Berry's Chapel Burying Ground

Quinton/Bridgeton, Salem County, New Jersey



Contributed by Nicole Harris




Berry, John
Bentley, Sherri (daughter of Beatrice Moore and Clarence Bentley)
Brown, Annabell (died 10/10/1957on Friday eve 8:15)
Bunting, Ellen Beatrice (daughter of Moore and Lavada Cuff/Luella Cryler)
Bunting, Joshua
Bunting Luther (son of John Bunting and Sarah Dorsey)
Collins, Dora (daughter of Wright)
Cuff, Liddie (died 9/28/1947)
Davis, Mrs. Carrie (died 12/12/1949)
Denby, Mrs. Ethel (died 4/3/1956, nee Lloyd, wife of Joseph Denby, son of Rachael Pierce)
Douglas, Alice (wife of Joshua Douglas, daughter of William Cuff, died November 1942)
Douglas, Catherine (daughter of Joshua Gibbs and Sarah Handy/Accou)
Douglas, David
Hopkins, Grace
Moore Baby (Joseph Moore and Ella Bunting's son)
Moore, Ella (daughter of Luther Bunting and Maddie Baylor)
Moore, Gwendlyn
Neal, Elizabeth
Pierce, Anna (wife of Andrew Pierce, daughter of Melvin and Hester Purnell)
Pitts, Alice (daughter of Oliver Cuff and Amedia Pierce)
Pitts, Earl
Pitts, George died 2/16/1954 Age 87 years 8 month
Pitts, Mabel
Pitts, Major (son of William Pitts and Anna Bunting)
Pitts, Sadie died 7/27/1948
Tunis, Lillian died 10/22/1952 (daughter of David Douglass and Sarah Gibbs)
Wright, Albert
Wright, Sophronia (daughter of Harris)

Civil War soldiers from the county vet's office card file:

Russ, John, DOB 1837, died1895, Next of Kin: Harriet Russ, daughter-in-law
Douglass, William, DOB unknown, died 10/13/1933, Next of Kin: Nancy Miller, daughter

January 28, 1871 Trustee Board
Milby Purnell
Henry Dobson
George Jones
John Berry
Jacob E. Berry
Edward Adams
William Gibson

*Church Land was brought and donated by Sarah Coleman/Smith (ME Berry Chapel Book 41:292 in 1871, Salem Court House Deeds): mother of Anna Bunting, Josiah Bunting, James Luther Bunting, Joshua Bunting, and John Bunting.




Family surnames of interest who attended or were connected to Berry's Chapel in the early 1900's (names gathered from Luther Buntings Memorial Service May 16, 1953):

Andrews, Ashton, Berry, Berryman, Bergen, Brice, Brown, Bryant, Bunting, Cabbell, Chauncey, Cheaks, Coles, Cooper, Cuff, Davis, Dean, Denby, Dorsey, Dunn, Durham, Fisher, Folks, Graves, Gross, Handy, Harmon, Harris, Henry, Holman, Hughes, Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Lenard, Loatman, Martin, McCullough, Moore, Murray, Nielson, Pierce, Pitts, Robinson, Saunders, Scott, Thomas, Seales, Young, Valentine, Walker, Webb, Wilson, Winrow, Wright








"The History and Genealogy of the
Native American Isolate Communities
of Kent County, Delaware, and
Surrounding Areas on the Delmarva Peninsula
and Southern New Jersey"



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