Isaac W. & Sarah Jane (Sockum) Harmon

Isaac W. Harmon

Photo courtesy of William H. Davis of Millsboro


Sarah Jane Sockum Harmon
(1837-      )

Photo courtesy of William H. Davis of Millsboro

Isaac Harman

by Sylvia Davis Pinkett, great-grandaughter


Isaac was born in Indian River Hundred, Delaware on October 27, 1829 to Ephraim and Eunicy Harman. His siblings were: Anna (1820-1859), 1st wife of David P. Street; Nancy (1831-1907) wife of James H. Clark son of Boen Clark & Ann Johnson; Ephraim Charles (abt. 1830-1903) married Eunice Wright, dau. of Warren & Marie Wright, moved to Phila., Pa. & operated a tugboat business: Paynter moved to New Jersey & married Ann Wright;

As a young boy, Isaac farmed with his father in Indian River Hundred. When he became a teenager. he left home, became a seaman, and saved his money to purchase his first piece of land in 1848 (age 18 yrs.) - 70 ac. From William Goslee for $250. He had an obsession with owning land, and it is said that he would drive his buggy to Georgetown barefooted to purchase another parcel of land. He subsequently became one of the largest land owners in Indian River Hundred and most of it bordered on the Indian river, from whence he made a living by shipping and selling soft-shelled crabs, fish, and lumber. He also had orchards and three saw mills.

In 1856 Isaac married Sarah Jane Sockum (1837-1908), dau of Levin and Eunice Ridgeway Sockum. They had 18 children of which only seven reached adulthood. His son John Wesley (1857-1890) married Amelia Street, dau. of David P. Street in 1879 and had one child John Wesley, Jr., who married Lillie Clark, dau. of Chief Russell Clark; Levin T. (1860-1940) who married Rebecca Jackson, dau. of Wesley and Elizabeth Wright Jackson, had one son, Isaac who lived in Phila., Pa. as a mail carrier; Isaac Wilson, Sr. (1862-1931), who married Vina Ann Harmon, whose children Were: Ralph B., Theodore Parker, Ephraim Lincoln. Fanny M., William Augustus, Eunice E., Noah Chester, Anna Janie, and Isaac Wilson, Jr.; Sarah Jane (1864), who married Ralph Bumbray, sr. and George Ed Johnson had one son: Ralph Bumbray, Jr.; Noah (1870-1943), who married Eunice Johnson, dau. Of Wesley Sylvester and Mary A. Street Johnson whose children were: Herbert, Wilbur, Sarah Jane, Viola, Alberta, Anna, and Noah, Jr.; Lillie Mae (1875- ) mother of Bertha Harman who married Burton Street; and Eliza Ann (1879-1929) who married Wm. Howard Johnson, whose children were: Isaac, Lillie, Barnard, Mable and Leon.

Isaac’s wife, Sarah Jane, survived him and in her last will & testament of 1902 she bequeathed $1,000 each to granddaughter Bertha and grandson John Wesley, Jr., and to each living child: Levin (executor), Sarah Jane, Isaac Wilson, Eliza Ann, and Noah, the estate of over 800 acres was to be divided equally.


Isaac(2) Harmon (Ephraim1), born 1829. He married on 20 Mar 1856 Sarah Jane Sockume, born abt 1837 in Sussex County, Delaware, daughter of Levin Sockume and Eunice W. Ridgeway.

Children of Isaac Harmon and Sarah Jane Sockume were as follows:

1.   John Wesley Harmon (Sr.). He married Amelia Ann Street.
2.   Thomas W. Harmon, born abt 1858.
3.   Levin T. Harmon, born abt 1861. He married Rebecca Jackson.
4.   Sarah Jane Harmon, born abt 1862. She married Ralph Bumbray.
5.   Isaac Wilson (3) Harman, born abt 1863; died 1931; buried in Indian Mission Church Cemetery, Millsboro. He married Vina Ann Harmon.
6.   Ephraim or Abraham Lincoln Harmon, born abt 1865.
7.   Noah Harmon, born abt 1871 in Millsboro, Sussex, Delaware. He married Eunice E. (---).
8.   Lillie Mae Harmon, born abt 1875.
9.   Eliza Anne Harmon, born abt 1879. She married William Howard Johnson, son of William Arthur Johnson and Elizabeth Patience Wright.
10. Robert M. Harmon, died Infant .
11. Eunice W. Harmon, died Infant .
12. Nancy Harmon, died Child .
13. Ralph B. Harmon, born 2 Nov 1885. He married Eliza Jane Hanzer.


Ancestry of son John Wesley Harmon







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