James H. "Ted" & Mary Elizabeth (Durham) Coker

1908 - 1984
1911 - 1967



Ted & Marty

Photo courtesy of Lisa Coker Hurd


Mary Elizabeth Durham Coker

Photo courtesy of Lisa Coker Hurd

Letter to James Coker from brother Franklin, WWII
Courtesy of Pinky Coker via John C. Carter

17 May 1945

Dear Brother.

I hope you and all your family are well at this time. Well the war in this part of the world is over, and it seems strange not to see and hear shells falling.

Italy is a very beautiful country this time of year. We are doing guard duty now, watching over harbors, roads, and German & American equipment. I am located in the beautiful mountains of [illegible] Italy along the coastline overlooking the sea, not too far distance [distant] from the French border.

Have you heard from John lately. I suppose he'll be getting out of the Army soon because he will be getting 12 points for each child up to three. How is the farming doing this year? I don't know when I'll get back. It [It'll] be a long time
yet. We may have to go to the Pacific.

Write when you can and give my regards to all.
Sincerely yours,

Letter to James Coker from brother John, WWII
Courtesy of Pinky Coker via John C. Carter

Some where in France
Feb 6, 1945

Dear Brother,

I am well and truly hope when these few lines reaches you they will find you and your family the same. I got a letter from you the other day and also a Christmas card. I had a day off as I thought I would answer it. It has been very cold here but it has changed now and got warmer. I suppose you are thinging [thinking] about farming pretty soon. Have you heard from Frank lately. I wrote to him in England but I have not heard from him yet. Have you heard from mother lately. I got a Christmas card and a letter from her also, and one from Lethia. I have changed address again. Well I must close for this time. Hoping to hear from you soon. Good-by.

From John.



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