Fernwood Memorial Park


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Selected Families

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James Ames, Jr.  1943-2001

Henri Baudet  1881-1956
Desiree Baudet  1882-1953
Viola Pierce Baudet  1889-1969

Herman J. Beckett  1928-1981

John Beckett  1904-1983
Viola Carney Beckett  1905-1991

Maybelle Durham Bordley  1919-2002

Lisa Ann Pierce Brown  1969-2002

Everett Burrell  1916-1987

Lolita Valentine Burrell  1898-1990 (Wife of William Burrell)

Beatrice Mosley Carney  1948-1972

John P. Carney 1920-1984

John P. Carney, Jr.  1943-1995

Michael Carney

Richard A. Carney 1953-2005

Roland W. Carney  1954-1995

Walter Carney  1919-2002

William B. Carney Jr.

William D. Ceaser Sr.

Alfred C. Coombs Jr.

Almedia Dean Coombs  1923-1990 (Wife of Alfred Coombs)

Artie Coombs  1908-1992

Calvin Coombs  1906-1986
Sarah Mosley Coombs  1903-1988

Ernestine Pierce Coombs  1917-1994 (Wife of Irving Coombs)

George Coombs  1917-1967
Erma Durham Coombs  1917-1989

Leroy Coombs  1909-2002

Melvin Coombs  1911-1998
Minnie Coward Coombs  1913-2000

Edward Coward  1934-1987
Louise Coombs Coward  1930-1981

Henry Coward  1918-1985

John L. Coward  1886-1969
Anna Pierce Coward  1896-1985

Elaine Johnson Cuff  1939-1994 (Wife of Rodney Cuff)

Norman Cuff  1933-2001

Peter Parker Custis  1920-1991

Robert Dean  1902-1992
Carrie Coombs Dean  1905-1977

Douglas Denby  1945-2004

Bertha Durham  1916-1990

Betty Green Durham  1956-2002 (Wife of Bruce Durham)

Howard (Hank) Durham  1921-1992

Lloyd Durham  1928-1999
Mary Coombs Durham  1927-2000

Luther Durham  1891-1963
Maude Loatman Durham  1890-1952

P. Pamela Durham  1951-1981

Robert O. Gould  1929-2001

Sarah Mosley Gould  1935-1996

Dorcas A. Ridgway Harmon

Verna Pierce Harris  1913-2002

Harry Hess  1866-1958
Pearl Pierce Hess  1894-1996

Benjamin Hughes  1936-2001

Thomas Paul Johnson  1942-1984
Mary Alice Johnson  1932-Living

Almedia Pierce Jones  1856-1938

Marie Johnson Jones  1950-1999

Ulysses Jones  1881-1966

Thelma Harmon Lively  1923-1997 (Wife of Nathan Lively)

Chester Lloyd  1886-1974
Caroline Lloyd  1899-1988

Harold Lloyd  1918-1994

Richard Lloyd  1954-1973

Elizabeth Ridgeway Loatman  1913-1979 (Wife of Leon Loatman)

Russell Loatman  1924-1990
Edith Durham Loatman  1930-1995

Douglas Morris  1918-2002

Charles Mosley  1940-2003

Ephraim Mosley (3rd)  1956-Living
Suzanne Morris Mosley  1962-1999

Ephraim Mosley  1928-
Nellie Pierce Mosley  1927-1969

Gordon L. Mosley  1951-1972

Phillip H. Mosley  1909-1975
Beatrice Durham Mosley  1915-1973

Roland Mosley  1913-1994

Thelma Loatman Mosley  1924-1982

Walter Mosley  1933-2002
Deleatha Saunders Mosley  (3 Feb 1934-Jun. 22, 2011)

Alonzo Murray  1916-1989

William Murray  1901-1977
Lena Mosley Murray  1891-1966

William P. Murray  1949-1977

Alberta Hymer Pierce  1929-2004 (Wife of Walter Pierce)

Albertson A. Pierce, Jr.  1954-1987

Brooklynn Pierce  1975-1975

Charles H. Pierce  1928-1993
Blanche Beckett Pierce  1926-2001

Chester Pierce  1908-1991
Gertrude Cuff Pierce  1908-1978
Chester Pierce, Jr.  1936-Living

Dora Pierce  1913-1985 (Wife of Joseph Pierce)

Ernest Pierce  1903-1989

Leonard E. Pierce  1916-1990
Margaret Pierce  1908-1997

Lucy Cuff Pierce  1914-1990 (Wife of Carl Pierce, Sr.)

Paul Pierce  1921-Living
Ruth Pierce  1929-1988

Ralph Pierce  1899-1965

Vera Sheppard Pierce  1953-1994 (Wife of Jesse Pierce)

Wilbert Pierce, Jr.  1907-1991
Mildred Pierce  1909-1996

Carolyn Mosley Pritchett  1946-2003

Susan Durham Pritchett  1903-1990

Elizabeth Pierce Ridgway  1946-1989 (Wife of Thomas Ridgway)

Jo-An Ridgeway  1943-2003 (Wife of Jerry Ridgeway)

Vella Cuff Ridgeway  1922-2002

Arthur Sammons  1920-1985

Sarah Mosley Sammons  1908-1975 (Wife of William Sammons)

Jennifer Morris Sanders  1946-1969

Herman Saunders  1938-2001

Adam Teti  1977-1999

Antonio Vazquez  1935-2002

Hilda Jones Walker  1906-1983

Ida Pierce Wayrynen  1919-2002

Shirley Pierce Williams  1937-2004 (Wife of James Williams)

Darlene N. Pierce Wright














"The History and Genealogy of the
Native American Isolate Communities
of Kent County, Delaware, and
Surrounding Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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