Leonard Cuff (1828-1914)

Margaret M. Cuff (1822-1895)
sister to Leonard


Theodore G. Cuff (1863-1921)
son of Leonard


Contributed by Raymond Durham

Leonard Cuff   
Margaret M. Cuff


Theodore G. Cuff, son of Leonard & Hannah (Pierce) Cuff


Commentary by Raymond Durham:

Look carefully over the carriage door you'll see T. G. Cuff...and the lettering is in gold leaf paint. On the front of the cab is Salem Ice Cream Company. Reference: Salem County, New Jersey 1913 Farm Directory.

Theodore G. Cuff worked as the crew's cook on William Franklin Vanderbilt's yacht Alva. Theodore's mother listed him as a sailor in the 1880 census.

My Grandmother, Geneva Cuff (1889-1974), stated that Theodore was the cook for the crew. Theodore started at age 8 as a cabin boy, but the the name of the vessel is not known.

Here's the only photo I have of Theodore as a a sailor. Theodore is to the left. the photo was developed on both sides of the paper. The yacht Alva sunk after it was rammed in fog by steamer H. F. Dimock, July 23, 1892 in Pollock Rip Channel off of Mass. After clinging to the ship's foremast for 4 hours, he then moved back to Salem, N.J. and started the Salem Ice Cream Co.

The yacht Alva, the ship Theodore G. Cuff served on as cook

After the collision, as the yacht was taking on water, Theodore would have been climbing to the driest spot.
Looking at the yacht Alva's foremost mast, were the yard arm crosses, that is the spot Theodore waited four hours to be rescued.
Brrrr...cold water off Massachusetts!

Ship wreck link

Another wreck link


The family of Jonathan & Mary (Murray) Cuff

Jonathan Cuff b. 1786 d. 1871 married Mary Murray b. 1801 d. 1877, buried in the Cuff Cemetery, Canton N.J.


Margaret M. Cuff b. 1822 d. 1895
Jonathan Cuff b. 1822
Leonard Cuff b. 1828 d. 1914, married 3/26/1855 Hannah Pierce b. 1830


Hannah Cuff
Jacob Cuff b.1867
Thomas R. Cuff b. 1856
Theodore G. Cuff b.1863
Elias Cuff b.1868
Eliza Jane Cuff
Artie Cuff b 1835
Rev. Thomas Cuff b.1838 d. 1887
Jane Cuff b. 1850
Mary Cuff b, 1854


Ancestry of Theodore G. Cuff






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