Mary Ann (Dean) Coker

Wife of Moses Coker


Mary Ann Dean Coker
1852 - 1923

daughter of Robert B. Dean, Sr.
1830 - 1874
and Catherine Morgan
1833 - 1894

Wife of Moses Coker
1849 - 1898

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Robert Dean

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Catharine Morgan Dean

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Mary Ann DEAN, born 26 May 1854 in , Delaware; died 21 Nov 1923; buried in Manship Cemetery, Cheswold, Kent, De. She married Moses COKER, born 5 Jul 1849; died 25 Apr 1898; buried in Manship Cemetery, Cheswold, Kent, De.

Children of Mary Ann DEAN and Moses COKER were as follows:

1. Selenar COKER, born 6 Aug 1872 in Delaware.

2. Mary Eliza COKER, born 13 Aug 1873 in Delaware. She married on 23 Sep 1900, Cassius? MOSLEY.

3. Robert James COKER, born 7 Sep 1874 in Delaware.

4. Andrew COKER, born 28 Mar 1876 in Delaware.

5. Lucinda COKER, born 15 Sep 1877 in Delaware.

6. Albeda COKER, born 1 Apr 1879 in Delaware; died 24 Mar 1953; buried in Fork Branch Cem, Dover, Kent, De. She married on 27 Feb 1901, Calvin CLARK, born 22 Oct 1877; died 20 Aug 1970; buried in Fork Branch Cem, Dover, Kent, De.

7. Sarah J. COKER, born 14 Jan 1881 in Delaware. She married John WASHINGTON. Caroline Coker Jackson's personal records. Hazel Carney Mosley's memories 9/11/97 (daughter of Amanda Coker Carney).

8. Angea COKER, born 20 Sep 1882 in Delaware.

9. John C. COKER, born 23 Apr 1884 in Delaware.

10. Moses Elwood COKER, born 15 Feb 1886 in Delaware.

11. Catherine COKER, born 27 Feb 1888 in Delaware.

12. William COKER, born 15 Jul 1889 in Delaware. He married May SAMMONS.

13. Amanda E. COKER, born 24 Feb 1891 in Delaware. She married Clement CARNEY.

14. Daniel COKER, born 12 May 1893 in Delaware.

15. Nathan L. COKER, born 5 Dec 1894 in Delaware; died 1955; buried in Manship Cemetery, Cheswold, Kent, De.

16. Caroline DEAN, born 28 May 1896 in Delaware. She married Levin JACKSON.


Cheswold Charge, Methodist Episcopal Church, Bulletin No. 6, Sunday, Nov. 25, 1923. Manship: 1:00 p.m.

Funeral of Mrs. Mary A. Coker.

W.C. Jason, Pastor. "In Memoriam. Mary Ann Coker Born May 20, 1853 Died Nov 21, 1923. A Mother in Israel has fallen. After seventy years of toil, a servant of the Lord has been called from labor to reward. At 11:30 Wednesday night a summons came. It found her ready.

For nine weeks she bravely fought to recover from what all thought to be a temporary indisposition. Only toward the last did her dear ones lose hope. Even so, they were not perpared for the quiet passing which took them by surprise. She said, "I want to know when I am going." Her wish was granted. On the last day she declared that she was only waiting till Jesus came to take her home, and seemed eager for the hour.

Sister Coker was the daughter of Robert and Catherine Dean. At the age of twenty she united in wedlock with Moses Coker. Of this union sixteen children were born, eight of whom survive: Robert J., William H. and Nathan L. Coker, Albeda Clark, Sadie J. Washington, Angie Mosley, Amanda Carney and Caroline Jackson. On April 25, 1898, death claimed the husband and father but comfort was found thereafter in the loving care of devoted children. Other members of the bereaved family are five brothers and two sisters: Robert, John, Jesse, U.S. Grant and William Dean; Annie E. Mosley and Hester Seeney.



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