stones of emigrants from Delaware


SOOP, and TYLER and MALLETT Cemeteries
By Dick Klopshinski ( 9 Sep 1999

I went through the Soop Cemetery [Van Buren Twp.,Wayne County, MI] on Denton Road a couple of days ago, these are the only familiar names found, and I am sure some (especially Millers) of them are not related.

[large family stone with smaller stones]

Jennie M 1885-1962
Rutherford B 1876-1935
Halen F 1837-1920
Glen J 1885-1903
Laura J 1871-1873
Mary L 1843-1929

[large family stone with smaller stones]

Hattie 1859-1947
James T s/o JA & H Dean d. 7 Feb 1873 age 10y 1m 21d
Harriet 1830-1904
Truman A 1828-1914

[large stone with names on all 4 sides, but only 2 readable]

Elinora d/o J & E Miller d. 7 Oct 1886 age 30y 17d
Eliza w/o J. Miller d. 11 Apr 1888 age 52y 5m 25d
[also 4 small stones with no dates: Dora, Nora, Mother, Father]

[both on same stone: John 1887-1965 & Mary G 1888-1944]

Dean [large stone with names on all sides, but only 3 readable]
Sarah w/o W. Dean b. 23 Oct 1820 - no death date
Cornelia d/o W. Dean b 15 May 1823 d. 4 Apr 1881
George b. 7 Jan 1817 d. 18 FEb 1880
[single stones in same plot]
Wilkinson b. 8 dec 1793 d. 18 Sep 1887
Deborah b. 28 Jun 1802 d. 27 Aug 1867
William Ward b. 10 May 1830 d. 11 May 1868 (25th MI infantry Co. E)

[large stone plus 4 small stones with only "Baby"]

John 1856-1915 Father
Christina F 1860-1920 Mother

[plot with several stones]

Clarissa J d/o A & C Perkins d. 11 Dec 1843 age 9y 1m
Richard D.B. s/o A & C Perkins d. 27 Sep 1841 age 1y 3m 19d
William R.H. s/o A & C Perkins d 24 May 1853 age 5y 6m
Wilber F s/o A & C Perkins d 14 Aug 1854 age 11y 4m 24d
Catherine d/o ??? Perkins d 1 Oct 1851 age 13y 28d
Caraline L w/o A. Perkins d 13 Aug 1856 age 35y 7d
Almon Perkins [to find dates need a shovel, a mulberry shrub has grown up
into the plot and dirt and roots cover the lower section]

Harriet H w/o Aretus DEAN d 12 Mar 1849 age 24y

Mary w/o A.E. MILLER d 4 Oct 1860 age 24y 5m 10d

Horace MILLER 6 Mar 1800-16 Mar 1891 & Clarissa his wife 12 Feb 1803-28 Sep

[all on one stone]

Earl N 1880-1943
Lulu A 1886-1935
Hannah V 1853-1934
Loren T 1854-1940




Tyler Road Cemetery
Van Buren Township, Wayne County, Michigan


[large family stone plus small individual stones]

Elva M. 1874-1961
Harry W. 1876-1950
Anna L. 1854-1914
William H. 1849-1920

[large stone with names on all 4 sides but not legible, small stones

with Mother, Father, Edward & ??.

[large family stone with individual stones]

Warner 1851-1922 & Catherine his wife 1854-1893
Archey 1871-1872
Bertie 1892-1906
Raymond C. 1896-1897




Mallett Cemetery
Huron Township, Wayne County, Michigan

City hall in Belleville -- records for the cemetery were burned in a fire long ago, and what they have begins in the 1940s.

Comments by Don Fisher.

Perkins, large family stone.
Father, John E 1889-1953
Darling Daughter, Genivieve A. Perkins 1914-1916
Mother, Bessie E. 1893-1960
Daughter, Evelyn V. Perkins 1931-1960

I have no idea who this is. I have no John Perkins in my file born this late.

Perkins, Large stone with dates and small stones (Mother & Father)
John 1839-1903
Anna Marie 1845-1940

This is John Perkins, son of Mitchell and Sarah, and his wife Anna Maria Miller, dau of Robert Miller and Mary Ann Dean. All dates agree with county records except for death of John 14 Apr 1905.

Perkins, Large stone with 2 small stones.
James H. 1835-1907
Ellis 1873-1886
Sallie 1877-1866

This is James Perkins, brother of John above, but without his wife Mary Elizabeth Dean. We do not have a death citation for her, but he is indicated a widower in 1907 death record. Ellis and Sallie (Sarah) are their two youngest known children. I assume Sallie's death to be a typo; we have death record for 1886.

Miller, Large stone with A. Lee 1879-1948 & Bessie E 1882-1960
several smaller stones on the same plot
Emma Alida d/o A & M Miller 1848-1928
Mary G. Fish w/o Abner Miller 1832-1919
Abner Miller 1823-1904
Frank Miller 1851-1928
Anna Miller 1854-1932

I have a listing for Albert/Alfred Miller b. 1832, son of John Hughes Miller and his wife Anna. His parents are buried at Martinsville Cemetery. This Abner may be the same as Albert/Alfred, given all the name confusion. Called Alfred in 1850 census. Don't recall where I got the Albert citation.






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