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From Stacey Bliss Ricketts, 16 Aug 2006 --

I was finally able to pull out my great-grandmom Ida's mother's bible. I wanted to share the transcriptions in it for any and all who may be researching for information. Please post at will on any sites that will help our families with their searches for family or those seeking tribal memberships and need confirmed dates...

This Book was the property of Emily C. Wright - Dec'ed 1931 - Printed in 1892 and in the possession of Ida N. Wright Simons (Sammons)

Died and Buried at Johnson Chapple Sussex Co. State of Delaware - Emily C. Wright

In the bible is the Obituary for Eva Mae Johnson

Also is the offical Marriage License for Ward Wright dated 1919

A remembrance funeral notice for Annie C. Wright

An Application for search of census records for Helen Virginia Simons (or Sammons) Johnson

Marriages -

Charlie C. and Ida N. Simons married June 12, 1904

Births -

Oscar B. Simons was born November 25,1904-
Helen V. Simons was born June 24, 1910-
Blonnie V. Simons was born March 24, 1925

Ida N. Wright Born Sept 19, 1885

Deaths -

David W. Wright Died Oct 30, 1913-
Emily C. Wright Died May 12, 1921-
Walter Wright Died Jan 21, 1983-
Oscar Wright Died Aug 1983-
Warren A. Wright Died Dec 24, 1981-
Annie Wright Died Oct 1983-
Ida N. Wright Died Jan 28,1985 at 12:02
Eva M. Johnson Died Aug 25, 1981-
Helen V. Johnson Died March 21, 1988

(My great grandmother and ggrandmother added the recent deaths noted above.)







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