Church sign

Rt. 16 Milton
Sussex Delaware

18 August 2008


Church pic
View: from the cemetery toward the back of the church building






Abernathey Sallie VIEW
Abernathey Raymond Sr. VIEW
Allen Margaret VIEW
Allen Charles Ernest VIEW1
Allen Susie R. VIEW
Allen Kathryn D. VIEW
Banks Charles W. VIEW1
Banks William Henry Charles VIEW
Banks Coralee Una Harvey VIEW1
Clark Maggie S. VIEW
Clark John W. Sr. VIEW
Clark Bessie M. VIEW
Clark Arlie B. VIEW
Clark Lulu R. VIEW
Clark John W. Jr. VIEW
Clark Ray W. VIEW
Clark Leroy VIEW
Clark Virginia C. VIEW
Daisey Benjamin Harrison VIEW
Davis Herschel E. VIEW
Davis Wilhelmina E. VIEW
Drain Minnie V. VIEW
Drain Herschel VIEW
Eley Emma Mary VIEW
Eley Lenwood VIEW
Hanzer Sadie T. VIEW
Hanzer Bertha L. Johnson VIEW
Hanzer Harold VIEW
Hargett Catherine VIEW1
Harmon Winona VIEW
Harmon Rufus P. Jr. VIEW1
Harmon Alfred Emory VIEW
Harmon Elmer VIEW
Harris Daniel J. VIEW
Hazzard Elizabeth N. VIEW
Hazzard Keith W. VIEW
Hazzard Eric L. VIEW
Henry Hattie B. VIEW
Henry Hurley C. VIEW
Ingram Larry VIEW
Jackson Gavin C. VIEW
Jackson Joan Elaine VIEW
Lingo Lydia H. VIEW
Lucas Daisey VIEW
Lucas Boyd D. VIEW
Massey Wayne M. VIEW
Massey Cathy Mae


Morris Nicole VIEW
Mosley Sallie E. VIEW
Nocho Maurice E. VIEW
Nocho Gertrude VIEW
Pettyjohn William A. VIEW
Pettyjohn Eleanor M. VIEW
Phares Daniel Maurice Jr. VIEW
Pinder Mary F. Hicks VIEW
Piper Arthur VIEW
Piper Viola W. VIEW
Price Aron Sr. VIEW
Price Letha M. VIEW
Samuels Ernest VIEW1 VIEW2
Searles Mamie VIEW
Sirmons John Albert VIEW
Sockum Ira VIEW
Street Robert C. VIEW
Taylor Alice H. VIEW
Tolson Thomas A. VIEW
Tolson Mary A. VIEW
Tolson Richard L. VIEW
unknown VIEW
Waples Elizabeth H. VIEW
Waples Joseph C. VIEW
Watson Callie Hicks VIEW
Watson Jessica Maria VIEW
Watson Marie E. VIEW
Watson Wayne L. VIEW
Weathersby Mattie Lee B. VIEW
Wright Robert J. VIEW








"The History and Genealogy of the
Native American Isolate Communities
of Kent County Delaware and
Surrounding Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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