Posted here from a Xerox copy donated by Karen Mosley(West Rd., Cheswold, DE, Nov 1997).  This information had previously been carefully gathered and typed by Rose Marie Ridgeway, Lorraine Johnson-Gregg (LG) and Elaine Cuff of the Bridgeton, NJ area, all of whom were well acquainted with the Dover-area Moor or Native American community. The record keeper does not wish to be identified.

The researcher should always look at the original record(s). Lorraine says, "We had a terrible time trying to decipher the spelling and probably already have some misinterpretations."

Updated 12/19/98 by Lorraine Gregg



Annie  Hazer                       September 18, 1912                         (LG 12/19/98)
George Durham                  February 23, 1917 3 days
Mahala Ridgeway Johnson  September 8, 1914
Albert Mosley                     January 20, 1915
Eliza Mosley                       November 15, 1914
James Mosley                     January 13, 1905
Daniel Munce                      January 4, 1914
Frederic C. Palmer              January 19, 1911
James Perry Ridgeway        April 29, 1914
Rebecca Ridgeway             May 15, 1913
Hannah Robinson                March 18, 1913
Eliza Starkly                        June 14, 1913
Anna Stockley                     July 3, 1915
Wilson                                  May 16, 1916             (unknown whether this is a given or                                                                                           surname--LG 12/19/98)

Eliza Beckett
October 13, 1929       age 74
Parents: Grensbar Beckett and Hester Hargrove
Ordered By Peter Beckett

George Washington Bower
April 18, 1929     48 years   born August 5, 1880
Parents: James Bowers and Lizzie J. Wilmore

 Sarah J. Brown
June 7, 1929     age 82
Parents: Hessie Cye Miller and Eliza Ridgeway

Lydia Ann Brown
July 21, 1930   age 65
Parents: Thomas Johnson and Mahaley Ridgway
Ordered by George Brown

Charles Burton
September 2, 1929   age 49
Parents: James Burton and Dealia Davis

Annie Cannon
April l, 1918  (28) months
Annie Tillman & Sarah Shockley

Burton Carney                                             .
October 21, 1884 - March 12, 1928        
Parents: James Carney and Margaret Durham                    

(Note re: Burton Carney -- 12/19/98. I think his mother should be Harriet Durham  Harriet's mother was Margaret, but my notes have the mother as Margaret--LG)

Amanda Carney                                                                   (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
April 20, 1924  75 years
Parents: Benjamin Mosley and Ellen Hanzor

Annie Carney 1924 age 53                                                  (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
Parents: Allan Reed and Rebecca Simpson

Baby Carney    1924                                                            (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
Parents: Roy and Edna Carney
Ordered by Walter Corney

Glendon Carney
January 6, 1928 - September 9, 1928
Parents: Return Carney and Olie Beckett

Leroy Carney
September 6, 1920
Father: Shade Carney

Minnie Carney
November 7, 1921  48 months
Parents: Shade Carney

Nelson  Carney
December 27, 1941
Parents: Harvey Carney & Susan Robinson

Susan Carney
June 5, 1927
Parents:  Clayton Robinson and Pricilla Johnson
Husband: Harvey Carney

William M. Carney
October 16, 1855 - October 31, 1925
Parents: William Carney and Sallie Mosley

Marriah Clark
April 23, 1856 - February 23, 1925, age 67 years
Parents: Henry Durham and Rachel Hughes
Ordered by Armel Sammons

William Clark          Indian
October 8, 1928
Parents: James Clark and Nancy Clark
Ordered by Ferdinand Clark

Rosella M.  Coker                                 
15 years      1929                                  
Parents: Norton Coker and Annie Mosley
Ordered By Willard Mosley, Bridgeton, NJ

(Note re: Rosella M. Coker -- Handwritten notes have Norton for father.  It is known that his name was Nathan Coker--LG 12/19/98)


Elnora O. Corney
October 10, 1918
Parents: Daniel  &  Caroline Carney Durham
Ordered by Fraizer Carney

Martha L. Covington
Parents: Joseph Morgan and Elizabeth Callonds

Lewis Davis
January 2, 1928

Annie Dean
September 21, 1929  age 51
Parents: John Morgan and Mary Morgan

ElMarsh Dean
April 6, 1930     age 59                                                          
Parents: Solomon Wilson and Augusta Contr            

(Note for ElMarsh Dean --   known from family sources to be Almira, and Augusta Contr is known to be Augusta Carter--BDT 12/14)

Julia Debn  (sic)                                                       .
July 10, 1922                                                             
Parents: Henry Little and Sharlot Wilmore                                 

(Note for Julia Debn --   On my handwritten notes like this. I thought maybe it was supposed to be Denby--LG 12/19/98)

Durham Baby
April 25, 1928
Parents: Enock Durham and Cora Carney (twin to Lloyd)

Clara Durham
July 4, 1847 - March 24, 1948          Manship
Parents: Jermiah & Margaret Mosley Durham

Clayton Durham                                                                         (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
July 16, 1850 -  1924
Parents:  Joseph Durham and Margaret Munty

Emma Eliza Durham                                                            
November 30, 1944                                                                      
Parents: Carlton and Hilda Durham

(Note for Emma Eliza Durham -- I'm pretty sure Hilda was a   Ridgway--LG 12/19/98)

Enoch Durham
March 17, 1929     age 70
Parents: Benjamin Durham and Sarah Hansley

Enock (sic) Durham
December 11, 1927
Parents: Enock Durham &  Stepmother Lola Miller
Wife: Cora Carney

Harriet Durham
December 25,  1950                            

(Note for Harriet Durham -- My original notes have no parents listed--LG 12/19/98)

Robert Durham                                                            
April 29, 1937                                                                  
Parents: Carlton Durham and Hilda Mosley

(Note for Robert Durham --  My original notes have no maiden name for mother --LG 12/19/98)       

Elizabeth  E.  Fountain                                          
February 2, 1930      64 years
Parents: James Terpin and  Lueas Lockman   Maryland

  (Note for Elizabeth  E.  Fountain--Original notes have Lueas as mother's first name--LG 12/19/98)

Curtis Gibbs
24 months
Parents: John Gibbs and Rebecca Johnson

Melanda Goldsborough                                             
December 27, 1924  age 57                                        
Parents: Alfred Ridgeway and Sarah Tillman   

Note for Melanda Goldsborough -- I think it is supposed to be Sarah Ridgway.  Sarah's father was Tillman Jack/Ridgway, mother   (Added 12/19/98 by LG)

Hallie A. Grigsby  age 65                                            (Middle initial and age added by LG
September 19, 1870 - November 23, 1926                                                        12/19/98)
Carrie Reed

George S. Hansley                                              (Original notes have no dates.  We could
Parents: Amos Scot and Idia J. Hansley              have omitted  them--LG 12/19/98)

Howard Hansley
age 1 yr, 5 months, 16 days
Parents: Ephraim Hansley  Dover DE

Lewis S. Hansley                                                        (Original notes have no dates--LG
Parents: Nemar Hansley,  Zella Stern                                                                   12/19/98)
Ordered by Sarah Hansley, Fredericka

Margaret E. Hansley
April 6,  1927    17 years
Parents: James B. Hansley and Nora Harmon

Sarah Hansley                                             (Original notes have only mother listed. 
October 15, 1918                                         Could have   meant Wharton--LG 12/19/98)
Parents: Ida Warton                Magnolia

Thomas Henry Hansley
June 20, 1919
Parents: Harry Hansley  &  Ida Warton

Sarah Hanslor
Mother: Rachell Miller

Elizabeth J. Johnson Harmon
December 26, 1922
Parent:  Burton  Johnson and Sallie Mosley

Annie Harmon               MOOR
18   1925
Parents:  Charles Harmon  and Laura A. Hansley

Sarah A. Harmon
June 20, 1923
Parents:  Charles Harmon and Catherine Wright

William E. Hutchins
July 13, 1877 - April 24, 1930
Parents: William G. Hutchins and Annie Wright             Maryland

Edna Jason         (Moorish)
November 29, 1926
Parents: James L. Brown & Gertrude Fountain

Andrew R. Jackson
September 15, 1923
Parents: Andrew Jackson and Sarah Denby
Ordered by Pricilla Jackson

Murrin Jackson
September 24, 1929  age 70
Parents: Daniel Jackson and Hennie Dallas

William W.  Jackson                                          (Original notes have Whiskey for father
March 1, 1848 - May 17, 1925, age 77            .  Probably meant Woolsey--LG 12/19/98)
Parents: Whiskey and Elizabeth Palmer                           

REV.  Johnson
April 4, 1883 - September 26, 1929             age 98    single
Arrion Johnson

Charles H. Johnson                                     
September 6, 1920, age 46                                   
Parents: Thomas Johnson  & Mahilia Ridgeway,   Clayton
Ordered by Lydia M. Coward Johnson

Delhina R.  Johnson
1922 or 1924
Parents: Hyman Caplis and Levina Johnson

Eva Johnson
April  23, l926
Parents: Frank and Mary Johnson

Frank Johnson
May 28, 1945    age 67
Parents: Hain & Sarah Jackson Johnson

James Bard Johnson                                                   
March 2, 1920,  age 60, single Lakeview                  
Parents:  Thomas E. Johnson & Mahilia Ridgeway     

(Note for James Bard Johnson:  Original notes are like here.--  but name known to be Brady and mother's middle  name Mahala Ridgway Johnson -- LG 12/19/98)                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Jennie Johnson                                                                  (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
March 17, 1924  age 30
Mother:  Laura Robinson
Paid in full by Mary Ridgeway of Bridgeton, NJ

John E. Johnson                                             (Changed from John D.--LG 12/19/98)
May 27, 1948    age 99
Parents: Burton Johnson
Wife: Cornelia Hanzor

Lester Johnson
November 27, 1928

Osker Johnson
January 5, 1928
Parents: Elmer Johnson (Maryland) and Alice Dickson

Rebecca Johnson
February 1, 1919,  61 months ?
Parents:  Tillman Ridgeway & Sinie Mosley

Sylvester Johnson                                                              (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
1846 - September 27, 1924
Parents: Burton Johnson and Eliza Smith
Ordered by Noah Harmon

John W. Loatman
May 15,1925 - 79 years old
Parents: Elazt Loatman and Minty Ann
Died from blow on back of head

Julia Loatman
February 16, 1919, age 42 years        Dover
Parents: Levin Ovins & Meary R. Loper
Ordered by Samuel Loatman

Annie Miller
November 13, 1919, age 70  Manship
Parents: Robert Muntz and Morvey Muntz
Ordered by George Miller

Geary Miller (W)
August 24, 1923 79 years old
Parents: Hiah Miller and Lizzie Ridgeway

Sadie Griffin Miller                                                                   (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
20 years - 1924
Parents: John Miller and Ethel B. Carney

Howard Minous
December 3, 1929 - November 13, 1929
Parents: Herman Minus and Hattie Sudler

Hester A. Morgan
August 28, 1918, 58 years, 9 months
Parents: Minnie Sammons Elisha Muntz
Ordered by James H. Morgan               (Changed from James H. Norman to Morgan
                                                                                                                            --LG 12/19/98)

John H. Morgan
January 24, 1925 age 84
Parents: William Morgan and Annie Sanders

Elsie Morris
April 26, 1922
Parents: Walter Morris and Annie Loatman

Hettie J. Morris
June 15, 1923
Parents: Nathan Charmine and Sallie Johnson

Margaret Morris
June 20, 1923
Ordered by Mary Morris

Burton Mosley
August 17, 1918
Parents:  Burton & Mary Carter Mosley

Charles E. Mosley
February 20, 1853 - April 21, 1930 age 77
Parents: James Mosley and Elizabeth Hansley

Clifton  Mosley
February  8, 1918,  age 24 years, 4 months, and 12 days
Parents: Charles Mosley and  Annie Dean
Spouse: Edna Sammons Mosley

Elisha Mosley
March 11, 1918, age 54 years, 6 months, and 05 days
Parents: John and Elizabeth Mosley

Harrison Mosley
December 1, 1918, age 27 years 9 months and 23 days
Parents: Ephraim Mosley & Sarah Johnson

Hilda Mosley
October 6, 1922
Parents: George Mosley and Vinnie Gibbon of Magnolia

James Mosley
November 13, 1922, age 82
Parents: Wingate and Nancy Mosley

Joseph H. Mosley
July 4, 1919
Parents: Andrew Mosley & Angey Coker

James D. Mosley
June 1, 1919,  4 months
Parents: Wilbur Mosley & Lillie

John Mosley
November 18, 1918
Ed Whew           MD                            (Ed Whew   MD is on the original notes--LG 12/19/98)

John P. Mosley                                       (All that there is on original notes--LG 12/19/98)
February 18, 1921    Manship
J. Mosley

Sarah S. Mosley
February 18, 1918 age 48
Parents:  Thomas Johnson & Mahala Ridgeway
Spouse:  Ephriam Mosley
Ordered by Lillie Mosley

Walter Mosley
November 25, 1920

Wallton A. Mosley
April 1, 1920   3 days
Parents: John H. Mosley & Annie Miller
Ordered by John H. Mosley

Elmira Muntz                                                  (On the original notes.  I think it was supposed
January 18, 1922                                                            to be Rebecca Carter--LG 12/19/98)
Parents: Rebecca Ceortes and James Mason

Catherine V. Morgan
February 10, 1929 - May 14, 192-  (no year given)
Parents: Harvey Morgan and Sarah E. Corney

James Morgan
February 22, 1928
Parents: James Morgan & Heneritta Carter

Allen Reed
March 19, 1854 - February 13, 1929
74 years 11 months and 25 days
Parents: Thomas and Rosetta Reed       Maryland

Sarah E. Rias
May 13, 1929 - September 1, 1864          age 64
Joshua Lodver

Louise Ridgway
May 5, 1930
Parents:  Issac Sammons and Lizzie Ridgway
Ordered by Susan Mosley

Julia Ridgeway
July 27, 1917  32 years
Ordered by Brady Ridgeway

Meary E. Ridgeway
July 15, 1919
Parents: Isaac & Serenia Pritchett Carter
Ordered by Morris C. Ridgeway     SMY

Arthur Sammons
January 15, 1919
Parents: Arthur & Liz Benson Sammons

Beulah M. Ridgeway Sammons                        (Typescript faded--this matches original
January 15, 1926                                                                         notes--LG 12/19/98)
Parents:  Henry Ridgeway and Minnie Durham

James R. Sammons
3 months
Parents: James R. Carney and Ethel Sammons

Fred H. Seeney
May 15, 1925 - age 60
Parents: James Seeney & Sarah Greenage
Ordered by Hester Seeney

Mary P. Mosley Thompson                                              (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
August 16, 1924
Parents: Jermiah V. Jack and Elizzie Barker

Royal Wilmore
June 22, 1922
Parents: Abrom Wilmore, mother unknown

Charles E. Wilson                                                             (Added 12/19/98 by LG)
July 7, 1924 
Parents: Howard Wilson and Bessie Mosley

Albanna Winchester
February 9, 1930     age 82
Parents: Berry Thompson MD,  mother unknown
Ordered by Hemerta Gibbs

Sallie Wright
September 27, 1922, age 36
Parents: George Palmer, mother unknown






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